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MetroInspired VS updated

6/18 = improved aeropeek frames & fixed some small bugs
6/18 = over 30 images was change, menus are now metrostyle

Inspired by windows 8, Omnimo4, Metrotwit, and Zune
Based vs: default aero of win7

The explorerframe.dll is functional. It only adds a gradient and windows logo on background of the explorer like you see in the screenshot.

MetroInspired vs
Add takeownership
Uxtheme patch
Theme resource changer
Explorerframe.dll 32bit(x86) (sp0/sp1 support)

I'm using:
Win8Menu [link]
7Conifier [link]
MetroStation Icons [link]
Omnimo4 [link]
Shell32.dll [link]

Special Thanks to:
:icongiannisgx89: for other images
:iconcu88: for teaching me some tricks
I hope you like it. ;)

donate via paypal. even $1 is appreciated. :) [link]
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Does this work on spanish windows 8.1?
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Tell me how EXACTLY did you get the bottom part...PLEASE looks AWESOME lol
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RV - "hey friend !! - i've been preparing a "metro segment" for a write review for for a few months now and requesting your permission to include some of your works in the review - it won't be for a few day's as i'll be waiting for everyones "permission requests" to come in - will be an awesome review and your invited to come visit to view and read - the main idea is to showcase brilliant works by contemporary designers and help educate members worldwide about metro - ill also have prepared the same for "windows 8" - so, would very much appreciate your permission and designers will get full credit for their goods - looking forward to all prospective permissions - many thank's friend !!"

sincerely, max
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Sure! :D
and also if it's ok can you add our NEWGEN project [link] ? ;)
why the explorer didnt work out for using win7 ultimate 64 bit..plis hlp..
RaymonVisual's avatar
can you make screenshot so that I can see your prob? ;)
omg.!ive solved it anyway..appreciate the help tough.. :))))
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No Basic-version?
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rv - "your work is really brilliant & beautiful !! well done friend !!"
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Thanks alot my friend! The next (big) update is almost done.
I will change the name of the vs because it has big changes.

caption buttons, taskbar, (complete) metro startmenu, windowbackground, buttons, changed windowframe into aero, and almost elements were change into metro style. IT ALMOST COMPLETE! ;)
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rv - "yes, i have it now - this is amazing, as you seem to be amazing too - i did notice no "metro.startbutton.orb" - but, no biggie - everything else looks excellent !! well done my friend !!"

ps: "to date, i'd say your version is the most exceptional"
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i really like it but with microsoft office is not so compatible:((
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what version you're using? plz show me screenshot
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look [link] is office 2007, also veriffy paint, same issue
What about a vertical taskbar version? Thx for nice work!
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it's in my to-do list. ;)
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I should have read that it was incomplete. Now I get it, it's nice. Potential.
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Perfect update Raymon..i just saw that u updated it and i ve downloaded it to try it :) im so happy man im using yr vs. Real talent !!!!! god bless u my friend !!!!!!
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Thanks alot my friend! ;)
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Tol wala bang pang x64 bit? :)
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ung gradient color w/logo sa window background nya di sya pwede sa x64. pero lahat ok basta iinstall mo lng ung themeresourcechanger64bit. kasama sya sa .rar tignan mo ung laman ng rar ;)
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