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Yea so  its about time for a new less emo journal update.

So by now I hope everybody knows that life is a bunch of hills that we have to climb to get to that final destination. We all have ups and downs, but this entry wont be about that at all.
So there's been quite a few new things going on,   first of we are starting our kickstarter campaign in about 2 weeks from this post, we are very exited and hope things go well.

For those who don't know of "Avalon Lords",  its a new MMORTS(online Real time strategy game) we are developing, were trying to break new ground in combining crazy strategy game features and adding gameplay mechanics many others have tried but not succeeded, but we have very skilled people working on this project so this is just going to rock your world. You an expect another update with more details regarding the kickstarter campaign closer to the date. lets spread the word around a bit hey. please share this.

You can read a bit more here:…
And the official site:

And as most of you have noticed  there is some artwork with the tag of "Sins of our Fathers" on it
This is something I'm working on in my spare time with a friend of mine,  
It will be a series of short stories, about an outcast who's struggling through life, in a dark world filled with violence, poverty, war, and racism,and all the usual bad stuff
You can expect an update in maybe a month or 2 once I have more art to show.

So yea things are looking good
Fun to be working my butt off again, love it

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Submitted on
July 18, 2014