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Published: September 5, 2014
...by Loki

Chained to the Moon Within, Bleed it Out,
Madness Roaring, Cosmos Distorting,
Shifting Shapes, Monstrous Offspring,
Let out my Inner Demons, to Call for my Outer Angels.

Duality, Slip of the Tongue,
Brawl with Me, You'll get Stung,
I am the Inner Christ Knocking, to get your Socks Rocking,
With that Dance Grove Move Chill, Fire Up the Beat.

Trapped in a Dream, that Slowly Turns to Nightmare,
Where I'm All Alone, Unleash the Lycan,
Howl from the Heart, Let it All Out,
Process my Mind, Assimilate my Feelings.

The Lost She of my Creation, or am I the Lost He of Hers?
Both, Neither,
Flipping Around the Poles, Shifty Shifty,
Lycanthropy Madness, Overdose of Insanity.

So Many Chains Pour Forth from my Open Heart, Connecting to so Many,
Yet I've Bled it All Out, now I'm Empty and Hollow,
Perfect for a Shadow, I'm a Restless Soul,
I'll make the Best Ghost, with My Mask.

Sing this Love Song with Me, Howling into the Night,
Luna oh Luna, you Skinny Pale Whore,
Transmute into My Selene, Sing Back to Me won't you Please?
Return to Sanity, Follow the Lights.

Am I Heartless, that Love would Render me a Monster?
I Refuse to Accept, I'll let Sol Out,
Wander through Star Gates, Wandering as the Old Man,
Asking, What is the Sum of All Things Dear Child of Mine?
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