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Abstract Gender: Chapter 9 'Gods' Part 2

Chapter 9; Gods (Part 2) Rachel could not get Willow off her mind all day. No one else would make the connection because the thought of a guy turning into a girl was unheard of. But for Rachel, she knew it was possible, she’d been there. Layering away the feminine features of Willow, all Rachel kept coming up with was William. The thing that bugged Rachel the most was that Willow didn’t act anything like William. “You look troubled,” Evan said as he walked past Rachel in their Statistics class. Rachel looked up at Evan, her eyes lingering on him for a second. A brain like his would be more than helpful in figurin


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AG 256

AG 256 Chapter 8 Panel 1 (row 1, left) Travis looks a bit surprised, Rachel looks defeated Travis: R-really? you will? cool! Rachel *sigh* Panel 2 (row 1, right) Travis looks to be pondering excitedly, Rachel looks up a bit worried Travis: Now, I've been thinking about what kind of costumes me and my date could wear to the dance, and there's lots of good ones, but I want your opinion before we settle on one. Panel 3 (row 2, full row) Mostly head shots of Rachel and Travis with a whole bunch of bubbles of Travis and Rachel in different costuems float above. "Prince Charming and Snow White?" "No." "Superman and Supergirl?" "No."

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