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New chapters will only be available to patrons, however, as time goes on, older chapters WILL be made available to public. There is an option to watch a page on Patreon even if you are not supporting it. That means, in time, chapters will be made available to read. The patrons will just be reading it months ahead. 
Hello Bobcats. After a delay in progress, I have decided to make a drastic move. From this point forward, Abstract Gender will be available through Patreon. This is due to me needing an income and hoping that Abstract Gender has the possibility for me to generate enough that I may be able to work on the story full time rather than be tied up with odd jobs. AG is still available on Amazon for Kindle, but the Patreon page will allow readers to get chapters in word format so that they can read them on their home computers. The Patreon page will also be my primary place for posting new chapters, along with putting them up on Amazon every time I've got a block of 3 chapters completed.

I am hoping people receive the idea of the Patreon well and don't view me as just a money hungry tyrant. Money has become scarce in the household and I am exhausting resources and ideas on what to do. I have tried to make things affordable for people who do want to get involved, and have tossed in upper tier stuff for people who want to be involved with the inner works of Abstract Gender, including an upper tier where people will be able to submit ideas for side AG stories they'd like to see me write. I am also trying to come up with a few more tangible things I could do to help get people involved.

So please, check out the new AG Patreon and if you're interested, get involved!

Abstract Gender is also available on Amazon eBooks for Kindle in either sets of 3 chapters or the complete first 9 chapter compendium.…
I've been tight on cash lately and the artist I was commissioning character designs from raised their prices (I supported her in that decision, although she's now gotten work to the point where she's out priced me)

 I'm trying to figure out ways to raise money to continue commissioning the artist to keep providing characters for you guys to enjoy. If anyone has ideas, PLEASE let me know. 

I was considering trying the patreon route-- although I fear people may view me as a greedy money grubber like they did during the comic days. One thing about patreon is there are supposed to be tiers of better things for people who pledge a little more-- and I don't know how to fulfill such things-- all I've got is writing-- I mean-- I suppose I could be showing patreon people drafts or maybe even post it there first and a week or two later release it publicly-- but I hate not posting work right away-- I could also allow patreon people to help choose outfits or what characters are next. 

if you actually read these journals now would be an ideal time so I can get ideas and also see if there is even enough interest out there for me to try anything. (If it takes off we could start seeing characters not yet designed-- like Willow and Karah-- and see Andie and Rachel in volleyball outfits, or just misc other outfits for characters.)
For any AG readers under a rock-- I've now posted both parts of chapter 9, aka Gods! I really hope people have been enjoying it as I've been enjoying responding to people's questions and comments. 

The next chapter has been slow in progress so far, as it deals with a lot of new material not in the comic and I also consider it to be a pretty heavy chapter-- so today I decided to take a quick detour from the chapter and do a quick side story I've had bouncing around in my head. 

Its a a completely non-AG related story-- in fact-- it's essentially fan fiction for my little pony. I had this idea a while back and I felt inspired to write it after Saturday's particularly enjoyable episode. I know it's a divergence from my usual work and a lot of people won't want to read it-- so I apologize to those and promise that as soon as I've taken this little detour I will be back to work on chapter 10. Racing season is now over so that opens up another day for me to work on writing. 

For the fraction that do fall into the brony community. This short story is the first of a three part series I'm calling "Through the Pony Hole" which involves three everyday people being pulled into the world of MLP. They will be fairly cut and dry three act episodic stories as I tend to write and really I'm just doing them as a relaxant. The first story is subtitled 'Freefall'. The second in the series, whenever I get around to it, will be titled 'Flower Petal' and the final story will be titled 'Oblique'

i am already probably halfway done with Freefall (after just one day's work) so don't expect me to be held up long in it. 
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At the start of the September, I will be posting Chapter 9 of Abstract Gender! I am already on the last scene of the chapter and I am certain I will get it done (one way or another!) by the end of the month. I have had some days off and found some good music to listen to that has really gotten the creative juices flowing.

Perhaps-- flowing too well-- Chapter 9 is an important chapter-- and I knew I'd be putting a lot in to it-- but without feeling the need to fluff up scenes-- the chapter is ALREADY at 31 pages long... the longest chapter before this was Unwanted Ryan which was only 25 pages-- and other recent chapters have been falling in at the 23 page mark...

