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Hector and Deborah (Apruebame por favor!)


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DL welcomes autumn!


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Fast smooch - Basil and Olivia

Portfolio preview

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Christmas sacks - alternative ending (Commission)


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Autumn again

Ry and Esther

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Valentine's Day 2020

Hell and Heaven Comic

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Jack redesign 2015 (Read description)

Jack and Lina

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Me sube la bilirrubina

Will this ever end? Comic

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My Little Canangel

Canangel Reeno

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Rayman y Raygirl - the strongest connection

Rayman and Raygirl Fan Art

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Majorette and the 5 Games - Chapter 1

Majorette and the 5 Games Chapter 1: The baton appears When you think about a majorette, you probably get the image of a cheerful dancer and gymnast with a colorful uniform; one that steps to the rhythm of a music band in a parade. You’d never see it as a job… much more like a hobby… but let me tell you; Majorette is also a name. A name?, you may ask. Yes, a name; but not a common one, that’s true. Maybe I should start this story from the beginning so you can understand what I’m talking about. Let’s see… First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m a 16-year-old teen; light brown hair, green e


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Fast smooch - Basil and Olivia

Basil and Olivia Fan Art

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Space Team 6

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Mural Project - Magic Garden


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Hector and Deborah (Apruebame por favor!)

My Projects

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Timon's love

Timon and Frida Fan Art

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Gwizdo Holmes and his Hunters

Gwizdo and Zaza Fan Art

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Secret Santa for AbigailWyatt

Gift Arts and Contests

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Raymundo and Kimiko Kiss2

Raimundo and Kimiko Fan Art

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Eternal trio - Tea time (sketch)


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Kissy kissy


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Free Snake skin brush - Clip Studio Paint


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Un asunto conejudo: Rediseno de personajes


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Cosplay sketch in sepia


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