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Published: August 17, 2019
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Tried something different for the bat, wanted to give him a post-apocalyptic vibe, but yet have him still be the real bat. 

ok so I see a bunch of people are all a little bit confused and or up in arms about batman bearing arms. it's a post-apocalyptic modified AKM (AK47), Russian made during the communist era, I was thinking people would be more upset with the type of weapon.

anyway,  this is my rendition of batman, the way that I would like to see him,  generally yes batman doesn't use rifles, but the batmobile has miniguns and rocket-launchers on so to say batman is against guns is a bit weird, also like a few people pointed out theres quite a few places where he did use guns.

I love the nerdism here.  you all rock 

Ps. If I was batman, I would go john wick on the joker's ass. 

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Excellent work, love me some of that "Batman"...Foxtrot - Wow!

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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
Thomas Wayne is here!
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RegnoArtHobbyist Photographer
Batman must have run out of batarangs...
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spicycassHobbyist General Artist
Great job
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it's awesome!but Batman with a gun 。。。🤔
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sentinelah7Hobbyist Digital Artist
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UniversumnewhorizontHobbyist Filmographer

Very cool

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devduck01Hobbyist Writer
This is just draw droppingly good !
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
batass :D
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"the real bat" with an ak 47 type thing ...

hmmmmmm .....

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VixenNymphHobbyist Digital Artist
The use of colour is absolutely breatktaking 
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Daviddv1202Hobbyist Filmographer
Batman doesn't use guns.
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rbmagic8Professional Digital Artist
Also, he generally seems to use guns for instrumental purposes, such as taking down heavy machine-based weapons like in the dark knight returns, or for slowing down enemies who are immune to such attacks, such as Clayface in Batman, The Sega CD game
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rbmagic8Professional Digital Artist
That is true now, but in his early appearances in the 1940s, he used to use guns, like most heroes at the time, such as the Shadow and the Sandman
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Haseo-YamazakiProfessional General Artist
there are a few series in which he does,  they are all canon too.
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Feels Terminatorish.

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Maya-nyanHobbyist Digital Artist
This is freaking awesome, dude!
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This has got to be your best work and you were already a super talented artist.

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batman dosent use guns
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Batman has used plenty of guns in the past, has used guns recently in canon comics, has used guns in movies, ALWAYS has guns on his vehicles. So... yeah.

Not to mention that this is the artist's take, and his take isn't far fetched at all.

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ik he used a gun to kill darkseid but he said that was an exception and the golden age comics are no longer canon in the series which is a good thing and im aware that he has guns on his car but thats a for tanks theres a difference
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