So I am thinking I need to take a page out of hollywoods book-- I am thinking I will be posting Chapter 9 in TWO PARTS! It is kind of an important conclusion to the first third of the series-- so it makes sense to build it up some. The first part of the chapter will be posted on the first-- while the second half I will either post on the 15th or maybe save for the start of October. Dont be too down-- the first half of the chapter is still 16 pages long which is as long as chapter 1 was.

And now for the loyal Bobcats that read the journals-- the trailer for Abstract Gender Chapter 9; Gods Pt. 1
Image by RayneShikama

    Rachel’s stride slowed as she spied Evan and Brett hanging out on the side of the gymnasium. She raised an eyebrow as she tried to figure out what her brother and friend were doing.


    “Whatcha looking at?” Allison asked as she wrapped her arms around Rachel’s midsection and rested her chin on Rachel’s shoulder, “Hey is that your cousin? Hi Rachel’s cousin!” Allison began waving her arm from under Rachel’s armpit towards Brett and Evan.


    Rachel leaned her head to the side and gave Allison a befuddled look.


    Evan narrowed his eyes, “you know what I mean.”



    Without any further response Rachel returned to her seat next to Allison. Evan continued to glare towards Rachel who was still ignoring him. He gave a sigh through his nose as he arched his eyebrows in disappointment, looking down to Eimi who sat with her head hung.


    As the bell rang signifying the end of homeroom, Rachel entered the hallway which was a buzz with students watching as both the principal and vice principal, along with the dean of students and school security were lined down the hallways opening up students lockers.


    Rachel shrugged, knowing that all she had in her locker were some books. Li walked alongside Rachel and they were soon joined by Andie who was coming from her homeroom.


    “This is crazy,” Andie shook her head, “Did they ever do anything like this in your school, Rach?”


    Rachel turned her head to look at Andie, “no” she shook her head.


    William continued to stare at Rachel in disbelief, “you’re… a girl…” his voice sounded utterly defeated.


    “I’m not done talking yet!” Principal Wallis raised his voice as he brought one of his large hands down on his desk, “My yelling at you is going to be the least of your problems as a result of your behavior!”


    Katie took a deep breath through her nose as she tried to compose herself, “You can’t bottle everything up inside all the time,” Katie explained, trying to remain calm, “you need people to talk to, people who you can vent to, what you’re doing is not healthy.”


     “You really overestimate how much I really care about this whole thing,” Rachel shook her head.


    "Promise us that if there is anything that is really bothering you, you’ll come tell us,” Katie grabbed Rachel’s wrist.


     “I’m not some over emotional girl that gets upset over everything,” Rachel sneered.


    “Promise!” Katie raised her shaky voice.


    Rachel turned away and walked in to her homeroom. Allison looked between Katie and Rachel for a moment in concern before following behind her friend.


    “I want to introduce a new student,” the teacher brought up a girl who had been sitting in the front row, “this is Willow Kowalski.”

    “Nice to meet you all,” the girl said softly, obviously a little nervous.

Image by RayneShikamaPt. 1
Coming to DA September 1st
Rated PG-13

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I have had good progress so far with Chapter 9 and am already probably a third of the way through the chapter-- give or take-- its looking like this might be the longest chapter to date-- but why shouldn't it be? It's one of the most important chapters in the story and is also the conclusion of the first 'book' (I figured the story is smoothly broken up into 3-- 9, 8, and 8 chapters).

I did list the chapters already and those who saw that list know what this chapter is called-- and some further probably read some of the scripts or the fan comics someone based off those scripts and have an idea of whats coming-- for those of you who don't know what lies ahead for the future of Abstract Gender-- just be aware that while chapter 8 had lots of laughs-- chapter 9, and further into the chapters that follow-- is like watching the most horrendous car crash ever-- in super slow motion... What is about to happen with characters will leave a lot of people speechless and possibly angry at me...

I really shouldnt give any ETAs-- especially after the chapter 8 debacle-- but I am hoping to have this chapter ready before the end of September.

Since this is Journal #37, which is a very important number for me-- I want to treat every Bobcat that reads it. Here's a sneak peek at the covers of the next chapters to come.


