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Tora: The little admirer
Wary sat on a short rock fence not far from his brothers who waited for him ready to leave. He felt something in his boots and before it could drive him crazy he had to get it out. Ah there it was, a tiny but sharp gravel ready to torture his feet all day long... As he got rid of the little intruder and put his boots back on he heard a faint voice from his right.
Looking up he glanced a little girl standing beside him. She was short and scrawny, wearing a funny shirt with a creature's drawing on it, her flaming red hair cut in a cute style. Her face showed clearly that she was embarrassed as her green eyes glistened uncertainly.
"Ehm... Can I help you little one?" asked Wary confused.
It seemed that the little girl's face reddened a bit more as her eyes darted to the ground, she then turned her head back looking behind herself. Wary saw that there stood a tall woman smiling warmly, surely her mother, who nodded encouragingly. Then the little girl turned back towards Wary pre
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Hey there! If you like my works and you accidentaly have some unwanted points could you consider to share them with me? :3

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Sep 24, 2018
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Sep 23, 2018
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Sep 23, 2018
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Sep 23, 2018
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Sep 23, 2018
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Would you be interested if I shared a few shorter writings? (mostly Kallora or Tora related) I need to warn you though I'm not the best writer, and as you all know english isn't my first language... 

232 deviants said Yeah sure!
8 deviants said Nah, we can live without it

Inspiration, nod to the fans, stealing or paranoia

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2018, 6:07 AM
My brain just did an emergency shut down and I don't know what to think anymore... 

First this beauty popped up some time ago already baffling me.
Screenshot 2018-09-15 14.37.54 by rayn44
A sephi woman called Eira Tay... Suspicious a bit...? The name itself is so similar but the fact that she's a sephi which species is a lot like my species the lonagh-whanians... in appearance too... (duh they most probably have the same roots) But alright, as far as I know she has no big role, she's more like a one page character in a book I think? Though I never read this book... So it seems possible that the author just searched for a random name to use for this throw away character... 

But today I was checking out a new video of this new animated series Resistance, and my brain froze completely...
  Screenshot 2018-09-15 14.45.44 by rayn44
A girl named Torra in an animated SW series??? The only difference is that they threw an extra 'r' in there... And this time it's a major character... What should I think now...? Is this for real? Am I paranoid..? Both of my girls names actually pop up in canon Star Wars materials...? This can't be a coincidence... can it? I would be grateful to hear your opinions, I really can't decide if they actually monitor fan material to gather ideas to use in their own materials, they mean it as a nod at the fans saying yeah we're paying attention, or it is just all a coincidence and I'm being paranoid... 


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I might upload more things in the next days (just working on something) also I have tons of sketches from before which I didn't share yet, also I started doing traditional art again lately and might show you some crappy attempts... .///. I really want to get back to be productive and social again I miss it very much and I feel my art block is probably getting better I have more mood and motivation to work again!  
Guys... Guys... I'm legit crying... With actual tears...

Guys, please be patient with me, especially those who commissioned me and are waiting an eternity for me to finish their pieces, you'll get them I promise, I didn't forget about anyone!! But I'm having one of the biggest art blocks in my entire life... Like I don't feel like drawing months now... which only happened to me once so far that it took this long... It's horrible, I feel useless and very unproductive but can't help it... Even if I have smaller doodles I could post I don't feel like doing it and that really sucks... So I'm just waiting for this shitty period to pass can't do much more, each day I'm telling myself "you will draw today!" but then end up not doing it... *sigh* Please be patient with me, I'll return hopefully soon! I have lots of ideas to draw just lack patience/strength/motivation...
So if anyone was curious, a little status update about my tablet problems... It got a lot better, and also I figured out how to control the problem. If my computer doesn't recognize the tablet, I need to reinstall the tablet driver and now it works after that, so far it was more like a fifty-fifty chance... And luckily now all my settings stay intact, earlier they were all gone and it didn't even let me do any settings or even if I managed they were all gone the next time again, so had to do a LOT of work before being able to draw which made me seriously freak out...... So it is definitely an improvement from that desperate situation. Sometimes I need to reinstall the driver each day, sometimes it lasts 2-3 days but now at least I know that I can make it work, even if it's a hassle... I really hope it will get even better later, like it supposed to be... Come on Windows, Wacom, time to solve this crap!!! 
I know, I know... I'm not doing anything else this year yet only complaining... But.... T^T Someone really doesn't want me to draw, like literally everything is against it... First my hand got hurt, then my pneumonia took me out for a MONTH, now technical issues?? COME OOOOOOON!!!! Moreover I have no idea how to solve this one... My tablet simply stopped working with my computer... T____T It's just not connecting... I already had this problem before I got sick but I kinda forgot about it... But now I got reminded... No matter how many times I reinstall my driver, turn off the driver and turn it back on, restart my computer, fuck I even reinstalled my Windows!!! And NOTHING helps... It either works for a few hours or not, it's like a fifty-fifty, but it takes me sooo long to make it work at the end I don't have mood to draw anymore I'm so tired mentally... But even if it works, the next time I turn my computer on it's not responding again, so I start it from the beginning... I read so many articles and forums, they say it is a common problem lately with Wacom users with Win10 but they say you can fix it like this and like that, well I fucking can't despite I tried everything they suggested........ T___T I really don't know what to do... I'm so down right now, drawing is like everything to me and now I'm terrified each time I turn my computer on like 'will it work today...?' I don't know how to solve this.... And when I have it working for a time then SAI starts screwing with me not wanting to save my file????? I'm so done guys...... I was doodling in my sketchbook in the last weeks but lets be honest, my traditional art isn't worth a pile of shit....... I NEED my tablet...


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yumihikiaru245 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018
can you do a Captain Rex x Princess Marianna,she is my clone wars oc 
Hirfael9 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018
Szia! Mi újság veled? Nagyon rég nem beszéltünk... utóbbi napokban hosszú idő után újra feltévedtem dA-ra és az első utam ide vezetett :) Nosztalgiáztam egy jót, mindig öröm nézegetni a rajzaidat!
KaelaCroftArt Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
rayn44 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww ;A;
I'm sorry for not being too productive lately, I hit the bottom drawing wise I can't find the patience to work on anything serious... 
KaelaCroftArt Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Even if you're not drawing it's still good to hear from you :)
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