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Time for a new journal don't ya think.

things are going crazy this side as usual, with work and stuff, a few things happened that i didn't plan for but such is life i guess, because of this i have decided to open commissions so if anybody wants anything crazy painted just holla at me.

Send me a note

My rate is 30 $ per hour so you can commission me for anything from one to 1000 hours so feel free
Portraits, character design, card illustration, landscapes, anything you want, i can paint.

And then I Just created an account on Behance, so if anybody is on there, u know what to do.
Here is the link

Sins of Our fathers - Things are going a bit slow, but we will get to it
Avalon lords - we have been green-lit on steam so that's a Good thing

that's about it
  • Listening to: Rise Against Black Market
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Harry Potter
  • Playing: not playing anything gotta work
  • Eating: popcorn
  • Drinking: Coffee
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September 5, 2014


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