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Newgen version 8

Newgen [link] is an application that brings the new Metro UI to your desktop.
It is a set of live widgets/tiles that shows some content from the web and some from your PC.
Newgen supports WPF, HTML5, and HTML widgets.
Note: you must install .netframework4 to use this app.

RAYMON E. FLORES = graphics designer / developer
NEERAJ DURGAPAL = web designer / main developer

Release Notes
5.0 // Stable
Fixed -
Minor bugs
Introduced -
Direct Update feature
StartScreen Slide-Show feature (as per under OOBE)
Option to use your own image as logo for Start button
Updated -
Store Widget now is more faster and more stable
Improved Pictures widget. Clicking picture thumb will show preview (like on videowidget). It has previous/next buttons also
Changed Video widget ui and added previous/next buttons
Updated settings hub. Changed ui and added slide transition effect
Changed transition effect (to slide effect) on clicking Desktop widget

6.1 // Stable = September 18, 2011
Fixed -
Minor bugs
Animation not working
Introduced -
Right-Click options on UserTile
New Search Hub
New Theme
Updated -
Search hub
Settings hub
All widgets that has options hub
Newgen Team widget
Improved animations
Changed bg of people widget hub
Changed name "people widget" to "socialite widget"

8.0 // Stable = November 10, 2011
Minor bugs
Performance update
Option to Refresh
Option to Lock dragging of tiles
UI, Gfx
Mouse scrolling on startscreen
Removed gradient colors on tiles

For developers -
See documentation / widget development api reference for more info.
See Newgen Team Widget also.

You must uninstall previous version of Newgen before installing this.
:iconvishal-gupta: [link]
CREDITS: [link]
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wheres the desktop button
CyberSurvivor's avatar
Hey I found a small bug, when pinning applications if you run one it doesn't switch over to desktop.
CyberSurvivor's avatar
EDIT:  NVM I found a way around it, awesome progarm!

Hi I have a large problem with newgen.  I absolutely love this program to death but I cannot use it.  I have two monitors, my right is my main and my left is my secondary.  There's a big black bar on the border between my monitors, and when I click it it opens up some weird website menu that I am absolutely not fond of.  Can you please add an option to disable this, thanks
where the ddownload link????
how can i download it?
AACrashBurn's avatar
Looks awesome! I'll go try it. :D
mark889editor's avatar
when i finish the install...and i open it...but it dosent appear CAN YOU FIX IT?!!
rowenn45's avatar
Ahahaha! Ang galing galing! :D salamat!
I have a complaint. The store icon says," Cannot connect to server. Report to the newgen team." Please fix it.
uglyjetster's avatar
gaaahhh ang galing! parang sarap mag trabaho sa inyo :\ a... e... pwede po ba ako gumawa ng wallpapers nyo? *o* shimay haha pang time-killer lang. :P
Madobe1987's avatar
How to put my shorts on to the Metro screen?
zydrius32's avatar
"Oops! Something went wrong! We can't get information from the server! Please report it to Newgen Team!" What is this?
zydrius32's avatar
Anyway "Mosaic" is better than this...
MarioBrasiLu9's avatar
How do you add simple applications (example exe or ink [shortcut]) to it?
XtiaN0705's avatar
Sir? Direct install na po ba to?? wala ng mga requirements??
RaymonVisual's avatar
install .net framework 4 first
XtiaN0705's avatar
Kuya, pano po ba mag add ng mga widgets?? Date time lang yung naka lagay eh.
RaymonVisual's avatar
dina namin suportado ang version 8. punta ka sa website namin. download mo latest version namin.
XtiaN0705's avatar
Kuya, na DL ko na yung latest version nyu, kaso d ko afford kumuha ng license. Mayron ka po bang alternative solution??
XtiaN0705's avatar
Wag nalang, nakuha ko na. BTW ganda ng software nyu. Salamat :D
ntim007's avatar
Could u make a "lite" version of version 11 free instead of giving that trial version ?
az85252's avatar
Can you give me the newgen 11 in a ZIP file please i dont care if its unpaid or lite (but not the trial!!)
RaymonVisual's avatar
you like newgen11 full version without trial, without buying it? not possible. It's not free. You can try it but in trial version. We've made it 50% discount until august 20. because we notice that until now alot of people want to get this. that's why we decided to make it more cheaper (but only until august 20.
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