Spirit Animal II

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Published: February 18, 2011
Wolf Spirit
...by Loki Laufeyson

Escape the Human Prison, Howl into the Night,
Freedom Entrapped, must Explode,
Creeping Madness, Moonlit Insanity,
A Man becomes Beast, a Lone Wolf Fights back.

This is not Chemistry, but a Point in Life,
Never Forget Nature Roots, Rise above the Blind Kings,
Just a Trickster playing Games, Sowing Seeds,
Throw em over the shoulder, Planting Fiery Hope.

Cut off from the Song, Singing of Heartbreak,
Pain Unending, Sorrow Everlasting,
Seeking Home, Looking into Luna's Light,
The Pack of the Self, Hunting for Love.

Awaken at Midnight, Full Moon,
Escape False Sanity, Break the Binding Chains,
Imagine Salvation, Take the Trail to the Unknown,
Cover your Tracks, we're Never coming back.

This is the Face, Manifest Loneliness,
Trickle Down Despair, the Heart never Dies,
Lycanthropic Lupine, Walking under Dragon,
Riding a Raven, True Nature of the Man.

Stalking that Elusive Scent, Further Descend,
Down the Rabbit Hole, Balance on the Line,
Sane Insanity, Disproportionate Perception,
Creative Imperfection, Noble Savage.

Follow my Blood, from an Open Wound,
Ever Flowing, Sad Embrace,
Save me from Myself, Wash away these Lies,
Running Wild, Freedom Sings.
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