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The 10 Commandments of MMOs
1. Thou shalt not Beggeth for Coinage.
The act of running around in a main city and repeatedly asking people for money has never yielded anyone a substantial amount of  money. Doing so is a waste of time for not only you, but the people you are begging to. Consider this, how does society as a whole view beggars and hobos,  do you want to be one?
2. Thou shalt not Tea-Bag thy neighbor.
In our world it is customary to repeatedly attack another faction or enemy possibly it being another player. This is battle, and we know at times you are the smiter lest ye be smited. However to befoul a body in the act of war by any means is frowned on by all. As an addendum, decimating people who are severally under your level is a waste of time - and yields no possible positive outcome.  
3. Thou shalt not Ninja party treasure.
Everyone has killed the epic foe, everyone has put blood sweat and tears into the downing of yet another warlord, everyone has sacrificed time and
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 6
Don't let me drown
Hey there Lonely girl.
Sitting in your Lonely world.
Doing all your Lonely things.
Lonely never looked so grand.
Truth is, your not Lonely at all.
Truth is, your very content.
Waiting for things to come undone.
So you can fix all thats wrong with me.
Waiting, wondering, bemused,
with just your thoughts to consider.
I attempt to get your attention,
but if only I was so lucky.
I need you, all of you, just you.
I am tossing in a little boat,
No rigging, no coil, helpless,
in the sea of you.
Even if I was to be tossed over,
you'd be there watching.
Waiting just to save my day,
Just how its been, how it will be.
I've lost my place, I've gone to far.
I know the way back, because your there.
My signpost in the night.
Pointing me the way to go home.
I guess what I am saying,
What I am trying to get at.
I am in the sea of your love.
Just don't let me drown.
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 0 15
The Office Worker Blues
You can tell a lot about your position
by the make of your desk.
Mine is fake oak, an unnatural color.
The bosses, an thick rich mahogany.
So, you figure it out. I can't complain.
I use a sharpy on my calender.
Looks like the days are blacking out.
Good bye yesterday, we hardly knew thee.
You can't go back in time. No looking back.
But you can figure it out, I can't complain.
Don't be a hero in the office place.
To do a good job is never enough.
Up the ante each and every day.
There is no I in TEAM. Only in WIN.
I can't figure it out, you can't complain.
Office Gossip, Everyone knows!
No one confirms it. No one Denys.
Who started the rumor?
I'd never tell, but its not me.
Figure it out for yourself. I won't complain.
I have a pen for every color of the rainbow.
Highlighters streaking my desk.
White out has been banned.
Who moved my sharpie?
Just can't figure it out. Complain Complain Complain.
But look, oh joy! 5 is very near.
Pack up early and stare at the clock.
Office Memo: Daylight
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 0 3
Tone Deaf Ted and Dead Pan Dan
"Let go for a ride,
I got nothin' to hide"
Right then an' there I knew he lied
He's the dumbest dude I ever spied.
So we hopped in my car
Took off for the bar
But it wasn't a bar it was a second home,
So many stories it fills a tome.
Well on the way there was Tone Deaf Ted
Singing all the tunes he though he knew
After a while, I said what had to be said.
"Tone Deaf Ted, your singin' totally blew"
"Well go on there Dead Pan Dan,
you can do any better you give it a shot."
I just sighed and lifted my hand,
"We have things to do, and I'd rather not."
We took off for route twenty four,
when we got there it was quite a score.
In fact we couldn't have asked for more.
Tonights the night, we will never bore.
The place was called B.O.B's
That meant Bucket of Blood,
Where men are drunken slobs,
And the drink is kin to mud.
Well Teddy was antsy, a regular kid.
He took out his shotty, not even hid.
Grabbin' the old mask of somethin' ugly
He said "Stay in the car is about to get Fugly"
The car was
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 8
He Said and She Said
He said, You don't know how much I love you.
She said, I know so why don't you tell me.
He said, I try - I really do - words just fail me sometimes.
She said, Do or do not, there is no try.
He said, Thats it right there. Your ways you make me smile.
She said, Go on.
He said, You never fail to prop me up.
She said, Its simpler then that. Use your heart, not your head.
He said, as passionately as he could.
I am in love with you.
The way you stand behind your team,
even when mines much better.
The way we watch our teams. It was our first conversation.
Who's better. I say I still win. And you don't give up.
Thats why I am in love with you.
You play my games, and I play yours.
You don't let me win. I don't let you lose.
You don't let me take it easy, and I don't let you give up.