Image by RayneShikama Unnamed by RayneShikama Image by RayneShikama Hardball by RayneShikama Mania by RayneShikama
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Hey Bobcats we are back with a bang! Chapter 8 of AG went live yesterday giving everyone a look at the flip side of AG as we followed Evan and Brett for a couple days.

I am really disappointed with how things went-- I had planned to do a chapter every 3 months-- which meant this chapter should have gone up at the beginning of April-- we just hit August (which means chapter 10 should have been going up at the start of next month-- and ive still got chapter 9 to go). I'll be blunt with you-- work picked up and race season started which took what free time I had and just tossed it out. When I do get home at the end of the day I usually just veg with the wife and watch TV and have dinner. I am hoping that having gotten past the hold ups I had in Flip Side, that writing chapter 9 will go much smoother. Its a very plot driven chapter that will not have nearly the side tracks that chapter 8 had.

I am pleased to see positive feedback so far with chapter 8-- I was worried about it because it is a complete step away from the main story of Rachel. It seems people really enjoy Evan as a character and that was probably the most redeeming thing of this chapter, although I'll tell you as a writer that he is actually a pain to write for because of all the different references I have to work in to the story. If I dont have a reference planned ahead of time and realize that he needs to be saying something-- for example, when he is leading Brett and Ryan Sr into the gymnasium, I had nothing lined up but knew Evan would have used something so I spent half an hour looking through TV tropes for something that I would be satisfied with.

Chapter 8 also saw the official end of the volleyball season-- for a lot of the writers block I've had during some stuff-- when I got to the final volleyball scene, I knocked out the entire thing out in one morning before heading out to the race track. I will honestly miss the volleyball aspect of things but thankfully volleyball still plays a roll in the story (college?) and we WILL still be seeing the core volleyball players as the story progresses. The next sports season will already be in progress when we start chapter 9-- which includes Wrestling and Basketball-- and I'll give you a spoiler right now-- Rachel is NOT participating in any sports during the winter period.

Also, the end of the volleyball season saw the last cameo volleyball team-- that being the same team that played a roll in the comic strip-- Tandy Gardens from 'The Wotch'. The lead player for the TGHS Kangaroos is Samantha Wolfe, who was actually featured in the chapter 7 chapter cover. The bigger version of that picture also has Katie McBride in it and it was drawn by Anne Onymous who co-created The Wotch. The image actually has McBride setting the ball and Wolfe spiking-- however, taking what I know of volleyball-- the star players are actually the setters and those spiking the ball should actually be on the taller side (thus why 6 foot Jennifer Winchester is always at the net). Wolfe is supposed to be the star but is quite short-- McBride being taller was the natural choice to have at the net while it was better to have Wolfe setting the ball. I took a small liberty but I'm sure :iconannie13: will forgive me.

For those familiar with various webcomics may have noticed other high schools popping up throughout the first 8 chapters and I will now help you know where each of these schools come from. In chapter 6, when Emily was sidelined due to an injury, the Bobcats received their first loss of the season to Tempest High School-- Tempest is the school featured in the webcomic 'Misfile'. The very first line of chapter 7 Goldthwait High took a win over Lawndale High School-- this is NOT from a webcomic but actually the high school from the popular 90's MTV cartoon Daria. If you caught that one, 10 points for Ravenclaw. Chapter 7 ended on a high note when Goldthwait won the league championship with a win over Moperville South. This is one of two sister schools (the other obviously being Moperville North) where half of the main characters from the webcomic 'El Goonish Shive' attend. 
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So, I got married, survived the holidays, and posted a new chapter of AG on New Years! I am hoping that finishing Next Step and moving on to Flip Side and Gods, both of which are almost completely blocked out (and have reference via the comic) will mean that the next couple chapters will flow much smoother than the previous did.

My goal for 2015 is much less comics than 2014 where I thought I'd be posting a chapter every month-- my plan right now is to post a chapter each quarter-- so at the end of March I intend to make sure Flip Side is ready-- June for Gods, Sept for Chapter 10 and Dec for Chapter 11-- the way that will change is if I have two finished chapters ready to go at a given time-- i.e. if I finished 8 and 9 before the end of Feb-- I will post 8 at the end of Feb, and then post the next chapter probably 2 months after which will allow time to keep working on the buffer and if I can keep that up, I may keep posting in an every 2 months cycle-- I dont expect planning going to every month again.

