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Open-Source Government
Open-source....Man, how this term has been buzzing in people's ears since Linux, Mozilla, and quite a few other phenoms first entered onto the computer scene within the last decade or more.
Basically, the term itself says it all: the allowance for developer wannabes who, mind you, have the skill, tact, and resources to have their way with the development of a particular computer feature, be it a simple application, script, plugin, extension, or maybe an *entire* operating system. Or, if the guy or gal is *that* ambitious, he/she can use the source code (which has been posted for all the world to gaze upon in awe) as the basis for the creation of a whole 'nother feature of his/her own (or, even better, his/her fellow developers).
It doesn't rely that much on money, and it doesn't usually use money as a linchpin for further development. In fact, with the further decrease (and, in many circles, decrying) of the importance of proprietary rights, money will sooner or later be thankfully pha
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Ubuntu Desktop 1 by RayneNamibia Ubuntu Desktop 1 :iconraynenamibia:RayneNamibia 0 9
A tribute to NWI
Tonight, I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm emotional as hell.
NWI, or Newsworld International, probably the only reason for why we (me and my Mom) continue to keep Directv, is signing off as of 12:00 am tonight.
I found out a month or two ago the fate of this network. Al Gore (yes, the former VP) heads the group which bought NWI last year. Unfortunately, the group decided not to renew NWI's contract, and decided to replace it with its own news channel, Its a news network which, expressly, will dedicate most of its content to the 18-to-34-year-old audience in the United States. Personally, considering that this is the same group to which is dedicated most of the content on the MTV Networks (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, BET, etc.), I would like to designate this demographic as the D.F. (dumbf**k)...hold...hold on a minute....
(goes to the television, does a long salute to the TV as all of the NWI staff make their last and final goodbyes to their American and Caribbean audiences)
(TV goes bla
:iconraynenamibia:RayneNamibia 0 2
The Torn-Down Soul
Ever know of the immediate frustration to your nervous and audial systems which are caused by running your nails (if you have any) across a chalkboard?
Ever encountered slower-than-usual traffic jamming, although you may be more than personally familiar with any length of what Lagos, Nigeria natives call "go-slows", even for your own good? Couple that with the fact that you are already late, by the way.
Or, let's find something that is more immediate: does your computer, despite its apparent functionality and speed, slow down to a halt because of that one program that you are using? Say, Firefox, which, after using the tabbed browsing feature a bit too much, can become the dominating process of the computer, with a tendency to jump from 40,000 to as much as 200,000 K in only a couple of minutes.
My point?
Well, when it comes to such slow, tedious grinds, I find such to be damn near unbearable.
Obviously, I do
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A day without an American gun
Latin America, which consists of all of the former American colonies of Spain, France (sans Quebec and the Mississippi Basin), and Portugal, is a region which is steeped in history and tradition, alot of which extends beyond the reach of Columbus and his "discovery" of the Americas.
However, ever since most of these countries gained their political independence back during the 1800's, this region has also been steeped in a mire of political and military tradition and intrigue. Guns and armaments of all possible kinds have been in almost perpetually-abundant supply and distribution for almost 2 centuries in this geopolitical region. Battles, skirmishes, crackdowns, massacres, and bloodbaths all form an integral and permanent part of this region's historical and political constitution.
Thus, it comes as no surprise to many of us when the United States becomes involved. American arms, American training, American funding, American support, American everything-that-has-anything-to-deal-with
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Long after the thrill is gone
I was listening to NPR the other day, while driving home from Macon. They were interviewing this one psychologist on her views about creativity and how one is supposed to react when his or her creativity has ran down to the point of nil.
She explained that, for her own personal example, one day a few years ago, she was minding her own business when all of a sudden, she had an urge to write a book. She followed that urge, and she even turned out a few books within the next four months. However, four months later, the urge that had entered her left as quickly as it came. At that point, she realized that, despite those books which she had written over that period of time, she wasn't really a writer.
She was just someone who wrote a few books, that's all.
When listening to that interview, I suddenly felt my heart drop like the hood of my Mom's Daewoo. My thoughts ran back to my site at DA, my blog at LJ, my internet presence in its entirety.
Some of you who have remained here since early l
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The Anti-empire
"What would happen now? The great imperial system had been completed, Black unity had been achieved among numerous language groups on one of the widest scales in history, from Zambia down to South Africa. cities of stone dotted the land, the Zimbabwe cities north and south were the deathless symbols of a people's greatness....
....The Emperor Matope also left the country with a great organized religion with a powerful and formally organized priesthood, something unusual in Africa outside of ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, and Abyssinia....
But would there be unity now that the last of the two great personalities around whom unity revolved had silently stolen away in the shadows of the Great Zimbabwe, gone forever? The question arises whenever a great leader passes; political psychology and mass psychology are crucially combined....
There were unifying factors which Matope left behind in his great empire. one was that same organized religion led by a highly advanced and literate priesthood.
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Kwanzaa for Dummies
Kwanzaa is a festival that lasts from December 26th to January 1st, which celebrates Africa and all things African.
It was first initiated by Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor of Black Studies at CSU, Long Beach, in 1966, during the heady days of the Civil Rights Movement. Karenga did several studies on African festivals and celebrations, as he had noticed that there was a dearth of cultural celebrations for the African-American community. In his studies, he noticed that most annual celebrations among most sub-Saharan African ethnicities are what are often termed "first fruits" celebrations, or celebrations of the year's harvest.
In these types of festivals, the harvest is gathered after a year of planting and growth, and then the first and foremost of this harvest are dedicated to the ancestors of the particular village or community, before, of course, all of the living then celebrate the good things which have happened within the past year since the last first fruits festival.
Thus, c
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Religious Fundamentalism
In the past several years, the world has witnessed the rise of religious fundamentalism, which, in essence, is the religiously conservative interpretation of government, law, ethics, and society in general.
Within the same timelength, we have eyed, with horror, the rise of terrorism and terrorist actions, most of which have been carried out, propogated, or sponsored (covertly or openly) by organizations and/or nations which maintain, for more or less, a religiously fundamentalist agenda or platform.
