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Hi there !
I will be this summer at Comic Market 90 in Tokyo, on the 2016 August 14th, West Hall - Booth た16a
Comiket 90 Raynart
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Hello everyone~

It's been a while I didn't give any news on DeviantArt. I am living in Japan right now, and this year I decided to come at Anime Expo!
It will be my very first time there. I am used to European conventions, I also were at Anime Festival Asia last year and also Comic Market at Tokyo.

Anime Expo event seems very huge and impressive, I can't wait to see you all there!
Here is my booth location and what I will have on my table. I didn't put all (not enough space) but I can garantee you won't be disappointed to see all I have to offer to you guys.
Anime Expo 2016 Raynart D-08
Click on the image to enlarge it...
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Hello everybody!

I will have a booth at Hyper Japan event in London from July 25th to 27th!
I already was there last year, it was so cool!

Hyper Japan 2013 Raynart
This is how was my booth last year.

This year, I will have lots of new things:
- My original manga (oneshot) Alter Twins, Unfated (available since last year), and Astral Break.
- Collector Box for those oneshots.
- My new artbook 2014!
- A new anime figure (with my original character Sierra Herza from my manga Unfated), chibi size.
- Full graphic T-shirts.
- HQ Printed bags.

Hyper Japan 2013 Raynart
Click on the image to enlarge it

My artist friends will be there too:
:iconeternal-s: :icongoku-chan: :iconjennaris: :iconsaeko-doyle: and Type-Moon France

I hope to you there!!
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Hello everybody!

Did you see my original figure Eldaris? If you are interested, preorders will end tonight (August 2nd)!
Eldaris Figure
For each preorder, you will get an original illustration, like this:
With some special goodies too!!

Here is a figure of a character of mine, Eldaris from a future manga project,「Time Impact!!」which is about the encounter of two character: one who comes from a far future (Eldaris) and an other who cam accidentaly from the past!

So I made the illustration (on the left) and this is a professional company who made me the figure.
You can see the final prototype on the right.
・1/7 Scale, 22cm (8.6") Height
・Polyresin material

Deadline for preorders: 2013 August 2nd
After the deadline (August 2nd), production of the figures will take 1 month and then I'll be able to receive them and ship them to you.
Link for preorders : www.enchanted-destinies.com/sh…
There are more photos on that link too!

This is a very limited series figure, and I don't know yet if it will be possible for you to get one later, after the first copies.
I think the price is pretty fair, knowing that there will be a very small quantity of this figure (less than 50 pieces), and this is in resin too!

So make sure you won't regret it! :XD:
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Hello everybody!

I would like to talk to you about a new French Doujin Event, called DoujinSphere (at Epitanime, France)!
With a friend, Zratul from Touhou.net association, we decided to create a doujin community in order to make events around us, a little like Comiket (Japan), but in our scale of course! This community is named Doujinsphere!
You know, in France, we're not really many manga/doujin artists, we need to be united!


This event, DoujinSphere, will occur on May 18th-19th 2013 in Paris, Epitanime convention (Gen Urobuchi will be honor guest there too!).
We encourage Japanese and non-French artists to join us too! If you're interested, please contact me at raynarttradnor(*)hotmail.com (replace * by @).

Here is the temporary list of the exhibitor artists:
- Raynart
- Zratul
- Tsundereko Circle (Vinhnyu, Kinary, Sitouanang et Asok)
- Nekozumi
- Eternal-S
- Aquafeles
- Mi-eau
- Obvious²
- Esprit Doujin (Tetho, Van)
- Saeko Doyle et Christelle Verhoest
- Charln
- Studio Nemesis
- Tomagraphiste
- Studio Okakits (Sachina et K-ailisi)
- Dao et Lukiiasato
- Ctiahao
- Brigade SOS Francophone
- Type-Moon France

From April 20th to 30th, there is a DoujinSphere exhibition at Kawaii Café in Paris! Really cool café, I recommand you to come there at last once.

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