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I'm Ray-V-Xyz. I like drawing and designing custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.


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hi there Ray,

I'm David and came across your wonderful gallery a few days ago and was inspired by your work to create a few cards for numerous fan fictions i am currently doing.

If you could spare a few moments to tell me what you think of my OC the Malefic Dark Magician Girl. Its only a line art for the moment but any ideas or input on color schemes I could use would be appriciated.

thanks for your time ^_^

"Lets duel" :)

Malefic Dark Magician Girl

Thank you for your kind words :)

It looks good, I think Malefics normally stick to the OG version's colour scheme and then use black and white for the mask/armor

thank you for the input, i guess i could do gauntlets and hat black and white perhaps and of course she'll wear a mask over her face to complete the look :)

Since your artwork's really close to the genuine article, I have a humble question. With your permission, I wish to use your Carat Idol artwork for a long, but fascinating look into Duel Monster life known as Duel Monsters: A Duel Between Kingdoms. Here's a particular group that are essentially the protagonist kingdom during this things story. https://www.deviantart.com/dinoboygreen/gallery/75617548/dm-adbk-the-kindred

Naturally, all credit will go to you for making the artwork itself. After all, Carat Idol itself has never been released outside of DoR, and it would make for a great addition to the world-building. I hope you consider this offer, and thank you for your time reading this.

Yep, thats no problem :)

By the way, since you've been giving attention to cards that sadly have no true form in the TGC, I was wondering if you take either requests or commissions. I've always wanted to see this card get made a thing, but was sadly wasn't: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/yugioh/images/8/8e/LeopardGirl-ROD-EN-VG-card.png/revision/latest?cb=20070105202524

This one's a nostalgic card since I owned the game she appeared in a long time ago. If you take commissions, what's your rates?

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