Ry and Esther's competition! [UPDATE]

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More participants! I'm not giving up! Thanks for joining! :D

:iconamongststars: ENTRIES:iconamongststars:

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CON - Message of Love by Crash-the-Megaraptor by :iconcrash-the-megaraptor:


:iconamongststars: WHAT IT IS ABOUT? :iconamongststars:
As the title says, about Ry and Esther. You will have to draw them, of course... but just that? It would be too easy, right? Well, here's why: You have to choose among two categories: 

damphyr Valentine's Day. - Something romantic... or not, but it has to be related with this day. 
damphyr Carnival. - Outfits, fancy dresses, brazilian music and dancing... there's so much to chose when thinking about Carnival! How would our heroes dress up on a day like this? Your turn! 
damphyr Easter. - From pink bunnies to chocolate and eggs. That's a tough one, isn't it? ;P

If you wanted to use mature content, let it be smooth, not too rough. This is a competition for everybody so it's better to do things that are for all people.

:iconamongststars: WINNERS :iconamongststars:
There will be two winners for each category. That means 6 in total. In other words... 3 winners and 3 subwinners. 
You can upload your works for both categories if you please. The more, the better, but you can only win in one of them, obviously. ;) 

:iconamongststars: SUBMISIONS :iconamongststars:
You just need to upload your works on your Deviantart gallery and send me a link to this journal so I can see it and add it to the competition.

:iconamongststars: PRIZES :iconamongststars:

(You can see a preview of all the prizes here: Competition Rewards! by Raygirl13 )

The 3 winners will get my Patreon's rewards for February, based on $10 pledges:
-Valentine’s postcard 2016 + wallpapers (1366 x 768 px)
-Miraculous Carnival Illustration + wallpapers (1366 x 768 px)
-Be my Valentine... or not. (Comic page - English and Spanish).
-Starboom (Photoshop pattern).
-Chains (Photoshop brushes).
-January Sketches.

The 3 subwinners will get my Patreon's rewards for February, based on $5 pledges:
-Valentine’s postcard 2016 + wallpapers (1366 x 768 px)
-Miraculous Carnival Illustration + wallpapers (1366 x 768 px)
-Chains (Photoshop brushes).
-January Sketches.

ALL OF THEM will be announced on a nes journal and/or with a deviation so everybody can see their work. 

IMPORTANT: The rewards are digital. They will all be sent by e-mail. 

:iconamongststars: TIME LIMIT :iconamongststars:
You can enter your works until the 31th March. After that time, I will choose the winners and subwinners, based on the technique, coloring, details and theme. Rewards will be sent as soon as the winners are chosen. 


If you have any doubts, ask me! 
That's all folks! Thank you and I wish you the best of luck! Show me your talent!!! :w00t: 
© 2016 - 2021 Raygirl13
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Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
OK, I think I have an idea.....think.
Raygirl13's avatar
Time to take it to the next level. Materialization! :D hehe! I'm curious to know what idea you've got.
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
^^ Well, I've got the picture linearted, so once I colour it, you'll see. ;)
Raygirl13's avatar
Oooooh!!!! I can't wait!!! :excited: 
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
Hey Esther. I must apologise, but I've been continuously distracted by other artwork and video games. I WILL get my entry done in time, I promise. ^^;
Raygirl13's avatar
You have my trust ;) hehe! Don't worry and finnish what you need. :hug:
Ray-Wind's avatar
Tratare de hacerlo, pero no te prometo nada porque no sé si se me puede atravesar algo en el camino, porque por ahorita tengo a mi abuelito en el hospital y ando algo ocupada TwT
Raygirl13's avatar
Ostras, no tenía ni idea! Espero que no sea grave. Coraje! Tranquila que ya sé que vas muy atareada ;) :hug: Cuídate mucho! 
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
Oooh, thanks for the reminder, I'd completely forgotten. ^^;

Of course I'll enter. Any excuse to draw them.
Raygirl13's avatar
Thanks to you for doing it! I really thought nobody was about to. ^^; 
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
I do have other important things to do, but I'll see what I can pull off. It looks like fun either way.
mangobaka's avatar
Maybe I should try to draw something... Now that I finally have time and maybe little energy to do anything :) How are you Esther?
Raygirl13's avatar
I would be glad if you did ;) Nobody has entered yet and... I fear they won't be interested ^^; 

