Loki's Story III

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Published: October 17, 2010
Loki's Story III
a small encounter in a forest...

Brigg and Twig were in great merriment, walking through dark woods,
They had just pulled off a great heist, and are returning to their bandit camp,
A light was ahead, they began to smell the smoke,
What fortune it was!

"Hey Brigg, dat fire be lookin mighty warm on this cold night."
"I think we should pay them a visit and "accommodate" ourselves Twig."
So these two partners in crime crept up slowly and hid in the foliage,
And there they saw a beautiful elf lass sleeping against a tree before the fire's light.

Twig being the more foolish of the two pushed Brigg over and rushed forward,
"Hey arsehat what was that for I saw 'er first!"
Twig wasn't listening, instead he began reaching for the supple bosom of the fair lady,
A loud Smack resounded throughout the still night as Twig's cheek became quite a shade of red.

Brigg being the smarter of the two rushed out yelling,
"Please fair maiden ignore my stupid mate, we only seek the warmth of a fire to rest tonight!"
Her voice was mesmerizing, a simple yet elegant dress clothing her,
"Well boys why didn't you say so?"

And the three sat in front of the fire and made small talk,
"Mmm this roast boar is great!" exclaims Twig spewing food all over his companion.
"My my, you sure can but away a meal!"
"Twig I swear if you do not start chewing with your yap shut I'll beat you!"

"My dear friends, may I ask what brings you to the forest on such a cold lonely night?"
Twig immediately spoke, "Why we just robbed and killed a vill...."
Brigg put Twig in a choke hold  and said, "He means uh, we are simple rangers! Yes that one!"
"Oh really?"

"Bah, screw this!" Twig roars as he wrestles free and throws Brigg to the ground.
"I haven't had me a woman in months at the stupid camp!"
"I agree," says Brigg standing up and drawing his sword, "We can share her after all."
The fae woman lets out a startling laugh.

"Did that sound, I dunno, manly to ya mate?" Brigg asks his friend.
"Aye it does, but I don't care she still LOOKS like a woman right?"
As they advance the woman holds up a smooth delicate hand.
"No need for that, you can see what is underneath this drab outfit for free!"

She grabs the bottom of her garb and what seems to the men super fast pulls it off,
And before their very eyes sits the most crazy looking man they have ever seen naked and grinning,
"Haha it is I, Loki Laufeyson! You dare to take the honor of a fair lad such as myself!"
He whistles and a few moments later, in the distance, a faint howling can be heard.

"Uh....Brigg, I just shat myself."
"Yes Twig, I do not...do not...think we should anger a god."
"Foolish fools! Before my son makes you his meal, remember this bit of wisdom when you meet Hel!"
"Appearances can be deceiving! Thanks for the loot too dear friends."

The two bandits begin to retreat, only to be met by the largest wolf they had ever seen.
It is Fenrir, watching his father's back the entire time.
The two bandits are devoured quickly in massive jaws.
"Well my boy, let us go to town and get me some clothes, I can't crash the gods feast in the nude...."
"Or can I?"
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ArhainHobbyist Artist
Thanks for sharing this with the club, can't wait to see more from you~
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raxnaeHobbyist Writer
No problem, this memory has been brewing in me for some time and I figured I could make number three with it haha.
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Well what a twisted fate those two had. AHAHAHAHA! I enjoyed reading it. XD
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raxnaeHobbyist Writer
Why thank you, a recent memory I regained and turned into poetry of a sort hehe.
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Poetic story, I recently came up with an idea for a story, I'm thinking about putting it online but no one usually reads my stuff so I don't know what I will do with it.
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raxnaeHobbyist Writer
Lol hardly anyone reads my stuff, occasionally people I know or a random stranger passes by, otherwise it rests undisturbed, but I'd read your story of course. I write for myself mostly, others only make it better.
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Same here, I really enjoy stories. And I think this story I typed up just last night is a great story of a demonic necromonger. (heard those words before haven't you. XD)
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