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MOVED TO VANNILLIAIFY by RaymanChao MOVED TO VANNILLIAIFY :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 6 0 ImpactFalls1012 icon gift by RaymanChao ImpactFalls1012 icon gift :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 4 0 Randy gif by RaymanChao Randy gif :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 3 1 Randy Cunningham Sketches by RaymanChao Randy Cunningham Sketches :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 25 10 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja by RaymanChao Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 12 7 Me and my friend in RC9GN by RaymanChao Me and my friend in RC9GN :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 4 0 Art trade by RaymanChao Art trade :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 4 2 Collab with ImpactFalls1012 by RaymanChao Collab with ImpactFalls1012 :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 4 3
The Epilouge ch.2
Touko trudged slowly out of the room, holding N's lifeless ragdoll-like body. She silently whispered over and over how she should've been the one to die, copious amounts of tears streaming down her face.
"Hey, Touko, what's u-"
Touya stopped before he finished his sentence. He noticed Touko was holding a bloody N, and her eyes were practically drowning her face. She looked at him with a terribly depressing demeanor, whimpering uncontrollably.
"Haha! Yes! N is dead!"
He gleefully cheered, not understanding that N wasn't the bad guy. It was Ghetis. Touko cried even harder at this statement.
"What's wrong with you?!"
He grumpily stated, and immediately was punched in the face by Touko.
She dropped to the floor, screaming, and crying loudly. She wailed loudly, clutching N's body.
"Well, don't just STAND there! CALL 911!"
Bianca practically screamed. Cheren quickly dialed the number, an
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Art Trade by RaymanChao Art Trade :iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 3 3
Get outta my head! Ch.15
Chapter 15-The new kid at school
"Hey, who's that sexy babe you got, Yug'?"
Joey called out as he ran beside Yami.
"Say what?"
"I said, who's that sexy lady you got in your arms?"
I then smacked him on the head, blushing madly.
"Don't call me a lady!"
"Sheesh, Yugi! How do you even deal with her?"
I began to storm off, but Yami grabbed my shoulder. I sighed, and jumped into his arms, blushing madly whilst pouting.
"Fine. I won't murder Joey," I grumbled. Yami then nodded, and walked with me, being held bridal style, to our classes.
~after school~
Tristan began hitting on me, and Yami was in the bathroom.
"Hey babe, wanna go out tonight?"
"Oh, come on. I know you want to."
"I said no."
"Oh yeah?"
Tristan grinned, and tried to undress me.
All of a sudden, Yami burst out of the bathroom, and saw that Tristan was trying to get my clothes off. Tristan didn't realize I was a BOY.
"Get the hell away from her!!!"
"What if I don't, huh?"
"Then I'll do this!"
Yami ki
:iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 3 3
Chapter 14-Morning cuddles and
Chapter 14-Morning cuddles and yummy breakfast
The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and every thing was at rest.
I slept soundly, Yami now curled up while "glomping" me in his sleep.
At the sound of his murmuring, I woke up, stretching my arms. I was about to stretch my legs, but saw that Yami might be knocked off the bed if I did.  So I just lay there, quietly singing one of my favorite songs.
Eventually, Yami woke up to find me singing, and began smiling.
"H-hi Yugi…"
"Mornin', Yami. Sleep well?"
"Yes, quite well actually…"
"That's good. Now, would you like some breakfast?"
"I guess."
I got up, and walked downstairs, still in my pajamas. Yami frantically got dressed and followed me, problably scared to lose me.
"What'cha want today, Yami?"
"Uhhh…I don't really know…"
"How about French toast?"
"What's that?"
He gave me a quizzical look. I smiled, and began cooking. Several minutes later, the French toast was ready.
"Here you go!"
:iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 3 3
Get outta my head! Ch.13
Chapter 13-Cuddle time!
(A/N: A long awaited chapter! Brace yourself, reader!)
I watched him as he slept, because it was really adorable. He was once again in the cat-like pose.
Only this time, it was twice as cute.
"Goodnight, Yami."
I yawned, then fell asleep on my side of the bed, facing away from Yami. He mumbled something barely audible, and curled up against me. I blushed madly, and attempted to push him away from me and to wake up, but he refused to.
Then, Yami began screaming, kicking, and yelling in his sleep.
He must be having a nightmare!
"YAMI!!!" I howled, and that did the trick. He immediately awoke from his terror torment, and looked very pale.
"C-can we c-uddl-le?"
Yami whimpered, and I opened my arms widely to invite him to cuddle. He then pounced on me, shaking worse than a chihuahua on caffeine overdrive, and hugged me very tightly.
"D-don't do this," he whispered.
"What do you mean?"
Now I was confused, and completely worried about Yami. Yami then took a pi
:iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 3 6
Get outta my head! Ch.12
Chapter 12-No place to run or hide
As Yami ran through the streets, we accidentally bumped into what we thought were Tea's gang members.
"Oh no…"
I gasped, and now, just like that,  I'm easily terrified.  
"You the one who killed Tea?"
Said the one with black hair. Her blue, pretty "cupcake" like dress flounced as she walked.
