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I didn't do much here. I did do a lot of stuff in my notebooks and school stuff, but I never got around to uploading them cause I thought they wasn't that great! I'll probably upload more in 2015 (like a 20% chance that I will) so look forward to that.

Happy holidays and all that jazz!
Whenever I get to 666 page views, I want to savor that moment and hope to satan that nobody ups it to 667
Remember when I said I'd do shit? Yeah I sorta kinda lost any sort of motive to draw. I keep getting interested in a bunch of different things, resulting in the loss of interest in another and then I do this and that and all them things! Point is, I'm procrastinating and am also too excited for Dark Souls II to come out on PC
So, in my attempt to get back into pokemon, I wasn't having was much success watching the anime or playing X! I had a lot more interest in the spin-off: Pokemon mystery dungeon! Personally, I preferred the mystery dungeon series over the main one. It also got to me more than the main series with the fact that you're the pokemon in the story, and it's also really interesting and sad at occasions!

Main point: Imma draw pokemon mystery dungeon stuff instead and push nuzlocke aside, like when I go back to playing pokemon X. I still will do the nuzlocke comic though, just really later!
I'm gonna do another comic! And this time I'll totally finish it! It's gonna be another Nuzlocke except this time it won't be all stupid and only sketched! It will also probably be really long, depending on how much fun my imagination has. It will also be my first time playing Pokemon X so I won't know what to expect! I won't have regular schedule for drawing it, it'll just be as I play it. In other news, twitch plays pokemon lost like 90% of the viewers!
I finally fell victim to peer pressure! Just kidding, I had to make one for computer science to post my assignments on. But he said the more posts, the higher my grade! So I'll go and post sketches, incomplete pictures and all that there! Although I wont post finished pictures done on the computer though, those will be posted on this account.

If you want to check out sketches and side works, go to this link:

Support me there and I'll feel more motivated to draw!
I'm totally working in something that I will totally post here! No joke or laziness or any of my normal excuses this time! And none at that lying I did last time I said something like this and so on and so forth. Anyways, I've been working on a portrait and I'm close to finishing it. From the feedback my friends and teacher have given me, it's gonna be an awesome piece and I actually like it as well! So I should post it sometime this month!
One of my pet dogs has passed away. He's been with me the majority of my life and he's the best friend I ever could have asked for, even if I could never understand him. But he's family and seeing a family member die is very hard. I've decided to preserve his memory in a drawing I have yet to do. Goodby old friend...

Pachino, 1999-December 2nd 2013
I noticed that the Evan X Eggy thing got more views than my dark souls drawing. I tried rather hard on the dark souls drawing. My friend did the Evan X Eggy drawing for fun and put no effort what so ever. My conclusion is that not trying gets more views.
I'm thinking of resuming my dreaming life comic! Now that I'm not as dumb as a doorknob when it comes to writing and drawing I could maybe make something good out of it! I also noticed that the first page of it has like 38 views which is like a lot to me so I'll redraw and maybe resume it just cause of that! I also have a good friend who can help me cause my story development skills are garbage.
It seems that every camera in my house just doesn't work or takes the worse pictures than a potato tied to a senile crow. I'll probably draw something for you lovely people though!
I did! I should do something as celebration! I think I'll post my stuff I did in art class like I originally said I would! But this time... They'll really be there! OOOoooOoOOHH Spooooooooookkkkkkyyyyyyyy
Hey, I have a friend called Misa-Acar and she started a Youtube account, so the few people who watch me should go and subscribe to her so that  you can hear hers and my sexy voice while we play minecraft!… <---- Go to that link noooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Yeah! Terraria 1.2 is finally out! There's enough content in this update to have made a second terraria game but they didn't and threw it into an update! If you don't already have terraria then you should totally get it! It's very fun and addicting and hold many challenges! And if you don't trust my word then go search a review or something.
I woke up at like 3:30 am and after I checked the time on my phone, I somehow managed to lose it in a hole in my wall... So I got on my computer to tell you all I lost my phone inside my wall...
Hey! I'm taking an art class this semester and I thought that to fill my page with variety, I can post all the stuff I do in art! So when I finish an art project I'll post it here I guess!
I've finally decided to break my Minecraft mods and update to 1.6.2! I saw that there was some cool mods that were only for 1.6.2 so when I went to update then searched up how to install the mods, everything went to hell for me. I couldn't get any of the mods to work the way I used to do it, and I noticed there's no more "bin" folder. From the tutorials I searched up, I have to create an individual folder for each mod plus I have to type some coding into the minecraft forge files because mine don't seem to come with what the tutorial's got. So if there's anybody who reads this and understands this new form of minecraft modding and is willing to help me learn, I'd be ever so grateful!
I've finally got my tablet working again and I've decided that I should take an entire week to work on a single drawing. I'm choosing a week to make sure that I have enough time to make it beautiful, or at least something I can be proud of. I can't wait to see the end result.
I'm rather bothered by the fact that I've only posted the Nuzlocke comic. Sure I'm updating regularly but I can't really do much else then post them right now. I haven't found out why my tablet is being broken and I don't have the funds to replace it, or at least get some new fancy gadget that's super fragile anyways. I actually want to return to digital drawings because I had fun with all the things I could do.

Also I've been thinking of making a side comic that's literally just for me to try something new. I don't intend for it to be anything big, in fact I just want to do it for when I can't think of anything to draw. I'm still deciding whether it should be a sketch like the Nuzlocke comic or if I should draw it digitally when I can. It would probably help me learn to draw the human shape on a computer again but I find it rather annoying to draw.
My tablet is having some issues and it thought that being unresponsive and uncalibrated would help me draw better. It really does help! Try it some time when you have nothing better to do then contemplate on how you will destroy your drawing pad! But my drawing pad is actually very old, it's a bamboo tablet, it doesn't have that fancy screen on it so I have to stare at my computer screen while drawing and stuff. I also didn't take too good care of it when I first got it so its a little broken and that's my fault. So I guess I'll have to stick more to sketching and wait till I can upgrade or fix my tablet.