I personally feel Next Step was the weakest chapter to date, it was kind of a filler chapter but was also a 'plot progression' chapter. It was originally planned to be much later in the comic before I merged all the junior and senior year chapters into a single year-- I looked up a LOT of information on the recruitment process for this chapter and that's when I realized I had to have this chapter right here. I did succeed in working in some Brian and William plot progression which will hopefully keep people happy.

When I got on my desktop computer today to make the chapter 7 cover (thanks again to :iconannie13:) I also succeeded in making covers for chapters 12 and 13! This means every chapter except for #10 right now has its chapter cover ready up through 14.

I am not sure what my plan right now is for posting journals. I dont know if I intend to do a monthly or try a weekly-- maybe every other week? I am not sure--

Well-- hope you all enjoyed the chapter, and like always, I look forward to seeing comments and questions! (and even if I am not posting journals, I am ALWAYS checking dA and responding to stuff)
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I have been extremely exhausted lately and have not been able to find the energy to do the simple task of sitting down and writing any AG. With the combination of work, wedding planning, and racing, I have no other choice but to declare that there is no ETA on the next chapter of AG and that it will 'be ready when its ready'. I am hoping that I will be able to get it done before the wedding, and then get the chapter after that done before new years. It sucks, but thats where we are at right now...
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Okay-- so clearly I get too busy and tired when trying to post journals on Wednesdays-- and then I end up procrastinating and forgetting all the rest of the week-- so my new plan is to try to post new journals on Sunday-- yes I know today is Monday-- but the plan is to start trying to do Sundays from now on so that I can get stuff done.

I got about a second and a half written today on the story-- but I am still a long way off-- I am really discouraged with how long this chapter is taking me and I am hoping that I can get past this slump soon. The job I've been on at work for a year will be ending in two weeks-- and when that happens my work will change some as I will no longer be doing as early of mornings every time and I may be ending up having more days without work than I have now-- which while financially sucks-- should help with my writing.

I am now under the two month mark for my wedding-- cross your fingers (Oct 31)

I have ALWAYS tried to write linearly in my work-- but with the struggles I've had with a scene and the fact its not a very important scene-- I have began skipping ahead to other scenes and working them-- doing a chapter non-linearly for the first time-- hopefully this doesnt mess up the continuity of the chapter at all. 
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Damn-- my whole plan was to get back on a wednesdays schedule-- and look what day it is! Hahaha I suck at this.

In honor of the return of school this week, I was hoping to get the first chapter done of either Kimee's Diary or the other story I have on hand which I havent really thought of a perfect title yet-- I got a little bit in to each but no where near completion on either first chapter when work began running late each day this week-- now that the first week of school is passed-- I guess I should just put those on the back burner again and see if I can try to get AG done before the end of this second month.

I did get in to the second scene of the chapter of AG-- which is still hardly anything when you consider theres only like-- 7 more days left in this month-- hopefully I can get some writing done tomorrow.  I knew this chapter would be difficult as it was the least developed one of the first 10 chapters going in to things, so I knew it'd be hard to get all the details put to paper.
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So-- yeah-- one or two of you may have noticed that I did not write a journal last week-- that was slightly intentional-- partly I forgot-- and then I decided to push it off so that I could get back on a Wednesday schedule of journal updates.

I finished a little bit of the next chapter-- very little-- i.e. the first scene is done... I am irritated with myself and am hoping that actually accomplishing today allows me to get back in to a rhythm.  I have no been having writers block, its just a case that I have not been at all inspired to do any writing. 

I really wish I were able to do like these professional writers and not have to work 12 hour days. I have ideas in my head for a handful of other stories that I would like to start writing in my free time-- however I cant even get my primary story written in my free time and I am not going to work on a different story when I am a month behind on what I already promised people.
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I am sorry to disappoint but I have not made much progress on the next chapter. We worked a lot extra this week and its been hard to sit down upon getting home and actually working. I am probably-- eh-- 1/7th of the way through the chapter still... I really hate to let people down but its hard to put out a chapter sometimes with how busy I can get at work. 