I gulped, and Yami began to back away. Just then, a girl with blonde hair and a pink/black dress walked out of the shadows beside her. So did a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes, as well as a girl with white hair and multi colored eyes, and a girl with red hair.
Yami didn't even realize he was about to fall off the curb of the sidewalk, and accidentally tripped backwards, but the girls caught him.
"I don't believe we've met, but I know you, Yami and Yugi."
The black haired girl walked up to me and Yami.
"I'm Courtney Catrin, but you can call me Cat."
Then the first blonde haired girl introduced herself.
"I'm Jennifer Robets."
"I'm Alice."
:iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 4 3
Get outta my head! Ch.11
Chapter 11-Checking out
The next day, I was finally released from the hospital. The nurse had been a bit shocked, but still told the doctor that I had managed to miraculously heal myself.
"Time to go."
Yami stated. He signed a bunch of paperwork as I was lifted to the floor. I tried to walk, but found I couldn't. My legs felt sort of numb, probably because I'd been laying in a bed for so long.
My legs wobbled, and couldn't hold steady. I braced myself, fell to the floor, and couldn't get up.
"Uh…Yami? A little help?"
"Hold on," he replied, finishing the last bit of the paperwork. Then, he took out a few dollar bills and payed the bill.
"Okay Yugi, what did you need?" Yami asked, turning towards me. He then spotted me on the floor, and instantly offered a hand to me. I took his offer, and he helped me up.
"You alright?"
I stammered. I blushed, and attempted to walk again. As I tried, my attempt failed miserably. But Yami caught me before I even got a high
:iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 3 14
Get outta my head! Ch.10
Chapter 10-Fight with Atem
Yami gawked, obviously surprised. I just say on his lap, still smiling.
"Well?" I half heartedly smirked. Mischief was beginning to drain, but was still present in my eyes.
Yami stammered, red as a tomato.
"…Liked it?"
I finished. He then glared at me, and tried to hide the fact of his love. But then, he began to turn several shades darker again.
Oh no…
"No!" Yami roared. This ended up spontaneously making me forget all about what I witnessed, and the first thing that popped into my head was sadness.
I tripped my words, beginning to show mischief dying in my eyes, now replaced with mingled feelings of grief, sadness, and confusion.
Yami screamed out at me. He stopped, and that being because he heard a whimper.
"…leave me alone…"
"Wait, I didn't m-"
:iconraymanchao:RaymanChao 3 6
Any requests? :iconconfusedplz:


You're Blue.  That's my attack. by AbsoluteDream You're Blue. That's my attack. :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 4,298 240
Abnormal Days Ch. 1
Norrisville High - better known as Norrisville Peak for its connections to the world famous Hope's Peak - has been chosen to participate ein the School Life of Mutual Killing. Death, sadness, and despair ensue.
A few things to note! First off, in this story Norrisville High is a sister location / branch of Hope's Peak. There are going to be a few more characters than 16 at first, but the characters will slim down. This will be a slow burn, and the other school life of mutual killing still occurs alongside this one. The trials will probably be similar, and if you don't know anything about rc9gn...You should watch it! It's a pretty great show, heh. That's all for now!
The Acceptance Letters - Part One
Rays of sunlight danced against the wallpaper and bounced off the katana belonging to one Randy Cunningham, a pale, lanky purple haired boy who was currently pointing his weapon directly at his sensei's face. In the blink of an eye, the older man lunged at
:iconvannilliaify:Vannilliaify 2 0
Abnormal Days Ch. 2
Fast forward through Heidi’s fury (mostly at being lied to about Levander), an earful from both their mothers, and several days of being grounded, and Randy and Howard were sitting together in Randy’s room. They had their luggage all packed up and ready to go, so up on the bed they sat, swinging their legs back and forth as they talked about mindless things.
“Do you really believe that a better pillow than me exists? Cunningham, I’m so honkin’ soft. Look at me.” He poked his stomach several times, trying to prove his point.
“Dunno, maybe we should test whether you’re comfier or not.” He cheesed, batting his eyes innocently. Howard flopped over and patted his stomach openly, mimicking the face Randy was making.
“C’mon. Lay down.”
“Don’t have to ask me twice.” Randy plopped his head onto Howard’s stomach and relaxed, shimmying into a comfortable position. After a fe
:iconvannilliaify:Vannilliaify 2 0
The seat was bumpy, and you hated it.
Outside of your window seat, through the panel of glass was a line of green oaks, perfectly placed against each other. Trees were good for climbing. They were also very pretty. But you couldn’t climb at the moment. You could barely even move in this uncomfortable bus ride, where everyone was screaming and shouting in the background. The noise was unbearable, and you’re getting to the point of standing up to scream right back at them. One more kick to your seat and you’ll be sent over the edge, like a big tidal wave onto a beach of helpless civilians. It didn’t help that no one wanted to sit next to you, either.
Well… that’s how you viewed it anyways. The real case was that you were the last on this broken hunker of a vehicle, and every seat but this one was taken, which wasn’t the biggest problem in the world. At the moment, though, it was the worst thing that’s happened to you, and you were so close
:iconshi-long-lang:Shi-Long-Lang 59 31
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