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Majorette and the 5 Games - Novel

And so this adventure begins! Lily: Reading 
Those who know Majorette will also know that I have a comic about her in Tapastic and Webtoon... but I've decided to pause it for now and focus on the Novel because it's easier and faster for me to write the Chapters instead of spending hours to draw only a page of the comic. It's completely FREE and I'll be very happy if you take a look at the first chapter and give me your opinion, please. :reading: remake 

You will find it here: 

You will also find some more art in my Instagram:…

Thank you very much for following me in this adventure and I hope you'll like it! Happy Easter too! 

PS. English is not my mother language so, if you find any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them. Thank you so much! ^o^

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I really like the comic, how nice that you will do it like a novel too! Great cover designBunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
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Thanks again, dear! :D I'll just pause the comic for now, but I want to keep it going in the future. The faster I finish the novel, the better. ^_^ :hug: 
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I wish you luck with it :hug: :D
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Así que la vas a continuar en formato novela? Mola! Heart Love 
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Sip! :D Y de momento llevo buen ritmo. Ya he escrito más de 3 capítulos, aunque prefiero ir subiéndolos poco a poco. Ya sabes, si quieres leerlos, no dudes en hacerlo, que a mí me harás un favor. :glomp: hehe! 
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Qué bien, me alegro que avances en la historia con entusiasmo, :) 

Estaré pendiente de todos tus relatos, I am a dummy! 
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No sabes (y repito) NO SABES LO FELIZ QUE ME HACES con ese comentario! TTwTT Snif! Últimamente no recibo muchos. 
Te lo agradezco mucho!!!!! :glomp: :love: :heart:
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What a facinating group :D
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Thank you dear! :glomp: 
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