Spirit Animal I

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Published: February 17, 2011
Dragon Spirit
...by Draxiss

My Primal Beginning, a Reptile King,
Greatest Animal Creation, Highest in the Kingdom,
With Will unequaled, Mind unparalleled,
Neither walking the High or Low Path, Blazing a Trail through Destiny.

The Wild Fire Ettin made Flesh, Burning Blood deep inside,
Origin of the Dream, Crusader of Imagination,
The Humblest became the Greatest, Ego never inflated,
An ID so strong, to right every wrong.

Memory second only to the Tree, Warden of Nature,
Manifested of Chaos, Balancing with Holy Order,
Born of Darkness into the Light, never Blinding my Eyes,
Epitome Male Duality, Abstract Rationality.

Center of my Being, as our Bones are drawn to Earth's Core,
Both Man and Beast, walking on four legs before two,
Mercy so Gentle, Wrath so Destructive,
The First, the Last.

On Mighty Wings I Soar, Bellowing a Tremendous Roar.
Spirit of Sol, Soul of Sun,
Breath of Fire, Bearer of Water,
Embodiment of Life and Death, Bound and Unbound.

Master of Stories, Adventure shall be Free,
Enemy of the Enemy, Champion of the Good,
Never ending Battle, Destroyer of Evil,
An Equalizer of Infinity, Measuring the Scales.

A Heart so Glorious, Hiding my Face for the Cause,
Fighting Alone, for an Impossible Hope,
Searching for Shining Souls, to help Craft our Eternity,
How can I Know, Will I ever find Paradise?
the mature warning is not that severe but some people have delicate sensibilities, also the preview picture in question is obviously not my creation as is the case for all of them but is used to express my love for the particular work of art. (thank you fellow deviant for whom I forget your name)
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