Thats why I am in love with you.
She said, thats sweet, but its more then that.
Simple ways for simple people.
Your heart tells you what you need to know.
And you need to hear it sing.
Its a wonderful voice - it tel
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 0 5
The Other Me.
Who it to say, it not quite right?
To think, both worlds I roam,
would be that different from each other.
Here, let me explain.
In this land I claim as my home.
There are Shaman and Priests,
Druids and Warriors,
and we are all heroes,
even if we never fought in the war.
We've learned all we know
from trainers and personal quests.
Each of us have taken a profession,
and some are better then others.
Our humor is a tad different,
juvenile at best, but such is life.
Some things may be over your head,
others, your ashamed you understand.
My new casters name is Rachel Hunter,
but I see IRHunter.
Fiendish girls dance in dark places,
with names like Alice, Joan of Arc, Victoria
whereas I'm stuck with xIxHealzxWellx.
Day to day, we get by,
From working alone solo,
or taking a group project for instance,
Or simply raiding the fridge.
My room is full of Grey items,
mostly from dust and inactivity.
But I have been known to find,
great deals via Ebay.
Every time I am down,
My significant other pick
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 2
Overkill the Lover Boy
I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things
We can do the tango just for two
I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings
Be your valentino just for you
I can't get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications
Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know I'll be alright
Perhaps it's just imagination
Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear
Let me feel your heartbeat (Growing faster, faster)
Can you feel my love heave (Getting faster, faster)
Alone between the sheets
Only brings exasperation
It's time to walk the streets
Smell the desperation
Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know I'll be alright
It's just overkill
Hey boy where do you get it from
Hey boy where did you go ?
I learned my passion in the good old
Fashioned school of loverboys
And when I'm not with you
I think of you always
I miss you
When I'm not with you
Think of me always
Love you - love you
From your
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 0 5
Epic Redoubt
A new Challenger has appeared.
Swift on its stead,
The Rogue readies its blades.
They hunger - They hunt.
Stalking pray by moonlight
A Shanty by dawn,
The Rogue infiltrates it all.
Jack of all trades.
Superior in one.
The blades are heavy.
Cut air like paste.
Hitting the mark - Spark.
Grinding the Blade - Strike.
Meeting its purchase.
The cold grip of poison.
In another light
The rogue primes for night.
Picking rare foliage
To concoct more venoms.
The wake of Fear follows
in ways of hero's and tyrant's both.
But do they care?
No, but still enshroud them self away.
Into the cloak of shade
Into the crowds of victims.
The catch - The hook.
This rival of all
Killer of many
Is a Succubus of Grandure
Innocent bystander
One Empowered Female.
No Rez Please.    
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 4
Fussing with Trust
Compare and Contrast me.
Put me in Pro’s and Con’s.
Shamefully, I am both.
A Pro at what I claim to do,
A Con of all I claim to be.
Compare me to a Vat of Lye.
Calm, Cool, Collected, Burn, Turn, and Boil.
Contrast the difference between us.
If I was on fire,
Would you beat me,
To put me out?
If I was a false profit,
Would you follow me blindly,
Or throw it in my face?
The will of man is pure,
But tainted in the eyes
Of others.
If the body, mind, and soul,
Are happy within them self,
Then why challenge it?
You can backslide so far,
Before you fall off the cliff.
Could you, would you, should you,
Ask me to catch you when you fall?
I should hope so,
For all my imperfections,
I am only one man,
I am only one dream,
I am only one cause,
I am only one effect.
Let my life ripple into yours,
And I will let your ripple unto me.
Gentle awareness of togetherness
Painful realization we are human.
Omnipresent rational,
That we will survive,
Though trust.
Fall with me.
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 10
Mature content
Thoughts that mame, but tame. :iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 3
The Forgotten Armor.
To the lesser I give thanks.
There are things overlooked.
Wars are won and honored,
the men, the guns, the tactics.
But seldom do we thank,
the items that matter most.
The Boot, the shoe, the sandel.
Could your feet wander the ashen desert,
flameing sun heating your core.
Thanks be the sandel,
primative but effective.
How effective could you stide
in the woods of yesteryear.
Handeling broke branch and limb,
to have your precious toes.
In the trenches, able footing
had awarded credit to the boot.
Men and women would have failed
if not for the glorious boot.
So - be humble you have your armor.
