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Rayn Toonme Kk

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LotR, Jurassic Park, Wreck it Ralph, SW Rogue One, The Village
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SW: The Clone Wars, The Dragon Prince, Game of Thrones, Death Note, Avatar the last Airbender
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Harry Potter series, Metro 2033, Futu.re
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Don't starve, Assassin's Creed, Outlast, Until Dawn, Alien Isolation
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Paint tool SAI, Wacom Intuos Art
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writing, crafting

Commissions CLOSED

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EDIT: Thank you for the interest, I have enough pics to work on for now. Hey all, I admit I still don't feel on top of my game, quite far from it actually... I might be more depressed than ever, but life is life and money is needed so I can't remain useless anymore, lets open commissions then. I'll do my best with your requests, as usual. I also need to start posting all the previous commission pieces, I have quite a few accumulated..... But I didn't feel like piling the pics up in collages or post anything... @MrG1973 -paid- -finished- @DustySpartan32 -paid- -finished- @TinkerTanker44432 -paid- -finished- @TinkerTanker44432 -paid- -finished- @HappyColonist10 -paid- -finished- @HappyColonist10 -paid- -finished- @HappyColonist10 -paid- -finished- @Ignise -paid- -finished- @SlingBlade87 -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished- @PrimeMinistine -paid- -finished-
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Hey guys, it feels like I was away for ages... This May was a real disaster for me and my family... I'm not looking for sympathy with this post, in fact I was battling myself to even write it or not… But I decided to vent a bit and give a little insight why I'm so slow with commission work (since I feel the pressure and feel very guilty about it) and why I'm not present at all lately. Yet back in the beginning of January our beloved dog of 9 years, Bruce got diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to mom's devoted love and care he pulled himself together after a rough patch and was almost like his old self for months giving us a little more time with him but at the beginning of May his condition rapidly turned the worst basically one day to the next and he had to be put to sleep. Barely two weeks later our little black cat, Kylo who we took in from the street in last November, developed a high fever. We took him to the vet and he got diagnosed with feline leukemia. We did everything we could
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Commissions CLOSED

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EDIT: I got enough pics to work on for a while, thank you for your interest! First off all I'm sorry for spamming the majority of you with these journals who don't care about my commissions, but to be honest I need the money and also commissions are probably the only thing keeping me sane rn... So yeah... I'm opening them once again after I finished off my previous batch in record time (in my rate at least). @MrG1973 -paid- - finished- @HappyColonist10 -paid- -finished- @HappyColonist10 -paid- -finished- @MarksmantheSTALKER -paid- -finished- @ArchonPsi -paid- -finished- @TinkerTanker44432 -paid- -finished- @TinkerTanker44432 -paid- -finished- @Unknownspartans -paid- -finished- @PrimeMinistine -paid- -finished- @PrimeMinistine -paid- -finished- @SlingBlade87 -paid- -finished- @Tom-Guard -paid- -finished- @MicheaB -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished- @JoeBlue -paid- -finished-
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