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Hey  lords and ladies   Its been some time since I've updated this here page

I hope you are all good and living life to the fullest

just want to let you all know that I'm taking a few steps back from doing commissions

I'm joining up Noah's art camp, and decided that all my focus must be on getting better
there's just so much to learn, and so little time, here's a link if you want to join
would be awesome to see a few more joining up  

Oohk  and then a few other things

for all the local yokels  there's  going to be a small convention held in Jo-burg ( KinKon )
its for for the standard weird people  
I'm going to be there selling some prints
would be awesome to come say hi and if you're not too broke  spend a Lil money
here's the link…

that's about it,   and go check out the poll I'm putting up i need a bit of a second opinion  

thanx and God bless
  • Listening to: Rise Against
  • Reading: The Last Wish
  • Watching: Arrow
  • Playing: no time for playing anything... only art
  • Eating: carrots and lettuce and 120 grams of chicken
  • Drinking: water
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Submitted on
May 4, 2013