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Chromium RC2 vs updated may16,2013

Apply this vs, change your colorization settings on personalize and match it on your wallpaper
use [link]
RibbonDisabler [link]
TinyWindowsBorders [link]
TBarIconBlanker [link]
Icons [link]
may16,2013 = added nofolderband version
march4,2013 = fixed some small bugs
march1,2013 9:30am = added folderband version with some improvements
march1,2013 5:30pm = follow up update. now includes "chromium withribbon rc1.5"
feb25,2013 improved alot of details
report here if you found bugs and i'll add it on my list.
request if you like.
how to support to make sure new updates and new vs will come asap?
donate points [link]
leave a comments on my deviations.
add it on your fav.
make a screenshot using this vs and show me.
share it on your journals or on other sites. If you do that, pls let me know and i'll add the link on this description.
Take a look! GREAT APPS:
WinAero [link]
Xwidget and Xlaunchpad [link]
Chrome App Launcher for windows [link]
SkinPacks [link]
8gadgetpack [link]
FadeTaskbar [link]
IconPacks [link]
e-sushi software [link]
please consider donate via paypal or send me some devpoints. ;)
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on 8.1 i got a problem my clock and language on the taskbar are oversized?please help i love this theme!
hey is this compatible with 8.1?
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Really great theme, using it and love it :) 

I have one prayer for you... please, could u make a version of this beautiful theme where the "minimize window" button will be always visible? Thanks alot man.
vryohpah's avatar
Almost makes me want to reinstall Win 8!
thebebe809's avatar
what wallpaper are you using?
aportz19's avatar
Looks really neat. Is this also available for Windows 7?

btw good job man. :D Mabuhay ang Pinoy! :#1:
RaymonVisual's avatar
not yet bro. tatagal pa ng konti yung win7 version. salamat sa pagsuporta kaibigan! :)
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I used all of the apps in the description, but my desktop still looks like this: [link]

Any idea how to fix this"
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clovertab version is not yet released. [link]
theloonert's avatar
Whoops. Sorry for the inconvenience then. Any idea when the theme will be posted?
RaymonVisual's avatar
It's coming.. i'm just finalizing now. :D
gabriela2400's avatar
Is a really good theme, but you should really work on the preview.
It would be great if you make something simple like this for windows 7
Bro coudl you update the link to TBarIconBlanker dropbox link is dead.
excelente,invita a![link]
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hm...this .rar only has the first two...where can I get the ribbon compatible version?

great theme by the way!
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Your themes are really good man! Whenever my eye caught a nice visual style it is usually made by Raymon!
Keep up the good work!


It would be great to see this perfect VS in Windows 7...

+1 fav!!!
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Thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it. because of your comment, i will now continue to work on Chromium for windows 7 ;)
Sosat's avatar
I hope you do and i will definitely use it!!!
RaymonVisual's avatar
i got alot of problems on the win7 version.. i'll try my best to complete it.
Sosat's avatar
I already appreciate your efforts Raymon! Even this does not work i am sure you will dazzle us with your future new visual styles!!
Keep up the good work, i believe that you will succeed with this one!...

energetika's avatar
Thanks so much for sharing it,Looks great.
RaymonVisual's avatar
you're welcome! I hope you like it. :D
RC2 looks really good, If you have a time, one with NO ribbon and folderband would be awesome! :D Otherwise thanks!
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