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A sunny nature

Aaaand more Frozen! <3
I couldn't decide which photo to post next, so I clicked on one random file in my folder (with three photos I couldn't decide between) and this what got picked. XD
More happy Anna! <3 I was so happy doing this shooting, it wasn't hard at all to portray Anna's sunny nature!
I had a lot more trouble with the drama part. :') (which I will also show you at some point ♥)

I really like picture which have some motion in them! And I love dresses in which I can twirl around in nicely! <3
I'm still happy with this one though. Hope you like it, too.
(In know, Anna is not actually wearing this kind of tights, but it was cold and I think they fit into the image well enough. :p)

Hope you all had a great weekend! :heart:

Photo by: RabbitsHole Photography !aka Hasengott <3


Anna and Kristoff by Rayi-kun The snow glows white on the mountain tonight by Daishota Princess of Arendelle by Rayi-kun I'll be dancing through the night by Rayi-kun Winter Tale by Rayi-kun Through the snow by Rayi-kun
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You make such a sunny and happy Anna! I love this shot so much!
TheFetishism's avatar
where are the bloomers? :D :D :D
bluemananthony26's avatar
Jeremein's avatar
Très jolie photo !
Beautiful! Love the dress twirl! ^^
PeterSassyPan's avatar
Nice and epic job!
SwordOwl's avatar
Your a adorable anna!
Setnamora's avatar
Such a fun and carefree photo, perfect for Anna Love 
ChioriGreene's avatar
That is one amazing cosplay and you have the appearance to really pull off Anna well. By the way, did you take any progress pictures or keep any notes while constructing it? I'm working on making my own Anna cosplay and I'm in the planning phase. This will be my huge 2015 cosplay and I'm nervous about making it a success, so any tips, pointers or information you can share would be appreciated. :D
Dropchocolate's avatar
very beautiful Love 
Simmeh's avatar
Great idea with the tights! Looks warm and pretty. :)
AngelSamui's avatar
And cute tights?!  Just lovely!
Raitsa22's avatar
*.* I love this pic!
SailorOdango's avatar
You are so adorable and I love the twirl. Your cosplay turned out absolutely fantastic!
uxv's avatar
The motion, the color contrast, even that charming smile, simply wonderful :D.. wait a second, those tights..that's cheating ;P. (no it's not, actually it looks great and them :thumbsup:)
10thMuse's avatar
such a fun shot! love it!
Rainbow--Ferret's avatar
Love it! You're so cute and the setting is perfect for these Frozen pictures ^_^
Rayi-kun's avatar
Thank you very much!! <3
Rainbow--Ferret's avatar
You're very welcome ^_^
steambby's avatar
better than the movie (actually no, nothing beats animated Anna) :D But still really nice!
Rayi-kun's avatar
haha, yes Anna is awesome!!
Thank you! :D
WinryRockbellHyuuga's avatar
amazing picture!! very alike to Anna! you portrait her beautifully!! 
Rayi-kun's avatar
Thanks very much!! I'm glad you like it! I love being happy Anna, tehe <3
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