Odin's Story II

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Published: April 19, 2012
Old One Eye
....by the one eyed man in the world of the blind

How did I grow so old, so forgetful of lying time,
Into the Breach Once Again, back to Zero reaching blindly into Dark,
Illusion and Distortion, as Eye is plucked Free,
Impaled to the World Tree, Watching as Midguard Burns.

Falling and Rising, this Game of the Self,
Such an outdated Game, yet here It Remains,
Back under Old Man Times Lash, the Clockwork Slave Drivers beat us day by day,
Onward toward Mutual Destruction, in the name of Ego and its Prideful Arrogance.

When did this Hole appear, inside my Chest?
How Did I become so Hollow again?
Self Consuming Void beckons why try?
When all is Nullified?

Inner Child, Giant of a Man,
Fae Trickster, Beastly Wolf,
Flaming Breath, Dragon Heart,
I find myself in the waiting again!

Freedom of Death, Freedom and Life,
Which shall it be, in this Endless Decay and Misery,
Is Love a Sin, is Sacred a Lie,
Lovechild filling with darkness, reserve Youth in Short Supply.

Bid me wait, Bid me rot,
Ive seen it all, anyway it can go,
Set me Free, Let this End,
How can the Spirit of Adventure be so Tired?

Raxnae the poet Scribble Away,
Bleeding Dreams,
Seeking True Meaning,
Purifying Love or Self Destruction.
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