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Allo! Been awhile, so I figured now's a good time for updates!

So you mighta noticed a little more activity than usual. For a good while I'd simply become buried with work. What started as a side gig became all encompasing. Ended up becoming The Guy. The fixer of problems, the clean up specialist, the receiver of panicked texts and phonecalls of a sinking ship.

Guh. It was all kinds of dumb. So I uh, ditched it. Shoulda ditched it sooner, but I kept getting talked out of it. Things got so gross, so nasty I finally had enough.

So, I've got a bunch of good news and updates. First, recently helped start a local Comix festival where I sold a bunch of art. Out of all the stuff the Rayne Gallows prints sold out the most!  Yay! Makes a guy wanna scuttle in joy!

Had a lot of interest in Punkin Trouble too! The second one is well under way! 36 pages plotted roughed and started.

The bigger thing under way is Rafter Taffy. The comic that will introduce Rayne Gallows all proper like. So far 48 pages are complete, just editing like crazy. Plan is to release it on Webtoons and ComiXology.

There's a bunch of new prints and shirts on the Redbubble. Gallows Stuff, Punkin Stuff. Oh yeah, and some licenced stuff. Rick and Morty, Adventure Time. Some Venture Bros.

I'm also open to any n' all commissions. Within reason of course.
Hello? Hello! How does this work again? It's been so long!

For a while I've been buried under a Sisyphus Boulder, and I've been somewhat...absent. Long story short, I ended up becoming The-Guy. The one who fixes problems, of which there were many. It's all convoluted, dumb and timesucking. Long story short, I've wriggled free enough to get a bit more time, time of which I shall to spend posting stuff!

I have however been working on stuff despite the time needed to post it. For one thing I've completed 5 issues of Junk Cocoon! The fifth issue is just being sent off to ComiXology this week. Working on a 24 page comic with two stories whilst battling a full time job, yeeg.

Punkin Trouble! Punkin Trouble is becoming a comic! An ongoing comic! Right now I've got 36 pages scripted, a bunch more roughs and about 6 finished. I'm lookin' to have at least one or two issues ready for Halloween. Things are a little different in the comic, more fleshed out than what I tried to do in animation. There's still gonna be plenty of weirdness, but there's been some redesigns and story stuff for better chewing! The Wizwretch for starters. He's bald, and we're probably never gonna see him fully lit. He's an other worldly shadowy entity after all. You can probably thro an egg at him now though, honest!

I've got ideas! Plans! Get my castle ready, 'cause things have got to get weird again!

This has been in the works for over a year now. Next Wednesday the first issue of the series goes live!
Betchoo guys didn't know that there was a toy line from the 80's called the Super Cat Battlers! Yup, adorably kitty cats in muscular mech suits fighting evil fish! You probably just don't remember because of the He-Mans and the Battle Beasts and what not. The 80's was a very flashy time, and neon was everywhere so it's understandable if you forgot about all this stuff. But don't worry, with a little help you'll be back up to speed!

Grab yerself some gold! Just be careful that you don't lose your head!

I took up a 2 week animation challenge and made Punkin Trouble. I tried to animate as much as possible, but I wanted to focus on getting a story across more than anything. It's a little wonky in places, but I'm happy with what I did in two weeks. I wouldn't mind adding to it if people like it.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there is no escape!

Hello you wonderful wobular folks! Welcome back to the eighties. Why are we back in the eighties? Well, there is a very good reason for that. I've started a new comic thingy! Woo! It just so happens to be set in the eighties, and it's some Vasey business going on. Or at least it will. Two pages are up, and more will be added on a weekly basis! Check it out!

I'm still working on the Mirabello Mall comic, this is just to mix things up. After twelve pages of Mirabello Mall, I'm gonna switch things up and do about eight pages of something else. Just to keep things fresh, avoid burn out...and honestly everybody needs to get some distance from Tobin every now and then. That guy is a space case.

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I'm a little more than half way done the next podcast. Yaaay! This one isn't gonna be nine minutes, and there are a hundred drawings in it. Yeesh. I'm gonna do my best to stick to a schedule, and post more stuff. So far I think I'm doing alright. Thanks for watching my stuff!
Hello! Just a teeny beeny update of sorts!

The first 12 pages of Mirabello Mall have been completed. Just in case you might not have been aware, I have been updating the comic almost weekly. I missed last week, what with pushing to get the last podcast up..... but anyway, it's all up! Check it out if you wanna!

My goal is a page a week, and some change, so I'm going to try to stick to that. I'm also working on the podcast a little more steadily, the next one is already well underway (Though not as crazy long as the last one)!

Anyway, there will be more weird stuff for you to look at!
Hello all you wonderful wobular folks! After a really long time, the latest podcast thing of sorts is up! This is the longest one yet, It also has the most still drawings, ringing at…105. Yeeg. Grab a towel and check it out!

A new comic is up! It's over yonder at the ye old Tumblr mill. I think any and all comic stuff will be posted there mainly. At least until Deviantart comes up with a way to include a bunch of comic pages in one submission or something.

Clicky here!

Stay tuned for more stuff!
Hello everyone! Sorry it's been awhile, been juggling a bunch of things at the same time and have been inundated with heaps of everything. Heaps! I have however finally finished the latest podcast. Take a peek!

I've also got a Tumblr account, should you like to view it. It is right here!
The latest podcast is up!