I'm fine. Working hard everyday and doing my stuff ;) I'm progressing on the comic and I am still writting novels to send to publishing houses. 
What about you? I believe you have found a little motivation? That's very good! ;)
mangobaka's avatar
Maybe you should extend the competition time and add some more themes or something? Maybe it would attract some more artists to have a go :)

Good to heat that you are doing good. I saw one of your novels (or at least I think it was one...) on facebook but sadly it was in spanish and google translator didn't make any sense to me. :'D

Well I wish. I have realised that my medication is the reason why I've been such a zombie for the last year, I thought it was because of my job but I finished there a month ago and I still haven't gotten any more energy and I'm still feeling very passive and having hard time starting anything. So I think I'm gonna have to stop it. But don't worry, I'm still going to draw something for the competition. "If you won't do it, you'll cry and do it" is a finnish proverb and is really suitable for this moment :')
Raygirl13's avatar
I think you're right about extending the competition deadline. About the themes... I'm not sure. It's just that it was about February and seeing the people have joined for now makes me wonder if it's worth it. I'll extend ethe time limit though. 

Oh yeah, I wrote a fanfiction about Zootopia some days ago. I'm on chapter 4 right now and it's, indeed, in Spanish. I'd like to translate it into English when it's finnished but I'm afraid it'll need to wait a little. ^^; Google translator is quite a mess. I never use it because of its results. Nothing like a real translator ;) hehe! 

Medication? OH my... it's such a pain to have to use drugs (drugs, meaning medication). Sometimes it affects your body in the worst possible way. Curing yourself surely has a price, but it's awful. Sorry about it. I started eating healthier a long time ago and I haven't got a cold in years. It makes me feel better but exercise helps a lot too. If the wearther is nice, going out for walks, breathing fresh air from the sea or the mountains helps a lot in my case. It's the only thning that makes me feel alive. If I can give you and advice (even if I don't know exactly what did you take that medication for), try to stay calm and get some time for yourself. Depression comes when we are not feelling happy and in that case, you need to take care of your own. Do something you like, enjoy it (not only drawing, it can be anything, from listening music or reading a book until cooking, going out or sleeping all day). Just do something you really love to do and try to do that at least once a week to begin with. Try to stay positive and take advantage on the good wearther to let your skin feel some sun. Vitamine D is one of the most important ones for humans, helping them absorb certain minerals and stuff. It can really change your mind from sad to happy in just a few hours. 

I know it's very easy to speak and say "do this" or "do that". That's the reason why I'm only telling you what I'd try to do (and I repeat myself, I'm not you so I can't understand the pain you've been going trhough). I'd try to make a change and watch out for myself. 

As for your finnish proverb, "...you'll cry and do it", I would change it to "...change your mind and do your best to do it". ;) 

I'm still here if you wanna have a talk. :hug: Just don't give up!!!!! 
And thanks a lot for your help!!!! :D :glomp: 
mangobaka's avatar
Thank you for new theme, it helped me to make one picture from beginning to the end even though it's not THAT good. I wished I would've had more idea on background and stuff but at least I managed to make something |D I just sat down this morning and decided to make the picture no matter what. I also realised that I'm really rusty on what comes to using my tablet. Or maybe I can't say I'm rusty, because I didn't have the proper techniques to begin with! I decided that I will take a deeper look on the tutorials and stuff and actually learn to USE my tablet and SAI, I realised that I don't actually have any idea what I'm doing and I've been blind to all these settings and stuff that are available on this program. There's a lot more than just brushes.

Thank you for your advise. :hug: I've been trying to live healthy too and I've reduced the amount of wheat and meat dramatically and now my tummy is feeling a lot better than what it was before, getting my fiber and protein from elsewhere. :) But don't worry about the medication stuff, it's not too serious, I'm just wondering it's the one that makes me passive and tired or if there's more to it. This darkness could be also the one that causes me this passiveness and tiredness, it's not that uncommon in Finland. I would love to go out a lot more but there is this socalled "winter" in here Finland that makes me NOT want to go out at all. First it snows, then it melts a little bit, and then it freezes. And there we go, we have a perfect chance to either injure or kill ourselves by going out for a walk, bikeride or anything of sort. I hated when it was -25 for couple of weeks that the air hurted my face, but now you can't even walk outside without having constant struggle. I was almost sure that spring was coming when sun was shining and all the snows almost melted......... and last night there was a snowstorm. And today it's been raining. B( Not cool at all... Can't wait for summer to get that vitamin D all over me.
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