From vest, to firearms.
If not for the boot where would we be?
Be glad you live as you to,
and Glory be to the Foot protection.
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 2 5
Shadows in the Sunlight
Awake in the dew, the shadow widens,
Exstending out into places unknown.
Things undiscovered but ventured,
Making amends with all thing forgotten.
It mimics it owners being.
Moving in ways only fluid thing can.
Slideing effertlessly into each crack.
Bending and cuveing thoughtlessly.
It doesn't know where it goes.
It doesn't know where it belongs.
It doesn't ask where it goes.
It doesn't ask where it belongs.
Then again, as it creeps openly,
The things it needs most fail it.
The shadow grows stale,
Even other shadows cower from it.
Bending backward into itself
Shadow creeps back to its owner
Who in itself doesnt know who it is.
Shadow feebly stays under toe.
It doesn't want to know where it goes.
It doesn't want to know where it belongs.
It doesn't want to ask where it goes.
It doesn't want to ask where it belongs.
It just wants to BE.
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 4 7
Down for the Count
I'm Down for the Count
Still Kicking and Screaming.
Down for the count
In a rigged fight you put me in.
Fighting for you love,
Right hook.
Fighting for you to care.
Left Hook.
I fight for your table scraps.
You don't even take the time.
Low Blow.
I'm Fighting for you love.
Is that to much to ask for?
This fight is Rigged I yell!
You cheated. You know it!
You knew it all along!
Now i'm down here failing,
Sucker Punch to the Sucker.
How could you do this to me?
Isn't true love enough?
Or do you prefer,
for me to be the worse man?
I can be the Evil doer.
I can be the Villain
If you'd like to have it that way.
Just don't tell me other wise.
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 0 6
Round 1
Salty spray coating
Uncovering your embodiment
Making an ivory playing field
For me to lay waste.
Woefully the removal
Of hindering outer cores
Deceitful rags blind
The ever evasive eyes.
Among each other
The beings grope
Feeling otherworldly texture
Breathless due to appeal.
Curiously neurotic senses
Sense every tentacles move.
Strong and surrender both
Under another's power.
With offending rags aside
Probing eyes wander
Over previously taboo appendages
Underestimating overjoyed overload.
Butterfly kissing erotica.
Torturous tickling tizzies.
Nips and Bites in harmony
Ball of lumped flesh.
Fine china handling movements
Coming together rapidly
In a dredge of paced quiver
The height of moments repetitive.
Timid kitten bats and claws
While stem finds the violet.
Dampening the flower
Better then the morning dew.
Take in each other
Like a porous sponge.
Bob and weave in
Train wreak harmony.
To quick the time comes
Again they lay as one,
Waiting for
Round 2.
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 3
Serveing the Open Heart
Serious thru the
Art of deception,
Vindictive in the
Art of compassion.
Merciful within the
Portrayal of gratitude,
Menacing encumbrances
of the weightless you.
To be the burden
You claim to be
One must first
Commit the acts
Favorable to the of
Annoyance pest figure.
A quality you lack
I'm not sorry to say.
The worry and doubt
That trip out your lips
Are vague references
To false antimatter.
To which do not
Offend my ears.
For I grip to them
As quirks fit the being.
With pleasure and pride
I harness your obstructions
Making petty occurrences
Seem an unoften rarity.
Taking into account
These things all pass
But our love never
Wastes Away.
It sings true in its
Heart seeking path.
Never straying from course
A passion-seeking purpose
Guided into pleasure
End result enouncement.
You've slay me even
With the worse of you.
This day as all I live
My thanks for you
Never wanes, always waxing
With built up pretence
Out hearts ring in
Each others servitude.
To all things in blessed
For harbor be
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 2 12
Battle of Ivorey and Obsidion
Shoulder to Shoulder
Battlements Layer out.
Brother among brother.
Each side uniform.
Orders give in precision
Timeline to doom.
Staring at each enemy
They know their hour soon.
First steps for tactics
Implementing the elites
Underlings poised for sacrifice
Breathless they wait to strike.
The priest secures his king.
As the horseman rides ahead.
Left to right the knight hit
Point by point, then gambit.
Decision for Implication
Salvation for the king.
Stand in place, awaiting terror
Path of the Ballista.
Then again, to press on.
Within striking of the
Omnipresent blackened queen.
A nobleman way to die Honored.
Saviortude over Savior
Of vise versa
Split second choice found
He protects the king.
Retribution gained moments later
The path of ballista stopped
Word of prayer from the bishop
Ends the career as short as a twig.
The tide of battle went quick
Like a tsunami, the wave
Of pawns subsides but
A choice few, lucky or delayed?
Whichever, the minions thrust
Purging deeper behind lines.
:iconraymoreclef:RaymoreClef 1 1

