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Commissions for TinkerTanker44432 about his giant of a stormtrooper.

I really got fond of this big brute stormie honestly, he's just extra fun. x) You know Kallus is a huge man himself but this guy is even bigger than him!! xD 
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bru when you find a clon Jack on steroids

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could you have him become a common sight?

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We need more stronktrooper

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...aren't you a little tall to be a storm trooper??? ;p What a fine strapping lad he is! :O

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So...Kallus is 1.95 meters tall.

I am guessing that this big lug is at least 2.0 meters tall and I don't think that Kallus is used to people having to look down at him! Not to mention the fact that this fellow is just broad as hell! I wonder if people have ever mistaken him for a Wookie wearing stormtrooper armor?

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so Spartans are in Star Wars, confirmed! *shot*

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Sometimes even Empire needs pure muscle strength to deal with them pesky Rebels!

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I'd like to see Zeb muscle his way past him.

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I say its gonna be a even match, they aint gonna use weapons just fists. I wont be surprised if your giant will have thick skin that prevents most Zeb punches to do much harm to him.

Hell, it will look like MMA fight if they are both good at CQC

TinkerTanker44432's avatar

10/10 Glad to hear you enjoy the character!

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doomslayer as a stormtrooper

Kingofthecouch's avatar

damn that dude is a unit

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holy! he is huge! XD

oh god, the looks on both Kallus and Tora faces XD just hilarious.

@TinkerTanker44432 dude, you got some very interesting characters here (I will laugh if he's one of the nicest stormtroopers you'll ever meet XD I mean, still serious in battle, but a very nice person outside of that)

TinkerTanker44432's avatar

Right now he literally has no other characteristic/personality other than large. While the Stormtrooper is a spectacle, I can't take much credit here as it's Rayn44's awesome artistic skills that truly brought the man to life. All I did was ask for a drawing of a very big Stormtrooper, Rayn44 did the rest.

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hey, no worries about that. if you want, you got the chance to work on him :)

Yeah, Rayn is awesome like that. hence why I always keep an eye out for when she opens comms. (she does the same to my characters)

and nothing wrong with that

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I love this guy already.

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Oh, I like him already!

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Woah, that guy has been eating his protein! Bet he bonks his head on a lot of doors...

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y'think this is who Leia compared Luke to way back in episode 4...?

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great to know the Mountain has gotten a new job after Game of thrones!:D

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Especially considering Oberyn is working more job-to-job!

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