On days I get home, I have either just sat down and fallen asleep, turned on the TV and just kind of vegged sitting there watching it, the last couple days I've been getting caught up on MLP:FiM, and then on weekends, I am at the racetrack half the day, and last week I ended up having to work Saturday which threw a monkey wrench in to stuff... Even on Sundays I end up busy with things-- this Sunday I have my sister and brother-in-law coming over for some BBQ and boardgames (Geek Off, Dixit, and Gloom this week) 
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I want to apologize about not getting a journal up. A last minute scheduling for me to work Saturday morning and going out to dinner Friday night really threw a monkey wrench in to my plans.

i Haven't made nearly as much progress on the next chapter as I'd like and while I am still going to do some last minute work to see if I can get it done by Wednesday, realistically, I'm not sure if I'll make that goal. I'll see where I'm at next journal and give a new deadline... 
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I have officially began writing the next chapter of AG-- admittedly I am still on the first scene of approximately 12-- although it is one of the longer scenes and some of the others are actually quite short-- so all is going well. The last few days slowed my progress some while work got busy and I was doing some more around the house. Tomorrow though I will be doing nothing but watching TV and writing, woot woot! I am hoping that I will be getting a good chunk of the way in to the chapter by the time I head to bed tomorrow night. My full intention is still to have the chapter done by the end of the month-- which is 12 days from now. So hopefully I can keep on track this time and not fail like I did last night.

I've seen some discussing about Rebecca concerning last chapter. Specifically about why Brian and Katie would not have gone to Rebecca about Rachel's shutting them out-- and the last one I read put it best-- Rebecca is a busy lawyer who cant even always get home in time for dinner-- she doesn't mean to be rude, but she can't really handle everything, and these guys are seniors in high school, they should be able to handle some of their own issues-- plus she probably has enough problems getting Rachel to open up to her about stuff in general... Plus I think there has been a bit of a rift happening between Rachel and her mother over things lately, especially after the discoveries about her father.

In the comic, the focus followed more than just Rachel, showing what other characters are doing at certain times-- while the story thus far has followed pretty much ONLY Rachel-- I would have to reread everything but I cannot think of anything where Rachel was not at least in the room at the time of that scene. This chapter WILL have scenes that go elsewhere-- primarily we have a few scenes where we follow Brian and Katie-- and of course this is leading up to next chapter-- Flip Side-- and for those of you not familiar with the comic strip-- that chapter COMPLETELY changes main characters to someone else for the length of the chapter.

 Monday night I picked up a new 42" HDTV with wifi which allows me access to netflix, youtube, hulu, and amazon instant video. This is replacing my extremely heavy (cuz it wasnt flatscreen) 38" normal TV which had an oddly green hue to it. Boy I tell you its amazing how vibrant these colors are. The first time I actively watched something on an HD TV was at a truck stop in Walcott, IA (the I80 super truck stop) and I wanted to go watch Walking Dead up in the lounge-- I was wondering if they changed how they filmed it because it looked so different on an HD tv! the second time I watched an HD tv we were at a gaming shop for their tabletop night (they provide tabletop games to play for free) and they had Wreck-It Ralph playing-- holy crap. Of course, the first thing I watched on this new TV-- Wreck-It Ralph. Sunday We are doing a movie marathon for animated features from different studios-- Pixar's Brave, Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon, Illumination's Despicable Me 2, and Fox's Rio 2
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Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday last week-- Made three racks of BBQ ribs (for 4 people... I've still got left overs) and followed it up with a trip to Disneyland the next day.

Now that things are kind of settling down, it's time to get back to work. I've got all my scenes laid out in my word document and I just need to sit down and start writing the chapters. I am full expecting to be back on track with my 'one a month' plan of posting chapters as long as too many things don't go apeshit on me. I am back to my normal 3am wake ups but that also means I am getting off around 2, which is nice. With the weekend upon me I am hoping that the writing of the next chapter will officially begin this weekend.

