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I'm a 2D traditional animator from London UK.

I love deviantART and all the lovely people who I've met through this site.

Including you...yes...you...the one reading this.

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Yellow Submarine
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The Killers
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Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Junji Ito
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Rayman, Katamari Damacy, Ghost Trick
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Animation of all types

Llama Farm

I love Pigeons
I love Manatees
:Stamp: Anti Peta
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Rayman The Animated Series - Rayman Stamp
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Thinking of selling Off some more old Rayman OC’s as adoptables. Would anyone be interested? Probably going to be cheap like the last ones I did just to clear out some characters and send them to loving homes.
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My goodness I saw Rayma in Captain Laserhawk. What you think of him? He looks kinda.... out of character if you ask me.

haha, he sure is! But i think that is a lot of fun. And yes he is out of character! Because he is trapped in a dark, sad world without any of his friends. It's going to make him act differently to how he is in the games. This is a Rayman who is broken and alone and scared. He doesn't appear to have any magic, so he has to use the tools this world has (guns) to defend himself.

Personally i love the show. It's fine if people don't like it. Because it's a remix/alternate universe it doesn't affect the game version of the character at all. They are separate beings and Game Rayman is still himself!

True that! To be honest the show reminds me somehow of Drawn Together.

Can you please explain to me why on earth did you block me, what on earth did I ever do to you...? Anything that made you uncomfortable or something...?

Have I blocked you? Do you have an alternative account? I don’t think you’d be able to comment on my page if I had you blocked?

Here's my main account, if I actually did anything wrong, I apologise. Hopefully I'll soon be booked for therapy to solve all my issues and past controversies btw.

Ah ok. I can’t check it right now because I’m on mobile but I will have a look on a computer tomorrow.

Generally I only block people who fill their galleries with memes and images taken from google because it makes my browsing experience easier. But your new gallery seems to have your own artwork in it, so that’s cool. You haven’t done or said anything personally bad to me as far as I can remember? Like I say I will check tomorrow to be sure.

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