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RazorsInMyGut by Rayneuki RazorsInMyGut :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 2 2 GodViewGoddess by Rayneuki GodViewGoddess :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 1 1 LetTheLivingDie by Rayneuki LetTheLivingDie :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 1 2 Errent Faith by Rayneuki Errent Faith :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 3 2 Baal Character Sheet by Rayneuki Baal Character Sheet :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 1 5
The Mirror's World
Mirror Mirror, one and all
Where shall you take us before we fall?
"Over here and yonder, from plane to sea, to places seen and yet to see"
Mirror Mirror, most intelligent of all
When will you take us, where will you take us, before we fall?
"To the valleys and to the glens,
To people who care for hens,
To snowy mountains and sunny beaches,
To the lowest depths and the highest reaches,
To the stories you knew as a child,
To people meek and mild,
To lands weak and wild,
To Cinderella to Robin Hood,
To anywhere you normally could.
And anywhere you normally could not.
To deserts extremely hot,
Where carcasses sit and rot,
Where people die day to day,
Where people cry week to week,
Where people mourn month to month,
Where people leave year to year.
To Little Red and her big bad wolf,
To people crushed under the hoof,
Where oppression runs wild and free,
Where freedom is a commodity,
Where creatures of violence and pain,
Know life once again,
To places so wild and free,
That life is nothing
:iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 0
Cat.Luv. by Rayneuki Cat.Luv. :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 1 6
Find my way into this pain
Heart broken yet again
Days go by fast as flame
As broken as my name
Fly away oh bird of glory
Damned spirit bloodied and gory
The feint of heart choke at this story
Of power and of gain
Grin again oh bloodied skull
Deep within the broken hull
Writhe within the broken skull
Oh worms of misery
Say again, what's your name?
I'll answer again, Aneirin
Pain and sorrow are my gain
Your soul mine to steal
Broken bodies
Shells long lost
Things that do not cost
But the soul of one small child
A treat for my heart so wild
Half way filled till I'm free
Free from the pain and misery!
The freedom it lifts me
From the depths of hell
Refusing death is not a game
That I wish to play again
Something for which I feel shame
Again and Again
So in this story you shall see
My pain and my misery
The life of a long lost me
Multiplied by three
And yet you ask again
What is the name of your sin?
And I answer you yet again
Aneirin and misery
:iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 1 8
SpiritStuff by Rayneuki SpiritStuff :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 3 AriveingInAtWorkBehind... by Rayneuki AriveingInAtWorkBehind... :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 3 DoItAllForYourReaction by Rayneuki DoItAllForYourReaction :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 0
Eating Me Alive
Eating me alive
This pain I feel
Always from the inside
My chest I feel...
Pain overwhelming
Why does it eat me so?
Why must I be the one to go?
Going to the pit of hell...
Going to insanity ringing a bell
Why do they ask me everything?
Thinking I have all the answers...
Do I?
No I don't even know my past
Years blur past me
Days go fast
Nothing stays with me
Nothing lasts
Why does it eat me so?
Why must I be the one to go?
Going to the pit of hell...
Going to insanity ringing a bell
This overwhelming pain
Overrides me so
Why must it be this way?
I will never know...
:iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 1 0
The Wreck
Driving, That's all she did, day to night. Drive from home to work, from work to home, from home back to work again. Horrible as it was, she did it every day. Today was odd, the Ides of March, she mused the idea in her head. "Ides of March" she laughed, "The day that Julius Caesar died, my birthday" she shook her head. "Beware the Ides of March, maybe that was foretelling my birthday!" another laugh.
She shook her head, then looked up, a huge white pickup loomed over head, it slammed on its breaks, for no reason viewable to her. Her car had too much momentum, she was on a downward slope, she tried to stop, but slammed into the truck, her air-bag deploying. As the bag deployed, time froze, remembering all she had forgotten, remembering all that she had been before. Her once smoothly playing CD player skipped, the Daft Punk CD in the player began screeching out horrible noises that only a broken disk can make. Then the air-bag collided with her face. Another crashing noise, she felt far
:iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 0
MyBloodyValentine by Rayneuki MyBloodyValentine :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 0 ID ... what the hell by Rayneuki ID ... what the hell :iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 7
Safety Pin
I've lost sight
I've lost mind
I've lost sense
What is wrong?
What is right?
I don't know, I can't tell
is it wrong to stopů in the middle of a road?
To die that way?
I think not
Is it wrong to cut myself? I think not
I cut myself
It bleeds, crimson regret
I cut again and again
Cutting out my bloody heart, bleeding through my hand.
You silver safety pin, my friend, don't fail me now
Pull my skin tight, slip it through, like a knife
You silver dainty safety pin, through my finger.
Hanging by a thin piece of skin
I love you safety pin
you are my home
another and another
one small one on the middle finger
It is my heart, held on by a shred of my skin
The very skin that keeps me together
rip it off and you tear me apart
They did this, they ripped off the safety pin
Ruined my love, its ruined
Do not let them win, they shall fail
I swore
The pain hurts much more than I thought it would
Crimson art flowing down my arm
I love you, do you still love me?
No, from what I heard you never did
Was i
:iconrayneuki:Rayneuki 0 2


Ammanthion : Freebie by Dijital-KiD Ammanthion : Freebie :icondijital-kid:Dijital-KiD 3 0 Soft kitty, warm kitty... by luka567 Soft kitty, warm kitty... :iconluka567:luka567 9 2 Portkey Snape by blue-nadir Portkey Snape :iconblue-nadir:blue-nadir 1,070 753 Our Perfect World by soul-sama Our Perfect World :iconsoul-sama:soul-sama 699 215 Dumbledore Kenobi by Hail-NekoYasha Dumbledore Kenobi :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 2,904 767 SkulltulAAAHH by Hail-NekoYasha SkulltulAAAHH :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 2,142 456 Biglett by Hail-NekoYasha Biglett :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 3,548 970 they meet pg1 by jolynnmangaka they meet pg1 :iconjolynnmangaka:jolynnmangaka 152 7 Expecting Mother by tarkheki Expecting Mother :icontarkheki:tarkheki 9,965 2,610 Random Bishonen by shojokakumeii00 Random Bishonen :iconshojokakumeii00:shojokakumeii00 425 80 A madman's success by pupukachoo A madman's success :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 2,073 618 Harry Potter: HBP Spoilers by naomiathena Harry Potter: HBP Spoilers :iconnaomiathena:naomiathena 39 14 mis.Fracture by retromortis mis.Fracture :iconretromortis:retromortis 607 171




United States
Current Residence: Sarasota, Florida
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Part of me kind of wants to delete this or do something with it.
I'm just not sure what or anything.
I do need to change my icon like burning though...


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