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Hey Hey

Yes this is me updating my journal after almost 4 months,  ha  but I do actually have a reason for this,  doing loads of studies just trying to become a better painter i guess  that and some personal hectic stuff that was happening the last couple of months.
Noah's art camp is insane, and I have learned so much from it, Im definitely going to do the next one.

firstly  thanx again for all the comments and feedback i get from you guys,   its just kinda hard to reply to every message, but that's changing as of now 
the last few months i haven't been as active here on deviant art as much as I should have been, or any online social activity for that matter.  

So heres What im planning to do within the next 2 or 3 months

Ive recently decided that its time for me to contribute more, give back, for years I've only focused on what i could gain from all the knowledge on the spiderweb, take everything i could, but i have never really given anything back, Now please note that I am no super artist and there are loads of other professionals out there that knows way more than i do, and can make artwork a thousand times better looking than mine, but i always try and be fairly open minded about allot of things, and yeaa that "be a sponge" cliche its tried and tested. Ive been a sponge for quite some time now and  think its time  that you squeeze that water out of me.

I'm planning a few big things for the next 2 months, one of those would be a huge update on my personal website, I'm redesigning the whole thing from scratch and  there will be quite a few big changes and extras.

Firstly I'm adding a blog with weekly updates and articles
Secondly I'm thinking of either a weekly podcast or you-tube tutorials, discussions, opinions and advice ( still deciding how that will all work and function)
and maybe someday when i am good enough ill do some critiques and paint-overs.

2013 is Just around the Corner,

For anybody that's going to be there You have to come and say hi
its from
4 October  6 October 2013
at the Coca Cola Dome

Ill be at the legion ink artist alley 

At this moment I'm Not going to take in allot of new work unless its for wizard's of the coast (joke) 
I'm Currently working on a big project And also want to make sure that I have a few new things to show at rage 

That"s it for now, If I think of anything else Ill just update this page

Ive got some nice ideas for paintings be sure to keep an eye out

God bless
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Submitted on
July 25, 2013