Religious fundamentalism has become prominent and popular in areas or countries where a great deal of the population is either perpetually poor or dispossessed by either one or all of that particular area's or nation's dominating institutions. To such a people, religious fundamentalism serves as a channel through which they can vent their frustration against these dominating institutions or conditions.
What are these institutions or conditions?
Poverty; government; inflation; disease; famin
:iconraynenamibia:RayneNamibia 0 8
Ethics and Morals
A thing that I have noticed in America, especially with the conservative, fundamentalist right, is a frequent tendency to refer to "morals" whenever they offer an explanation of the rightist agenda. How have they used it?
To the right (and maybe to the right-leaning centrists), "morals" or "morality" is the standard of human behavior, which dictate that humanity should not do this or that or the other, lest humanity incur the wrath of God, which will pour out upon it's head in the form of natural disaster or plague, among the many possible manifestations of God's anger.
Well, I see their point....sort of.
People DO have (1) a responsibility to follow a certain standard in their behavior (ESPECIALLY around other people) and not to force their own ways upon others at their expense, (2) a right to be respected as normal human beings BY other human beings and to enforce the legitimacy of that right, and (3) a reason to not bend to the breaking point of their own personal sovereignty in ord
:iconraynenamibia:RayneNamibia 0 2
I just came to another one of my realizations today.
The nations that have emphasized race and racial separation more are the more prosperous first world nations, while those that have traditionally de-emphasized race and racial separation (with such things as mixed-race marriages, to the most massive scales in Latin America) are the nations that are at the more blunt end of the economic stick.
I mean look at it: the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, apartheid-era South Africa (as far as the whites were concerned). all of these nations have white majorities and have a finely-tuned race consciousness, and look at their economies: better than most other nations.
yes, south africa had a black majority, but if they werent employed as unskilled mine labor, they were forced out of the country into those "homelands", which were basically a cross between concentration-camps and indian reservations.
basically it was like the white-minority gov wanted to act like the blacks almost didnt exist in so
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Music: it used to be cool
Have you ever noticed that music and everything about it has changed over the last decade? I mean, Im not going to say that it has become corrupted (although if thats a better way of putting it, then everything's become corrupted then, hasn't it?), but I mean, I just feel like things have changed with the times, and not in the way that most have expected.
Back in 1994, when you heard of a band, singer, or group that was just coming out, it was almost strictly by the more simplistic means. Music videos really didnt have the effect on artists like they do now, although by that time, music videos were highly developed "works of art", per se. Basically, if you were just coming out, the studio and the stage came first and foremost, while the set was saved for either when you had money to spare or alot of free time on your hands.
Back in 1994, ratings and record sales didnt really matter if you were just coming out. If you wanted to make music and release it, you often had to work wit
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Blacks and Arabs
Who asks why is it that the black world, forever "up-tight" over South Africa and Rhodesia, has remained silent about the 15 years of the slaughter of Blacks in the Sudan? I asked four leaders of the Resistance if the Southern Provinces had ever appealed to the Organization of African Unity for help. "We have been begging them ever since it started," was the unanimous reply. "Not for arms, but just to use its influence to stop the burning of the villages and the massacre of our people. But you see, the white and brown Arabs actually control the policies of the OAU. For us that means that they still control the Blacks of Africa..."
------- Chancellor Williams, The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 BC to 2000 AD, Third World Press, 1974
In Khartoum, a Taliban-like Muslim regime is waging a self-declared jihad on African Christians and followers of tribal faiths in South Sudan. Non-Arab African Muslims are also targeted for devastation. T
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Subliminal messages
I remember watching an episode of "Conspiracies" on TechTV that was dealing with conspiracies concerning the mind, like mind control and brain implants. However, one thing has stayed with me since then: subliminal messages.
Subliminal messages are messages that are transmitted subconsciously (and clandestinely) through different mediums, although our senses are unable to detect them or their transmission (unless those who are responsible for their transmission are put under scrutiny and investigation of the most strenuous kinds).
Such messages have been alleged to have been transmitted through tv commercials and radio pop music hits, and if so, are most likely to say such things as "buy this product", "buy my album", or even "my sweet satan".
But exactly why would they transmit these types of messages in the mediums of pop culture, like tv, radio, or maybe the internet?
The purpose of subliminal messages is for whoever the transmitter is to intoxicate the senses with media fodder in or
:iconraynenamibia:RayneNamibia 0 3
Sitting in my room
I sit in my room.
No lights.
My favorite music playing.
Stuff clutter the floor.
My tongue has an irritating sore.
I had a long day at school.
Ive locked my bedroom door to keep out my two nephews.
Ive lost track of time.
Its the dead of night.
Im on the internet. The only thing that has my interest now.
Its quiet. Its peace. I savor the solitude of it all.
Now Im in St louis.
I hate it here.
A man who Ive realized I dont care for, and have never cared for either. I live with him.
The solitude that I never appreciated enough is gone.
I go into the bedroom that Im using for my durrtion here.
I retreat into the covers of my bed.
I think of all that I took for granted. All the things I once greeted with wonder and interest, theyre all gone. Ive grow too used to them. I know all about them, and they dont garner my interest like they used to.
Poeple who I talked to with alot to say are now people I dont even have the dignity to concern myself with anymore.
I wish that things were new to me
:iconraynenamibia:RayneNamibia 3 2
Mindreacher: Chapter 1
A mental hospital.
A psycho ward.
A crazy house.
What does that convey to you? Does it convey the typical images of slobbing, cross-eyed, mindless idiots in straitjackets, who can scream any possible random stupid thing like "I like buttered toast" into the padded walls of their cell?
OK, then what about this:
Intensive care unit.
life support.
Now what do these words convey to you? Of course, they will most likely ring in images of poor souls who may be near their demise, surviving only on life support of any kind, lying in bed, sleep, but unable to wake up.
OK, such images can't be disproved, they're actually true. But let's hope that this story can change the way that you may look at such, ever again....
It had been 3 years since Dr. Candace Theaker saved her partner, fellow doctor Kenneth Vaughn, from a coma which could have held him captive. She did it through a new approach to psychiatry: entering into and e
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Harry C.D. Underwood
Current Residence: Warner Robins (Atlanta, August 30), GA
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4th (5th?) week in ATL

