Spirit Animal III

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Published: March 6, 2011
Spirit Man
...by raxnae

Going from the Top to the Bottom, Seeking Love,
Clawing and Fighting my way back, Eternally Dreaming,
This Human Shell, but One Identity of Infinite Zero,
Sorrow the Nobody, Brandon the Spirit Man.

Many Names, many Masks,
Unknown Hero, Sojourner of Truth,
Lady Jane the Guide, Formulating the Vision,
Logical Madness, Imagination of the Wild.

Throw Sunflower Seeds over my shoulder, Tattoo of the Pack,
Inner Child Revered, Old Man Dying,
Take a Smoke Break, this is my Fate,
Forging my own Destiny, the Story Unfolds.

Memory of Death, Heart of Life,
The Mind is the Key, my Burning Spirit's Voice,
Soul Deeper than any Ocean, Deep Blue,
Shining Stars, as Sand in the Wind.

Blood and Thunder, Fire and Lightning,
Dragon Master, Beast Man,
Wild and Free, is all I want to Be,
Thinking away, awaiting the Day.

Freeing my Thoughts, Singing Night,
Luna's Light, Guide me Home Tonight,
Great Mother, Dread Father,
All I give is Love, all I take is Just.

I am Justice, I am Kira,
Reaper Man, Poet Man,
Brandon the Philosopher, Raxnae the Poet,
Spirit of Adventure, Author of the Glorious Script.
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