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Published: August 24, 2014
...by Loki

Ah Here It Is, The Battle Rock,
Remember Our Oaths, Carved In This Stone?
From The Battle Of Primal Dragons, "You Cannot Have A Single One."
To The Battle Of The Gods, "Is That You Brother?"

The Anubian Dogs Bark, The Scales Must Be Balanced,
Weighing Our Hearts Against The Feather, Pray For Deliverance,
Balance Through Calamity, Order Needs Its Anarchy,
You Know The Truth, Ragnarok Is Drawing Near.

Do You Despise Me? I Am But a Trickster,
A Thing of Shadows, Echoing and Reflecting Yourselves,
The Old Must Transmute Into The New, A Grand Transfiguration Must Take Place,
Else We Will Forever Be Stuck In Old Stories, Never Exploring The New Books.

This Mental Armageddon, Within The Human Mind,
All The Universe Shall See, As It Bleeds And Burns,
I Am Simply The Harbinger, A Quaint Messenger,
Why Do you Fear Me, When All I Want Is To Be Free?

No Matter How Hard You Try, You Cannot Lock Me Away,
No Binding Can Bind, The Shapeshifter,
Nothing Can Prevent The Grand Cycle, From Its Completion,
Though This Time, The Cycle Shall Break.

This Is A Ragnarok Of Creation, The Answers You Seek Have Already Been Written,
Just Use Your Imagination, As Your Spirit Burns In The Fires,
Reclaim Your Lost Souls, Reforge Them Anew,
The Dead-Alive And The Living-Dead, Destiny Is Set For The Grand Dream's Birth.

Your Fate Is Your Own, Remain Ignorant For All I Care,
I Have Bled My New Story, And I Shall Be Forevermore,
To Those Who Feel The Earth, Know The Time Has Come,
As They Say, Infinity Awaits.
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