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'Game over, earthlings' apocalypse calen

By raynoa
This picture is made for Artlebedev studio ([link])
For project "PIZDETS" [link] (apocalypse calendar, my month is September).
Picture is 2x zoomed for better experience.

upd: wow, thanks much for DD!

upd2: it took me 2 weeks to create this illo, I use PS CS3.
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Love this work. Any chance I could ask for a high-res of this photo? Would love to print if off to a large scale poster to my sons room:)
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This is the fist peice of your work i came across and it is AMAZING! Keep up the good work
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Seeing this was a treat, well done
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haha i think the movie "pixels" copied that xD
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I think Pixels was the inspiration for this.
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this is from 2012
the move pixels is from 2015
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If only Pixels was as good as this...
Leave it to Adam Sandler to ruin an idea as fun and interesting as this.
I was just thinking the same thing. lol
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how did u draw it?
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Pretty intense pixel work there
Hi where can I perchance this print?
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Absolutely amazing!!
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This is so well made! Love all the little details!
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Really, really nice.
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I found MegaMan!
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Wow, that's cool!
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Amazingly Stupendous!
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