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Mommy's Ashes
Hysterical at first sight,
an expected dismay
at seeing your once pretty body
never thought it'd be this way.
From ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust:
This is what you are now,
this was your final fate.
To touch you again
after all these years.
You have not become what I thought you would,
no, this was all a nightmare.
I felt your soft torso,
and legs and head.
I picked up your entire body
but you are nothing but dead.
For the first time in three long years,
I felt you again.
My, how you have changed.
Once beautiful and tall,
now nothing at all.
I stroked your ashes gently,
Remembering the last time:
Clinging to your embrace to tightly,
We didn't catch a glimpse...
I can pick up this bag,
containing your remains,
I can hold it against my cheek,
But never a hug again.
Nothing is the same,
Everything has changed.
Your warm, lively body
is much colder and smaller
these days.
I held your lifeless body
In my steady hands,
For I cannot cling to you any longer,
I cannot have a last chance.
Ashes, a
:iconbrokenbabe15:BrokenBabe15 2 20



Ed Faeth
United States
Current Residence: Michigain - Once the great mitt state. Now just Miss Michigain....
Favourite genre of music: Things that are Synthasised, Fast, and Basicly violent for the ears.
Favourite photographer: Lisi, Myself if I had the Camera again, MissShyly and Crampthatbites - Got to love them.
Favourite style of art: Gothic or Dark Tones, Black and White. Abstract, "Dirty" Graffiti
Operating System: Windows XP Pro - Got to submit to Microsoft.
MP3 player of choice: Becca sent mea ipod, show her lots of love!
Shell of choice: Coconut - I still dont understand this and I have been here a while.
Wallpaper of choice: Things from or however l33t pepole spell it.
Skin of choice: The one I am wearing, or yours... COME HERE! ::bite::
Favourite cartoon character: Harvey Quinn, in case you dont know its Jokers women) and the characters from FLCL
Personal Quote: Do onto others as you would like them to do unto you.
  • Listening to: NCIS - Good episode to.
  • Reading: This website.
  • Watching: NCIS - Good episode to. Like I said.
  • Playing: Final Fantasy 12 - 1/4 complete
  • Eating: Nothing - at all - don't ask.
  • Drinking: Vitamin Water - Revive.
- Available: Nope - with my lovely! I am available for interviews.
- Age: 24
- Annoyance: Lots of things really
- Allergic: Penacillian and Kitties, I still play with kitties though.
- Animal: Kitties and Red Pandas
- Actor: Robin Williams

