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I'm a 2D traditional animator from London UK.

I love deviantART and all the lovely people who I've met through this site.

Including you...yes...you...the one reading this.

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Yellow Submarine
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The Killers
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Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Junji Ito
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Rayman, Katamari Damacy, Ghost Trick
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Animation of all types

Llama Farm

I love Pigeons
I love Manatees
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It's hilarious finding people on DA, looking at their listed age and going 'I have been on this site longer than you have existed on this earth' XD
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Saw you on art fight! I remember frequently watching your stuff here years ago, coulda sworn I had you on my watch list DX.

Random fact every Ray person's ability can varied on how powerful the user is

This implies that Ray characters and oc’s are puppets, and I don’t think I agree with that.

This feels like when you put a Vr headset you control their every movement thing

I should've said "how powerful they are"

Again this doesn’t really fit into Rayman’s world. I prefer to think of the characters as their own entities living their own lives, not like avatars controlled by a user.

eee!! tysm for the watch!! :la:

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