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mLion7 for windows7 updated2

mLion7 (mountainLion7) is a big update of my Lion7 [link]
Now It has 4versions. added mLion7sv = special version ;)

april 29, 2012
added "mLion7sv - special version"
what's new in special version:
fixed alot of bugs
new "almost perfect" rounded window corners
new taskbar (reworked) transparent / rounded top corners
new scrollbars
new fake buttons on right corner of taskbar
i can't remember other fixes and new in this theme
try it to see
still working on startmenu. i hope i can finish it this weekend.
I will try to update v1 to v3 when i have time. For now, enjoy the new version! :D

april 2, 2012
fixed some minor bugs on taskbar.
added leftsider 64bit version.
added lucida grande font.

theme (3styles)
systemfiles (32bit-x86 and 64bit-x64)
add take ownership option
uxtheme patcher
mountain lion wallpaper
screenshot + tips


some updates:
integrated mac cursor
perfect big window shadow (without disabling blur)
perfect looks/alignment of caption buttons (used app [link] )
changed other fonts to lucida grande
new thumbnails preview on taskbar
new scrollbar (normal/hover)
new pushbuttons
redesign search on explorer
commandmodule : turned white - for great looks
completely new startmenu and taskbar (redesign)
tree item
new fake buttons on addressbar
new fake text on leftside of taskbar for great mac look
new startbutton
perfect thin taskbar
and fixed some minor bugs...

Install Lioniconpackinstaller. you can get it here: [link]
Install uxtheme patcher.
Install addtakeownershipoption.
Install themeresourcechanger (important).
Run leftsider.
Extract ALL files/folders from 'theme.rar" to theme directory.
Double-click the version you want.
See "tips on taskbar and windowcolor.jpg" included on mLion7byRaymonVisual.rar. (follow that tips).
Download and Run "windowsclosebuttonresizer" [link] and set it to 1.45. caution: if you use this tool [link] , doubleclick it and click showblur. "windowclosebuttonresizer" is not compatible on that app.
Replace systemfiles.
Use this great app. WinLaunch [link]
Install "lucida grande" font (important)
That's it! :)
Then appreciate and give thanks by commenting/faving to :iconraymonvisual: :icondpcdpc11: :iconmrc0rrupted: :iconmr-ragnarok: :iconkishan-bagaria:

based vs: [link]

donate via paypal if you really like my works :) [link]
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why is my taskbar still the same :(
hi, how about the dock? i don't have it, and also the buttons on browser too are the same as in 7. sorry noob here :( awesome theme though. best one so far
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how did you get that perfect alignenment with leftsider? mine looks like a mess :(
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truly beautiful work :D
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It's kind of difficult to navigate and find your latest work on lion transformation for pc....where is your latest version?
RaymonVisual's avatar
latest version is always in this page/site.
Mingch's avatar
It's kind of hard to figure out where is your latest effort, and downloads....
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I CAN'T GET THIS FUCKING THING TO WORK!!!!! were is the Theme.rar file???? Am i sappose to download a lion transformation pack first?? WTF, THIS IS FUCKING BULL
RaymonVisual's avatar
lol what a great comment. do you think i will answer your questions? ofcouse NO! ;p
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What ever happened: Nov 1, 2012
ok i'll upload the latest update (mLion7 rc1) today. ;)
RaymonVisual's avatar
sorry for that. i have to work hard on my job. sorry for the promises. i hope you understand. i need to feed my family that's why sometimes i can't work on vs. :(
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Everything is fine, but only my taskbar is freak now: [link]

And I don't have "new folder" (tips on taskbar step)
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this vs is only support for TOP taskbar. put your taskbar to top.
muczimuczi's avatar
Taskbar it's ok now, but I have little space between window and taskbar, look: [link]
RaymonVisual's avatar
just restart your pc to solve it. ;)
muczimuczi's avatar
thanks, great theme
RaymonVisual's avatar
already working to port this vs to win8. ;) [link]
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the bug is in you.
RaymonVisual's avatar
lol i can't see that too much bugs.
can you make those caption buttons glow more
Jmenya's avatar
a black frame around the window
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