I was very happy to see all the positive response on the most recent chapter. While criticism is necessary, I am extremely egotistical and thrive on positive feedback and I am honestly missing the days when each comic had tons of responses to it. I am noticing more and more people not responding to chapters, so I am hoping that things are slowly returning to how they used to be. Unlike how I used to do things, I try to respond to everyone that posts to show my appreciation for both reading and responding to each chapter.

AG is a total of 25 chapters, which I broke in to three segments to help organize things. I also think if I ever try to print out AG, due to the chapter length, it'll have to be printed in more than one book and there is no real spot in the very middle where I feel a legitimate split could be made.

I say this because the FIRST segment is winding to a close. They segments are Chapters 1-9, 10-17, and 18-25. The final three chapters in the first segment are 'The Next Step', 'Flip Side', and 'Gods'

Since I don't think many people are actually reading my journals-- I will start giving teasers for upcoming chapters every time I post one.

Chapter 7; The Next Step
Volleyball season is winding down as Rachel is forced to start planning her future when she and Andie take a trip to a local University. It seems like everyone knows what Rachel should do after high school except for her, because, deep inside, she still believes there is a chance for normalcy.

Chapter 8; Flip Side
There's more than just Rachel in Wakefield. Brett deals with keeping Rachel's secret a secret even after finding out that someone is plotting against her. Brett and Evan meet the unique new girl Eimi, oh, and Evan totally doesn't know Rachel's secret.

Chapter 9; Gods
William confronts Rachel once and for all about her secret, with serious consequences. When a mysterious new girl shows up in school just before Christmas break, Rachel finally finds out who exactly is responsible for her change. 
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Hey, guess what I did! I FINALLY posted Chapter 6 of the AG story! I feel really lousy for it having taken as long as it did-- there were multiple moments where I found myself stuck-- I think it was less of writers block and just more of general fatigue from a full work schedule (last week I worked 60 hours) and I would come home and literally just fall asleep in my chair.

This chapter rivals the fifth chapter for length, and really I dont think I'd have been very happy taking anything out of it. Almost every scene has relevance in some way to the plot and I feel is pretty needed. I sure hope that everyone feels this chapter was worth the wait-- or at least it makes them forget how long they waited for it.


Allison plays a big part in this chapter. A lot of people may remember in the comic strip how Allison forces a kiss on Rachel in the mall. I felt that that was not the direction I wanted to take Allison in this story. I wanted Allison to be a lot more aware of peoples feelings and cautious when approaching these subjects, which leads to the multiple scenes (bowling, the mall, and finally in the car) of her figuring Rachel out before eventually making her final approach. And even when she finally does make the move-- its noting over the top like in the comic-- I felt what happened with Allison in this chapter is a lot more realistic to how it would be approached and allow them to still be friends afterwards. Also the way everything played out here has a lot of importance for later chapters and also for the Allison based Extended Universe I am going to eventually write.

Evan totally doesn't know that Rachel and Ryan are the same people. I mean, seriously people, how could you think that he knows? He totally doesn't. 

I had some complaints in the initial versions of the first few chapters that there werent enough Brian scenes-- and this chapter we see Brian and Katie a total of once-- but that is because Rachel is avoiding them-- they arent in Rachels life and the story follows Rachels life. The next chapter, however, WILL see Brian and Katie apart from what is happening with Rachel. I actually kind of had that epiphany yesterday morning as I was trying to figure out what I could do to make a complete chapter (as I still seemed to be lacking in story to fill an entire chapter). 

Oh, and in this chapter we are introduced to Ryan Sr! This is a HUGE change from in the comic strip-- in the comic strip he abandoned Rebecca and the kids-- now we learn that she actually kicked him out-- I wanted to make the character a little more sympathetic without making him entirely likable. I wish I could have had more with him in this chapter but I unfortunately was not able to fit it in. We WILL, however, see him periodically in some form or another in upcoming chapters. 

I just love some of the character interactions in this chapter. Rebecca, Allison, Emily, and Travis all have interactions in this chapter that make me smile. In the contrary aspect-- Originally in the comic Karah White was just a background character that appeared like, twice, and had no dialogue-- however-- when I redid the story and Nikki became a junior-- I realized that Nikki and Karah would very likely be friends-- and when I realized they'd be friends-- well-- Karah just became more and more of a bitch-- which I felt was a good move since I didnt want EVERYONE on the volleyball team to be supportive-- just like I didnt want all the cheerleaders to be bitches (ie Chloe) and so Karah just began getting more and more lines.