- Beer: I can't drink the stuff - its horrible.
- Birthday/Birthplace: June 8th White lake, Michigain
- Best Friends: Dan Shaw, been so for a loooong time.
- Body Part on opposite sex: I prefer a well rounded mind and Smile.
- Best feeling in the world: To quote a movie, to be love - and be loved in return.
- Blind or Deaf: I don't get it are you threating me?
- Best weather: Right before a heat storm. With the wind and such.
- Been in Love: Currently
- Been on stage?: Many times!
- Believe in yourself?: Do I have reason to distrust myself?
- Believe in life on other planets: Its possible
- Believe in miracles: That depends on what you consider a miracle.
- Believe in Magic: Yes, well - I believe it existed, past tence
- Believe in God: There is one. Thats all.
- Believe in Satan: You would have to if there is a god.
- Believe in Santa: The idea, yes.
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Very much so.
- Believe in Evolution: Why not, its plausible.

- Car: None - I am a bum. I have to use my ladies car. I am so sad.
- Candy: I prefer Jelly Beans. But also Lindt truffles.
- Color: Red, Silver, and a little Midnight Blue.
- Cried in school: Once - Don't ask. Urination was involved.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Now, Vanilla, Chocolate hurts me.
- Chinese/Mexican: I'm German, why isn't that a choice? Oh... food. Chinese.
- Cake or pie: Cake. But I won't turn down a good ol' pie.
- Countries to visit: Lots of places, pretty much be a jet setter.

- Day or Night: Night
- Dream vehicle: A tricked out bus or something cool like that.
- Danced: Yeah, but I am not good at it. Typical white guy.
- Dance in the rain?: Oh yeah - thats a given.
- Dance in the middle of the street?: No, but if it was raining we'll talk about it.
- Do the splits?: Never.... never again either.

- Eggs: I like the Yoke. But, I also eat them raw.
- Eyes: Auburn green, change to Hazel.
- Everyone has: Loved something.
- Ever failed a class?: Not really. Came close, but I am good at covering my ass.

- First crush: Person from school. Then I moved. Ahh.... first love is so prone to circumstance.
- Full name: Edmund Peter Faeth
- First thoughts waking up: My jaw still hurts... damn teeth.
- Food: Jelly Bellies, and a vitamin water.
- Greatest Fear: To be unknown, never have any one remember my name, never publish anything.
- Giver or taker: Urm... thats personal mister test thing. Oh - you mean presents - both.
- Goals: Be a successful published writer.
- Gum: Usually something very minty or spicy.
- Get along with your parents?: Usually - but who doesn't have a falling out once or a while.
- Good luck charms: You don't know me well do you, I have the worst luck of anyone.

- Hair Color: Dark blackish, brown, somewhere in there.
- Height: 6'2"
- Happy: Usually - but times are rough all over.
- Holidays: Halloween, and Christmas, and my birthday.
- How do you want to die: In a hail storm on a lake, fishing.
- Health freak?: Not at all. People are people. Genetics don't lie.
- Hate: Racism and Censorship.

(In guys/girls)
- Eye colour: Bright - Loyal?
- Hair Colour: I like red, or cherry.
- Height: Smaller then me. If they are taller then 6'2, I worry.
- Clothing Style: Poppy. Like stylish in a way no one else is.
- Characteristics: They should be nice, funny, and willing to try new things every once in a while. Someone set in their ways is boring.
- Ice Cream: Who doesn't like ice cream?
- Instrument: No comment.

- Jewelry: Two rings and a cartilage piercing.
- Job: I work in the movie industry.... the movie showing industry.

- Kids: At least 3 at varying ages and one of them adopted. When the time comes.
- Kickboxing or karate: Um.... Karate I suppose but there are so many good ones.
- Keep a journal?: No, I never have a great strain of thought.