Mon Sep 26, 2005, 7:39 PM
Get Firefox!


Hi, Just a few notes on what I've been doing since moving up here (in case you're a bit too lazy to visit the LJ).

1. Went to my first convention on Saturday (Anime Weekend Atlanta). It was amazing (read the rundown at the blog), plus I met Solo and ShadowSaber (who were terribly kind to lend me a ride back to Oglethorpe since I was lacking in money for public transport via CCT; major, major props to you guys). I also came across gunmouth, who explained to me just how much artistry for commissions' sake can be a pain in the ass to pursue on a regular basis. But the con was a blast and a half. As a result of making it there, I'm hoping to make it to this February's Furry Weekend Atlanta as well as to next September's DragonCon.

2. Been pondering the idea of the ideal open-source media player for weeks now. Latest twist: embedding VLC into the top of Firefox, in the exact same style as Real Player.

3. Found out that my particular orisha is probably Oxossi, the orisha of the hunt and the forest. He bears a strong affinity to Native Americans (of which I am a descendant), and he's also very interested in things of other, more unusual natures, including (possibly) anthropomorphic characters.

4. Been in a constant reassessment of my presence on Livejournal, with creating communities and so forth.

5. Still pondering the question of my presence here at DA, although I've pretty much left this place to dilapidatory ruin.

6. I've got Gmail!!! Hit me up:…
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