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Queen of the Galaxy

By Ray-Norr
Was watching Barbarella (that was one goofy movie…), and felt like drawing some pulp sci-fi fat space heroine. Naturally took cues from that movie’s poster.  Would have added more background details, but too lazy (and it probably would have been distracting)
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I actually met Jane Fonda last year, she's awesome
Gendermorph's avatar
Gorgeous... Just gorgeous.
MonkeyChimpJr's avatar
All Hail The Queen! :)
xZeroMan's avatar
This is all kinds of... 

stuffedbellylover's avatar

All the best,

JiBW's avatar
I really love these lineless pieces you make! You inspire me to make one those too! Great work, man! =D
ZiggyStardust197214's avatar
Welp know what I'm checking out this weekend.
hawkeye53200's avatar
Exactly as my mind's eye wanted to picture her, only BETTER!  Excellent work as always
Chwen-Hoou's avatar
Fantastic job on your BBW version of this sci-fi classic.
DanLuna's avatar
OMG! I remember this movie!
xxkotelxx's avatar
I like her pose, she looks great!

Atlya's avatar
Pulp scifi is cool! :3
EnergyToBeauty's avatar
This is the right woman to colonise space!
ENT2PRI9SE's avatar
This is Awesome. I like the metallic look to the boots. It looks so real.  
AloysiusEroticArt's avatar
badass my friend, you got the color style of that era spot on! 
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This is amazing! One of your best, in my opinion.
stryka93's avatar
Barbarella is goofy and weird.
FleetAdmiral01's avatar
Sexy, spoiled and fat, just how the queen of the galaxy should be. Any queen of the galaxy for that matter.
71kij's avatar
Dude could you please do a picture of Maggie from twd, but she's getting fattened up by carols cookies. If u don't watch twd u won't get it
I like it. At first glance I thought this was a take off on the DooM cover. :D (Big Grin) 
You've once again done a beautiful job, Ray! I really love how you drew our lovely, hefty lady here! ^^
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