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Published: February 12, 2014
Hi to all

happy valentines to all, and for the singles, happy singles day

I have to say sorry for being so absent to almost non existent these last couple of months,
things have been very very crazy and there was a bunch of stuff going on.

Anyway its not just deviant art that i have been neglecting but almost my whole online art related activity with the exception of the studies ive posted on….

There is however a few changes coming and a few upgrades, first of which will be my portfolio site that is being rebuilt at this moment, and a blog.
In some previous journal entries I've made promises that i couldn't keep, I am really sorry about that.
I personally think that i need to grow a bit more as an artist, and that i will humble myself and say that i am far from perfect.
I have stopped updating journals and my portfolio for far too long.

In more recent times, Ive measured and compared myself against some of the best painters in the world thinking-" how can i ever be this good"
so i worked hard and still i just couldn't get anything to that standard, I got emotional and then started loosing faith in myself
and that's one of the reasons why i haven't been active. How can you compare yourself with people with 10+ years of more experience , how foolish of me.

Luckily I've come to the realization that i need to make a few changes and i need to get rid of all this negativity,
and start comparing myself to myself, Am i a better person today than what i was yesterday.

There's also allot of non art related factors that played a major role in my recent absence,
but i wont ever bellow out every  single life event, in an online journal.

I have to admit that this career path is hard, the roads are not always paved with cobblestones and as you progress, things gets harder, allot harder.
Balancing work, studies, play time , friends and family,  that's the hard part.

Nothing is gonna stop me though,
and if i fail, at least i could say "i have tried"  and then  I'll just try again.

I might try a different approach from, and that's just going to be about improvement, helping others where i can, learning as much as i can, and just  being an awesome human being.

That's it for now, and i promise you that i wont wait another 6 months to post a journal entry.
The next journal will most proparbly be an update on all the new stuff im doing and, future plans and so on

keep well and hi5
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