Spirit Animal V

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Published: September 5, 2014
Trickster Coyote Twins
...by raxnae

Brothers, Before we Entered this World,
Bound by Genetics, our Bond is Even Deeper,
We Mirror Each Other, and Serve as Example,
Of How to Walk in Another's Shoes, with One Love and One Heart.

We are Masters of Duality, and Can Reflect the Effects,
Laughing in Shadows, Smiling in the Light,
We Know the Grand Drama is but a Game, and not to Take it So Seriously,
Bodies are but Clothes for the Soul, a Second Skin.

Our Spirits are Faithful and True, When One Experiences the Physical Death we Relay the Message to the One Yet Living,
Brother to the Wolf Pack, we Honor our Sacred Laws,
Tricksters Planting Wisdom, for All to See,
In Plain Sight, is the Secret Hidden.

We Alter the Universe at a Whim, Our Power is Deeper than a Dragon's,
We Are the Shapeshifters, Mirror Images,
Projecting the True Oneness to be Found Within Duality, just Look at our Lives,
We can Become Blood Brother to All, and Initiate them into the Coyote Den.

In Honor of my Brother Roy, Whom I Initiated into the Grand Dreams Plan,
Remember Simple Days in the Woods Getting High, Remember Nights of Untold Kinship,
You are my Right Hand, in the Land of Spirits,
Bring us Back Home, To the Earth we Loved and Lost.
© 2014 - 2020 raxnae
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This is good. If you have not listened to the rock group Yes, you should. I think you would like it. They have lovely lyrics. They started in 1968.