Spirit Animal IV

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Published: August 23, 2014
Raven Spirit
...by raxnae

Morpheus Lord of Dreams, Sandman of Slumbering Mind,
Black Feathers Stretch Far and Wide, Beyond Heaven and Hell,
In Flight I Chase the Light, of the Elusive Mystery Hidden in the Dark,
Red Eyed, Wizened Bird.

Traveler Between Worlds, I Perceive Through the Veil,
The Void has no Power Over Me, Wrapping it in my Cloak of Many Stars,
My Mind is Keen, My Message is Clear,
Thought and Memory, Huginn and Muninn.

I Guide the Wolf, Through His Trials of the Heart,
I Comfort the Boy, Longing for the Grand Dream,
I Stare at the Dragon, Unafraid to Die,
I am Legion, I am Shadow.

Seek Me when You are Lost, I'll Show the Path,
Long and Winding, We Draw to the End,
When All is Whole, and the New Puzzle Begins,
Games of the Heart, Dark Passion Play.

I'll Hold on to Your Secret Name, Until you Remember,
I'll be Your Sanity when you Overload, Loki's Remedy,
I'll Fly Beside You, Ever Constant,
Watching the World go By, I Won't Cry.

Third Eye Wide, Imagination of Exploration,
Amassing the Army, of One Love and One Heart,
Devouring the Heartless, Singing to the Hollow,
In Tune with Nature, Our Greatest Feature.

To Show You What Lies Behind the Mirror, Self Reflection to Discover True Connection,
Carrying Your Messages from the Two Hearts in One Spirit, Never Lead You Astray,
Discovering Your Love was Inside All Along, Helping Her Precious Flame,
Raven, This I Pray.
© 2014 - 2020 raxnae
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