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Paragon Booster - Cursors

By raylark
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Same classy cursor, now with some flavor!


    - 14 cursor sets
    - 15 static and 2 animated (busy.ani, background.ani) icons per set
    - .inf files for easy install

    1. Download and extract zip
    2. Open folder of desired set (i.e. "mellow")

    3. Right click .inf file and select install
    4. Settings>Devices>Mouse>Additional Mouse Options>Pointers 
    5. Select "paragon" from Scheme drop-down
    6. Click "OK"

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    Donate: www.paypal.me/raylarkdesign
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Beautiful.... Gonna try these out!

endyw's avatar

thats cool mouse cursor.

DyukArt's avatar

Cool also purchased!

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purchased :happybounce:


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UpscaleSodomiteNew Deviant

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! The Yacht theme fits so perfect! I just didn't know it. Great work! I'm happy to support this!

samnangsuon's avatar

Can you give me a try? your cursor look so cool 😍

raylark's avatar

paragon v2 (grayscale) is the demo of these color schemes

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dedfr4gNew Deviant

i can't find it, where is it ?

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submicronProfessional Interface Designer

Love these. Great job with the color combination. The hues are on spot too.

V01DL33S's avatar

Awesome Stuff man,Cool Color Combinations,Gonna Install it Right Now

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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer

Awesome work, huge thanks. :thanks:

megabeartoe's avatar

Just got them installed. They look beautiful. Thank you!

Ascerta's avatar

These are simply the best-looking cursors I've ever seen. I love the color palettes and the animations. Congrats

memoe8687's avatar

Awesome cursor themes. But I wonder why the Umbra and the Linen themes can't be installed. Guess there's a problem with the path set in the INF file.

raylark's avatar

It was a problem with naming haha, dumb mistake but I went back through and re-uploaded a fix, lemme know if you still have issues

memoe8687's avatar

Thank you so much. Really appreciate it!

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Hello, thanks for share this pointers with us. I need to tell you just a thing, in the umbra folder there's not the "alt.cur" so i'm unable to use it as pointer

edit: just delete the "alt.cur" from the .inf file and i can install the umbra cursor. So for @everyone who as some issues with missing files just try to do this <3

raylark's avatar

Thank you so much for pointing it out, actually the alt.cur was misnamed "lt.cur" but I also fixed the linen set in this newest upload, so I would just re-download and install fresh

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swordsandsorcHobbyist Traditional Artist

It isn't downloading for me (although the Paragon Raspberry and Paragon V2 downloaded fine), but it looks like it's amazing!

raylark's avatar

Let me know what's wrong, I'll leave some direct download google drive links for you, maybe that will fix it.

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swordsandsorcHobbyist Traditional Artist

I honestly don't know what's wrong. I click the "download" button, it gives me the popup saying to thank the artist, and that's it. I look in my downloads to find the file, and it isn't there. I look in my browser's downloads and it also isn't showing up there.

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swordsandsorcHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you so much for the Google Drive Download links though! Those did work for me!

Cacklefruit59's avatar

Wow, this is cool. So many choices!

Btw, can you make the outline a little bit thicker, please?

raylark's avatar

check out the newly dropped "paragon v3" see if it has the revisions you are looking for

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