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Why yes, I do like Rayman
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I'm a 2D traditional animator from London UK. I love deviantART and all the lovely people who I've met through this site. Including you...yes...you...the one reading this :hug:

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Yellow Submarine
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The Killers
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Terry Pritchett
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Rayman, Katamari, Ghost Trick
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Animation of all types

I love Pigeons
I love Manatees
:Stamp: Anti Peta
Ghost Trick Stamp
Rayman The Animated Series - Rayman Stamp
I've already posted about this in the @GladeOfDreams group but I'm aware not everyone who follows me is a member of that club, so this is my last ditch effort to get this project out to whoever I can. This project is SO CLOSE to being funded, but it needs a few more pre-orders to get our hands on this exciting fanmade pin. If you can afford to put the money down on this pin you could own a unique and exciting piece of Rayman merch and give more artists the confidence to create content for us. We all know Ubisoft is a little slow on the uptake there ;) PLEASE, PRE-ORDER THIS AMAZING BIG PIN MADE BY THE TALENTED @ItsCloctorArt Don't you want a cute pin of our fave limbless hero WITH POSABLE FISTS? If you are tempted then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ORDER IT TODAY. The pre-orders will be all done BY THE END OF TODAY (Monday 3rd), and if we don't reach the pre-order numbers no one gets this amazing pin ;0; I have already ordered 2 and I'm this close to ordering a 3rd just to guarantee
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Aaaahh sorry I'm late, but thank you so much for the badge! <33

I'm glad you could get some use out of the stamp! :^D

Hi there! Local Rayman fan here!

If you don’t mind me asking, is it OK if we could do an art trade? If not, it’s OK! ^^ I apologize if I’m rude in any way, I don’t want to come across as rude to you!

Hello there! I think we can get a trade organised :) how about you send me a direct message or note and we can talk out the details?

I took one look at your work and immediately decided to give you a watch. We need more Rayman content in our lives.

Hi Raygirl. Long time no chat, I hope you're doing well. I had a question regarding the lore of Rayman and you were the first to come to mind. Betilla and the nymphs, are they canonically sisters? Or is it just a community accepted headcanon?

hey there! Hmm, generally speaking I always assumed they were sisters, but since the biology of the nymphs is very up in the air there's no guarantee that they're honest to goodness blood relations. Them being referred to as 'sisters' could just be that they are part of a magic sisterhood, and that all nymphs consider one another their 'sisters'.

To be honest much of the Rayman cannon is so fluid you could honestly see it either way. Personally I like seeing them as having a sisterly relationship with all the bickering, tormenting and generally sillyness that sisters would have ^_^

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