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Perfect Pony Pets

.....playfully perambulating perusing perfunctory pricey perfumes precariously planted.....I've run out of good p words to finish this sentance

:star: EDIT. Yes I'm well aware that Rainbow Dash now has a tortoise called Tank, because amazingly I do watch the episodes. This comic was made BEFORE THE PET EPISODE WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED. You people really need to check the upload date on pictures before you try and tell me stuff I already know. ¬_¬


But this idea has been jogging round in my head for weeks. I SHARE WITH YOU.

So by the end of season 1 it seems that all the 'mane' ponies have been paired up with an adorable toy accessory animal sidekick.

Pinkie Pie of course has Gummy and Applejack has the faithful Winona, Fluttershy has Angel amongst all the HUNDREDS of little critters who love her to pieces, while Rarity has Opalescence (love that cat, she's such a biatch, it's awesome :D) and if you count Spike, Twilight has two including Owlowiscious (greedy wench).

So who does Rainbow Dash get? :D

Poor Scooter. Oh the things we do to get close to/recognised by our heroes XD

Oh and Dashie? Succumbing to Peer Pressure is not part of being a good friend, don't make Twilight write to Celestia about that... ;)


Wow! An Equestria Daily feature? Thank you so much guys! :heart:
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[Dash] "... Enh.... Good enough...."

RaizerNinja's avatar
We were all thinking it
donut12345's avatar
Silly scootaloo you can't fly
donut12345's avatar
But....she just cant
raygirl's avatar
shhh don't ruin her tiny pony/parrot dreams ;D
Soulflutigress's avatar
i was thinking peacock
but... do peacocks fly? idk
i guess i'll learn
(if we can me and my mom are getting peacocks this year :3 )
raygirl's avatar
Peacocks are kinda like chickens, I think they can only flap a short way.  A peacock with a magnificent rainbow tail probably wouldn't be able to keep up with Rainbow Dash XD
Soulflutigress's avatar
well thats good
we have a chicken already
Bound-To-The-Ground's avatar
Finally, Im not the only one who thought rainbow should have had a parrot!
TheLHeron's avatar
Nice work. It's beautiful.
Lost-Our-Dreams's avatar
RD: ..But you can't fly, and I said a parrot not a chicken :trollface:
Scootachicken: :iconokaymemeplz:

DragonKingAlpha's avatar
Flash Fire: Ha nice try Scoot. 
xormak's avatar
this doesn't make sense!!! in panel 3, RD says "...has to be able to fly..." and everypony knows that Scoots... ok i shut up, sry Scoots can you forgive me?
PROTOTYPE223's avatar
that won't get her a mark
ElwisFromPoland's avatar
Why I didn't saw that before? This is awesome. :D

:empllama: :eyepopping: :emplllama:
Pikachu1089's avatar
I would want Scootaloo to be her pet instead of a LAME UNCOOL NOT TOATALLLY AWESOME AND COOL tortoise ----> :iconmlptankplz:
raygirl's avatar
Thanks for the fave but we don't approve of Tank dissing round these parts. Always be nice to the tortoise.
Pikachu1089's avatar
okie Dokie Lokie :P :iconpinkiepiedplz:
kabhes's avatar
she sayt somthing like a parrot not like a chiken
raygirl's avatar
Yeah, that's because she's pretending to be a parrot, not a chicken.
kabhes's avatar
yes but i mean scootalo is like a chiken got wings but cant almost not fly
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