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Matte by Rayen-V-Storme Matte :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 2 9 Neon by Rayen-V-Storme Neon :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 4 24 Happy Days by Rayen-V-Storme Happy Days :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 8 5
On Aggression
Flashing a kaleidoscope of red
It burns, smoldering and flaming like an undying sun
But cold, frozen shut by the screams of the dead
Defying reality and ration until the passion is done
Incomprehensible, undefinable, a ghost
That flares into existence with a howl and fades with light
And even the strongest and the brave barely tame it at most
Shining brighter than flares and yet darker than night
          and yet
          in the foulest of ways
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 6 23
Back In The Game by Rayen-V-Storme Back In The Game :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 80 13 Forget Me Not by Rayen-V-Storme Forget Me Not :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 33 16
What Comes Down...
What Comes Down…
It’s been forever since I have written anything. I guess that is because writing is not exactly much of a job these days, or even a hobby. Hunting small game or scavenging houses that are still more or less one piece, now that’s a job, the sort that keeps a survivor going in a world like this. A world after the world ended.
Of course after finding an old office building that belonged to some old tech superpower, things changed. The building was powered by a solar generator that had kept working over the last ten years, and the inside of the building was sterile. The air conditioning still worked, so I was amazingly chilly in the middle of July, a feeling I had long forgotten.
After settling in, there really wasn’t much to do. After all, I didn’t have to wake up for work at six every morning, and I had no bills to pay or people to stay in touch with. As long as I had food and shelter, I was alright. The emergency cellar filled with dry rati
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 4 9
Would it be selfish of me to say,
That I am glad that wars raged across the Earth
While plagues devastated lands with bloody rebirth
And that Mankind fell from its pinnacle to its darkest days?
Because had it gone down any other path
Our lives would not have crossed!
Selfish thought that it may
I’m glad time spun in this particular way
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 7 4
Prince Crota
Hey clear the way in the City Tower
Hey you, You’re a noob
With an ol’ Sahara
Oh come be the first on your team to see the end
Make way!
Here he comes!
Lock and load
(And pray)
Oh you’re totally gonna die!
Prince Crota – ugly sonofa – Son of Oryx
Retreat, use your quick feet
Guardian down (damn!)
Now try your best to not cry
Your teammates rezzed your dumb guy
So come and kill this miserable God of Hive
Prince Crota – mighty is he – Son of Oryx
Strong as ten guardians definitely
He spawns out Thralls in hordes!
A hundred knights with swords
Yet we send ‘em all to their lords
Because GODDANGIT LAG!!!!!!!!
We’ve got seventy-five Gjallarhorns
And Ice Breakers we have fifty-three!
But when it comes to exotic type weapons
That dang RNG
Utterly hates me
I don’t get a blasted one!
Prince Crota – mighty is he – Son of Oryx
Strong as ten guardians definitely
He spawns out Thralls in hordes!
A hundred knights with swords
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 12 19
Villain by Rayen-V-Storme Villain :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 539 41 Skylines by Rayen-V-Storme Skylines :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 424 33
Little Prisons
We sit in our little prisons
Our four by fours
And two by twos
Cubicle by cubicle
Office by bedroom by boardroom
We stare in our little prisons
Wondering what lies outside
And we say,
“Tomorrow, we’ll come out and look,
After I finish this, I promise!”
Tomorrow comes and goes
And we forget in our little prisons
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 4 2
The Blood of Innocence
"It's easy to die for something," whispered the prisoner.
"It's much harder to live for it."
The shot rang through the hallway, echoed by a faint sigh.
Faint, but filled with relief.
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 1 7
Everyone expects to be understood
Yet no one is expected to understand
Or rather
No one tries
Call it mass miscommunication
Though social mismedia sounds nice
Or rather
Selfish expectations
Because it’s the things that we can’t word that hurt the most
And we need to understand when people feel them
But we need to survive when other’s don’t
It’s a lonely world
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 4 7
Color to a Blind Man by Rayen-V-Storme Color to a Blind Man :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 8 18
Fur Brother
Best friend is a term often misapplied
It’s a label applied to people
To silly humans and their nonsense ways
But we know the real truth behind that word
That so many never learn
“It’s just a dog”, they say
Just a dog?
He is a loyal friend!
(More loyal than Jim in accounting, if I might add!)
He is the best listener
(Unlike Janet in HR, she always gives her mind…)
He comforts me when no one else can
(Hugging Andy is like hugging a stiff board…)
It’s hard to explain the importance of a pet
Because in our eyes,
They’re not really pets
They are friends
They are family
And we love them for it
Which makes it so hard
So hard to lose them when they were there for us
And now they’re not
And we can’t be there for them
People forget that
Or even sadder,
They never learn
But we should never feel silly for feeling that way
Because it’s not “just a dog”
It’s not “just a cat”
They are infinitely more
:iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 9 18

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Rayen Storme
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

So I like to write. I’m fairly amateur, never really did anything professionally. Tried to publish once, didn’t happen. Stuck to online. It’s a hobby that I have loved since I was little, and have a very on off relationship with. I’m here, I’m not. I live, I die, I live again, that sort of thing.
I write primarily science fiction/cyber punk, though I really do enjoy any setting. Depends on my mood, but writing about snow can be as exciting as viral infections or neural networks.
Every story here is a little piece of me, either an interest or an emotion or so on.
That’s really pretty much it. I’m boring really, but thank you for visiting my page and checking out the stories! I’m just happy you could drop by for a bit.
Feel free to get in touch if you’d like!
Have an excellent day.

The cover art is almost NEVER mine. It belongs to other artists who gave me their permission to use it, and there is always credit given in the submitted story’s description. If you like the story, check out the cover artist too, they deserve it!
If you have an issue or see something amiss, please let me know asap.
Thank you.

Artists who have been kind enough to let me use their work for cover art:

To the artists above, I am grateful for you help and kindness!
And if anyone out there would be interested in allowing me to display your artwork as a cover, please contact me! It could be the start to a beautiful relationship ;)
I have't logged in to DA for about...7 months? I quite frankly got so caught up in life that I forgot I had this account. I just got a new laptop for photo editing and imported all my favorites and surprise surprise...DA popped up.
Just a shout out to everyone who still occasionally happens across this page or reads my old stuff. I still have notifications saying people have fave'd things or followed me and for that...thank you. It's super cool to think that four years after having posted something, somebody somewhere is still finding and enjoying that little story. 
So thank you. You're the best, stranger.
And to everyone who used to message me or leave nice comments and reviews regularly...hey! If you're reading this, I just wanted to stop by and say hi :D
I hope your lives are treating you well and that you're happy, and if you're not, I'm certain things will start to look up soon. They always do. No matter how dark things get, there's always a little light. Just keep your eyes open.
Best of wishes, 


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