C'mon people, I want to discuss this chapter with people, comment!!!
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I got past the hump that has been holding me up in the next chapter and I am now just three scenes away from being done with the next chapter! Sadly I am stuck working all day Saturday so I am hoping that I can get it done on Sunday and get it up for people-- although I am going to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2-- again... The bad part is that its been a month+ since I was sketching things out that I actually forgot how the next scene was supposed to work-- I am hoping I can remember what was going to be said while I am at work tomorrow.

While I was trying to remember exactly what to do in one scene, I went back and reread and copy edited what had been done previously in the chapter-- its really come along well and I really expect people will be happy with it-- there is a lot of character development with a few characters and I really like how things have panned out in it. I am already at 7350 words and I still have three scenes to go... going to be a long un.

I also had some brainstorms for Kimee's Diary and the story I was calling Reflection, which will now be known as Mulligan. 
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First of all-- I am sorry that this is my latest journal yet-- I ment to do it thursday-- then friday-- and-- well-- its saturday morning-- jesus F-ing christ. Next week I'll probably do a journal on thursday just so I dont end up to with two too close together.

I don't know why, but I am still stuck on the same spot with AG. I have been busy and having long work days-- but I have had those when I've done other chapters-- and the scene I am stuck on (spoiler; its Rachel and Allison at the mall) is a scene that was in the comic-- albeit a lot of what happens in the scene will be changing-- but still-- it shouldnt be THAT hard to write, what the F!?

I have decided, and putting groundwork in, for two new stories to write both featuring TG. Yes-- I know-- what the hell? I can't write AG but I am wanting to do two other stories-- priorities mang!! Well-- my theory is that if I can get some writing started with other stories, itll get creative juices flowing to get AG back on track--

here is a very simple concept of the two stories I am working on

Reflection -- working title, may come up with something better as I work on it-- especially since that is a very common title for stories-- it will involve AR and TG-- it focuses on Taylor as he relives his life and learns how his life turned out so unsatisfying and what can help bring happiness to him and his friends. This story is a set length with an ending already planned out-- its just a case of figuring out how long I want to make it. The story will be written in first person from the viewpoint of Taylor. The best friend is named Liz/Lizzie/Elizabeth and also will have a primary character named David.

Kimee's Diary -- I had briefly talked about this story before-- well-- here is the first bit of plot revealing-- its a TG BS story as a ~30 year old guy is forced to live as a 14 year old girl with no foreseeable way to return to normal. Total coming of age TG story, my favorite. This story would be a continuing story with no ending planned-- that way if I ever felt stuck with AG I could just jump back over to Kimee's Diary and throw another chapter in, allowing me to keep the story going and, perhaps, see Kimee through multiple years. This story I also plan to write in first person (I want it to feel as if you're reading Kimee's Diary, hence the name) and will also feature Kimee's cousin, Hannah-- plus, I'm sure, a growing cast as I continue-- I am intentionally trying to NOT plan this story too far ahead.
I still have no progress going on with the chapter-- I know where I want to go with it, I dont know why I am stuck at the block I am-- the work hours are a real killer though and if I were to just have a day off where I did absolutely nothing I think I could make some progress... I thought for a bit that I was going to be off tomorrow but it turned out they wanted me to cover for someone who wont be there. Saturday I am out of town (yay for monthly Disneyland!) and Sunday we are going to go see the second movie of this season with Maleficent... Monday its back to work...

I did post on thursday intentionally-- since last week I didnt post a journal till Friday-- I felt this helped space it out a little better...

I have had almost no AG thoughts going through my head at work the last two weeks-- usually ive got stuff popping in to my head which of course then translates in to story-- I did, however, today, have some thoughts of a second story I was considering called Kimee's Diary-- I was thinking that maybe having a second story I could work on when I am stuck on AG could maybe help restart the creative juices-- I dont know if creative juices work that way or if its just a burnout and needs to have some non-working time-- but-- well-- I dunno-- I didnt work on anything again today-- as has been the story all week...

I'm really sorry, guys...
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