The Wanderer

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Published: August 19, 2014
The Wanderer
...by Loki

How Long have I Traveled, Charting Course through many Lifetimes,
I Emerge from Yggdrasil, Always Forgetting the Past,
Yet the Paths I Trek, Rewrite History,
Fragmented Expressions, through a Glass Darkly.

I am so Tired, yet it is not Physical Exhaustion that Burdens me,
It is of the Spirit and Soul, Far Older than I can Remember,
The Ravens of my Mind, the Wolves of my Heart,
Walk in the Wind, Traversing the Depths.

I see Myself Reflected in Everything, Person, Place, or Thing,
And yet I am Nothing, a Lonely Universe of Myself,
Looking in Vanities Mirror, I Shatter it and See Beyond,
I Peer within the Void, and it All comes back.

I Walk in the Shoes of Every Living Being, from the Tiniest Rock to the Cosmos itself,
I Shadow Step around, My Empathy Encompasses the Whole,
Feeling every Vibration, every Hope and Aspiration,
Every Fear and Desolation, Overloaded to the Core.

It is I who Wander through your Dream Halls, Ghost of many Faces,
Yet I am Young and Vibrant, I Crave the Unseen Wonders,
I Desire to Run up the Hills, See another Side of the Tree,
Men who Knew what Stewards of the Earth meant, I long for my Native Roots.

This World of Cold Machinery, Dogmatic Polarization,
Apathy and Hate, Broken Love,
The Child Within Smiles, Never Knowing when Last Keystroke Occurs,
Forever Wandering, I am Alive.
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