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win8 vs preview

RC1 because I can't see bugs anymore.. sorry the preview is outdated. For the release, the vs is much great than you can see in the preview.. :phew:
Private testers was canceled..

If you want to see it in action, watch here [link] out of date.

updated ss:
Good news = It works in ALL resolution. I bring back the blur in the taskbar so that you can change your wallpaper without messing the taskbar. ;)

4/2/11 = Change explorer. added transparency.
changed caption buttons - inspired by my lion7vs [link]

3/28/11 = The resources of nav buttons and start orb is complete. On the release, you don't have to replace .dll.
just put the theme on the theme directory and install "themeresourcechanger".. done! -easy to install- it works on sp0/sp1 32bit/64bit version of windows7- :D

3/27/11 = now i'm using :icongiannisgx89: vs [link] as based vs.. (yep! he gave me permission already)
I didn't copy the style of the copenhagen (explorer) concept because I don't like it..
I'm still changing the other details and codes of this vs (explorer for now) including min/max/close buttons.. ;)


3/22/11 = added some tricks so that the taskbar will not blur..
added a littlebit transparency on the taskbar..
fixed choppy edges on the taskbar..

Inspired by the video's (copenhagen concept) I've found on youtube..

Request/Suggestions are welcome! :D
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may i request for the taskbar back to normal type?
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good job......... many thanks!
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You're welcome! ;)
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How did You remove blur from taskbar? Could You share stylehack?
About theme, nice but not my style ;P
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I just integrated it on the wallpaper. it's a littlebit hard.
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How can I port this theme to vista ?
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use windowstylebuilder
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I tried but I'm not really keen on editing themes...
Thank you!

By the way, if you happen to know, how can I keep buttons centered even after I open a lot of apps?
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nice but still no doanload link please hlep me out
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isnt done yet??
thanks for the work you're putting into this terrific VS. patiently waiting for the release.

will it be possible to easily change the colors or would tweaking be required?
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My pleasure.. Thanks for waiting. you can easily change only the upper frames (by rightclicking on desktop - personalize - windowcolor) and it depends on your wallpaper. ;)
ah, and will it support right-aligned taskbar?
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For now, only buttom taskbar position will be supported.
thank you for your quick response. i hope we'll see other alignment choices in the future. :)
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wag mo nang patagalin yan!!
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hindi ko pinapatagal pre. titignan kopa ung kabubuan ng vs. gusto ko kc cguradong magugustohan nyo pag nagamit nyo na. saka gumagawa dn ako ng tutorial sa youtube kung pano iinstall. censya na sa paghihintay.
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sencia na pre, ha.. medyo tumataas na presuure ng dugo ko sa excitement.. yoohoooo!!!!!
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haha ok lng pre. kahit ako dti gnyan dn ako kaexcite pag gusto ko ung vs. kyalang ung iba di naman totoong nirerelease. wait lng ng konte pre.. :eager:
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