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Secret Santa for AbigailWyatt by Raygirl13 Secret Santa for AbigailWyatt by Raygirl13
Well, I promised to enter :iconcrash-the-megaraptor: 's Secret Santa Project this year, so here's my entry. I wanted to upload it a little later to not spoil the surprise, but others have already uploaded theirs and I feel bad about it, so... 
Here's sweet magical Chloe, :iconabigailwyatt: 's character. 

I don't know much about her prowers but her name means "green shoot" I think. She looked like a martial arts's warrior to me so I added some sakura petals for effect with a big symmetrical loto-kinda flower as background. Hope you'll like it. ^_^ Merry early Christmas!

Chloe belongs to AbigailWyatt
Art by Raygirl13 
MissAbigailWyatt Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're right, Chloe does mean green shoot and that is why I gave her her dyed green hair. And I can see why she'd look like a martial arts warrior to you with the uniform! She's into wrestling, is that close enough? :XD: But I digress. She looks amazing! Certainly full of life and true to her magical moniker, Healer of...well, Life! :3 

I will be honest, I had heard that this had been completed before I'd even had chance to compile a wishlist of sorts so I was really curious as to what my SS had honed in on. This is brilliant. Thank you so much :) :huggle:
Raygirl13 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Oh wow, thank you! :D Hehe! 
Wrestling? Hahaha! I would have never guessed. XD I tried to make my best with her. She looked pretty cute in your style and I believe I chose her right away the first time I entered your gallery. I thought she deserved some nice colors and a cheerful pose. I'm glad you liked it that much. ^_^ 

I'm going to say in my defense that I didn't want to show up my present too soon, but when the others began to post theirs, I thought that it wasn't fair for you, so I finaly decided to upload it today. ;) Hehe! I'm very happy you liked it and you're very welcome! :D :hug: 
Thank you for the devwatch too! 

BTW, if you wanted the character with no background for some reason, just ask me. I can send you a PNG version if you need it. ;) 
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