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Koi Sketch - Tattoo

Please do not take this as your own or take it to a tattooist and ask them to ink you with it. This piece means quite a bit to me. If you'd like a similar piece, I'd be happy to create one for you, for a small fee of course. ^.^

I've been working on the separate parts of a tattoo I have wanted for years. Between getting the sakura blossoms and petals just right to getting the placement of the tree branch positioned just so, to getting this silly koi fish done... this tattoo design has been a labour of love for me. This koi has been by far the hardest thing to get right for the tattoo. Now that I have FINALLY gotten it sketched the way I wanted, it's time to figure colours and get the rest of the parts put together for the whole.

I just know that Nate is going to charge me an arm and a leg when I get him the final sketch with everything on it.

Edit: Many different poses of koi were looked at for body positioning ideas along with hours and hours of watching the butterfly koi I have in my tank. Many thanks to all of the lovely pieces that I looked at and the koi my aunt breeds that I stare at daily.
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I have seen the more detailed drawing of this koi on google, it is exactly the same though. And a friend of mine has it tattooed on her back, really big. So I do not know who drew it first and who took the idea from who...
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it's finished and you have been linked as i promised.
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I hope you don't mind, but I used this as an idea for a piece of a Zentangle that I am currently completing. I will link you when I scan in the image... I didn't trace yours... I just kind of sketched out a similar copy... I don't do these for money. Just for friends when I get bored. Again, I will credit you for the idea.
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I would have preferred if you had sent me a message requesting to copy this image. I'm sorry but I am in no way at all happy about reading this.

This koi is a personal piece of my body art. Drawn by myself for myself. I uploaded it because I needed to show it to my tattooist. I am going to request that you do not post it or link it anywhere due to this.
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i apologize profusely. i really didn't mean to upset you. it was more of a tribute because i thought it was beautiful... i can remove it from this site if you would like... please accept my apology and let me know what i can do to make this right.

i was really careful to not copy yours exactly. i wasn't trying to steal it. i promise.
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i'm sorry. i didn't do an exact copy. i just used it for inspiration. it wasn't sold... it was just a doodle. =(
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I will be posting an image of my back once it is all done. I still need to space out the petals and the paw prints that will be going up my side as well. This isn't going to be a 'cheap' piece. My tattooist is giving me a bit of a break because I'm doing the layout but I'm still looking at about $2000. in work....

Hardest thing for me is figuring out the blasted colors that I want this to be. Well that and the stupid tree branch I want across my shoulders... Maybe I'll just let Nate draw that in himself...

Okay back to figuring out the rest of this for myself and Thank you everyone for you comments and faves of this drawing.
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I really like the fins, they look like they're flowing through water=D I'm planning to get a tattoo myself, but I won't use this of course.
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I hope that you enjoy your new tattoo as much I I do mine.

Thank you for your complement.
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I think you should get it on the side of your stomach ^-^
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Actually this is part of a large back piece. The koi will be down near my hip.
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so pretty >w< ur very talented >w< :iconimhappyplz:
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its lovely very well drawn would love to see it with color someday
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Great sketch, you will have to post a photo of the finished tattoo once you eventually get the piece done.

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Just the finished design.
I iz excited.
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