Howdy you wonderfully wobbular folks! Sorry it's been a while, things have gotten a little busy. I have been working on a bunch of things, paid work and otherwise. The next podcast is almost done, just needs to cook a little bit longer. Plus I've been cooking up stuff for a couple podcasts after it. If you haven't seen the last podcast watch it here!

Among other things I've bwwn working on a bunch of comic stuff, both relating to the podcast and to something "juicier". It's a little slow going, what with all the other stuff but I'm really getting into it. You'll get to see a little more of the mall, and some of the other stores.

Oh! Lately I've been hanging about an online drawing board, over here. I tend to idle in there when I'm working on stuff, but between renders, or when I'm just doodling for the heck of it I join in on the fun. You'll have to register to join this particular board. Helps trim out the rifraff. Somewhat.
Click here to watch the newest podcast!

Hullo! After a little bit of a delay, the next podcast is up! Now you can hear the theme song, and look at the intro! I hope you guys like it. It's not perfect, but I'm aiming to keep improving with each podcast. I must confess, this is a bit past the deadline I had set for myself. Kinda meant to get this done in November, but I lost my voice and got bombarded with other stuff. Funny how things seem to time themselves to happen all the once. Ooh, good news though! This is the last podcast with my old microphone. I bought a big, heavy professional microphone. So there's that.

Aside from the podcast stuff, I have been working on some comic stuff that you might like. First, I've been doing some preliminary roughs for a full Rayne Gallows comic. Sort of. In a way. It kinda shows how we come across the mall, and just why this store we're in is so vacant. However, though my four legged alter ego is in it, he's not the central focus.

I'm also still working on that fun little post apocalyptic comic. It's taking a while, but I'm keeping at it. Just kinda need more arms. If I can keep juggling stuff, and keep a decent pace you should have bug bellies, and robots a plenty!

Oh, and I know a few of you were a little saddened when I haulted the Last Resort stuff. While I haven't returned to it yet, I have been working on a little something you might like.
Hey everyone! Just wanted to letcha know that the new podcast is up. Feel free to chew on it, with your eyes!

Clicky Here!
Attention folks, it has come to my attention that due to concerns of health and safety you should click on the following link!

Lookit This!

Did you click it? Yes? You have now become 10% more awesome! Thank you and have a good day.
So I just wanted to do a little updatey thing.

Firstly I just want you all to know that soon I shall have theme music. I'm commissioning a really awesome guy to make some Rayne Gallows theme music. Woo! Theme music for a certain podcast I've...well.. neglected. Sadly, I got busy with other things, and all the animatey stuff kinda got put on hold. But! Over the years I've been sort of building a better space for animating and recording. Before it was kinda bare bones, with a piddly microphone. Over the years I've been gathering my resources, getting all the programs and stuff I need to get under way. Bit by bit, commission by commission and con after con I have been getting ready. So stay tuned, I'm getting all giddy! Oh, and if you haven't- and if you like me enough to slog through my journal here please consider popping over to my Youtube page. Maybe subscribe, watch the old videos.. I'd be really grateful. I don't like to over hype myself too much if I can help it, but a little bit of traffic can help me make more stuff.

Onto other stuff!

So since I did the con back in the end of April, I managed to get enough money to get a new giant scanner and a new laptop. The scanner has made life soo much easier. I am able to scann and print full comic pages, which has made my productivity in general sky rocket. As you may have seen I've started working on a full sized comic, and I'm having so much fun on it. I'm aiming to complete a full 24 page comic, post it here and try to get some interest growing for it. Chances are if you've browsed my gallery enough you've seen little bits and pieces that are apart of this story. See, I don't like to go into too much detail about the critters and characters  I post here unless I can give you their full treatment. I want to try and keep my silly little story ideas fresh for the time when they are fully unleashed to your eyes.

Speaking of comics and such, I also want to talk about the Last Resort. For those of you who enjoy it, please try to remain calm. It's not dead, I promise! I admit, it's in a little bit of a hiatus. I know it's always been slow coming, and for that I apologize. Life stuff, jobs yadda yadda etc...Same ol' excuses. Sorry! Truth is, I'd eventually like to animate it. Limited animation perhaps, but either way I'd like to eventually make it into a series on Youtube. The story I've written for the Last Resort is actually a fair bit more involved than perhaps what's come across here. It's a little more interconnected with the other things I've been working on, and it takes place in the same world as my four legged alter ego.

Honestly, I feel a whole lot more motivated these days. For a long time I've just been trying to make ends meet, shlubbing along while working part time jobs. Recently however I've become a Youtube Partner. Isn't that crazy? That one video with Violet Beauregarde has given me enough views on Youtube, that it could actually generate money for me. I could get paid for making my weird cartoons. I feel really optimistic, that what I want to do and spend my time on most might become a tangible goal. For those of you that watch me, thank you. You always make the gloomier days a little warmer for me.
Howdy folks, sorry I've been away for so long. Been busy getting into a new job. Spare time has been reduced a bit.

Alright, so let's play a little game. Visit this lovely little website- and search your Deviantart username! Find anything familiar? Well, turns out this lovely little website has scoured countless sites to pilfer artwork. Only, they don't seem too good at it. I mean, for one thing they're just lousy at covering their tracks. Not only have they made it easy to find your work, but they actually go so far as to leech Deviantart's bandwidth to do it.

So, feel free to send Deviantart a general inquiry, and point a giant neon sign at this little website.