- Longest Car Coach Ride: Car coach? What the hell is a car coach? Like a train? Well I go to new york every once in a while.
- Love: How can you attempt to define that in a small space?
- Letter: Z, always have a plan Z
- Laughed so hard you cried: All the time - usually when Bec tickles me.
- Love at first sight: Eh, its so hard to define it in a look and if you can its superficial.

- Milk flavor: Strawberry - or vanilla.
- Movie: I have so many, Fight Club being one of them.
- Mooned anyone?: I think so - when I was in the play before.
- Marriage: Soon I hope.
- Motion sickness?: If I don't eat then sit in a hot car for a while hell yeah. Who doesn't?
- McD's or BK: Depends on what I am eating, chicken and fries BK, McDs or most anything else.

- Number of Siblings: 5, but no real siblings all steps.
- Number of Piercings: One is the loneliest number...
- Number: 13

- Overused: Internet
- One wish: To be famous for what I love.
- One phobia: Nothing really. I have steeled myself to not really fear anything really. But I don't like Ants to much.

- Place you'd like to live: Somewhere in the East, Japan, China, Korea, something like that.
- Pepsi/Coke: I like things more flavorful like Fanta or something.

- Quail: Its part of the Mallard family. Usually used for hunting, one of the  first thanksgiving dishes. Uncommon to eat now except for the rich. Anything else?
- Questionnaires: I don't do enough of them. No one reads mine.

- Reason to cry: I can't really. I did when I watched Elizibeth town alone before though figure that out.
- Reality T.V.: If I had control of them, it would be better. But its so stupid now.
- Radio Station: Music I listen to isn't on the radio usually.
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Why would I? Theres no point.

- Song: A song, any song? "Long Year" by Todd Snider
- Shoe size: Um - 10?
- Sushi: Dragon Roll, but I prefer Shushimi
- Skipped school: Couple of times. But always for a reason. Sometimes with permission.
- Slept outside: Lots of times. I LARP, its a given.
- Seen a dead body?: My grandpa works at a funeral home - plenty.
- Smoked?: I have, used to smoke. But its easy to quit when you are poor. Haven't since. Thought about it though.
- Skinny dipped?: No, but I thought I could if I needed to.
- Shower daily?: Um - Yeah - who doesn't?
- Sing well?: I think so, others don't.
- In the shower?: Used to, but I rent a place now. Can't.
- Swear?: Yeah all the time. I am a good ol' boy.
- Stuffed Animals?: We have a lot. Its just fun. Name them to.
- Single/Group dates: Depends on what we would be doing.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries. Plain and simple.
- Scientists need to invent: Is this a social commentary. Hunters need to hunt. Bee hivers need to bee hive?

- Time for bed: Usually after 3.
- Thunderstorms: I would like to have more of them. I am pro-thunderstorms.
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Hell no.

- Unpredictable: I try to be. Keep people on their toes.
- Under the influence?: Now? No.... why? Do I seem like it?
- Understanding?: Of what? Calculus? No.

- Vegetable you hate: Um..... none really in moderation.
- Vegetable you love: "Taters, you know POE-TAY-TOES!"
- Vacation spot: Travel East my son!

- Weakness: Kitties and Video games.
- When you grow up: I'm not grown up?
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Um... Bec? Mack? Do you know these people to compare? No... alright - Jesus.
- Who makes you laugh the most: Bec, and Dan.
- Worst feeling: Failing. A lot.
- Wanted to be a model?: I used to be one. Then I found out how shitty it was. So I quit.
- Where do we go when we die: In the ground or scattered over an ocean. OH you mean spiritually? Haven't got a clue.
- Worst weather: I'd say Natural Elements would be the worst, but even a Light snow can be deadly.
- Walk with a book on your head?: Why would I do that?

- X-Rays: No, well yeah, but as a example. I didn't need it.

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: Its a color. You really ran out of letters didn't you.

- Zoo animal: Red Panda, Penguin, and Jackals more frequently.
- Zodiac sign: Gemini

Now I tag anyone who reads this, just because I know that will be like 2.


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