Loki's Story II

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Published: September 5, 2010
Note to Self
a poem by loki for loki about loki....loki....

Lets see where was I? Ah yes the problem I soon discovered with humans,
was in fact a gamebreaker. They have an intense hatred of each other and everything in their eyes,
A judgemental people who war in a retarded way where no one gets epic loot,
haha vidya game terms, whoa calm down loki focus on task.....

Anyways they seem to have, out of an intense unexplainable terror, wow i spaced out,
Towards my plan, conspiracy theories corrupt the truth i so long for,
if only we had a philosopher nation to rule, yet they cast it as some fool one world government,
A nation of free thought was intended for the once gentle and noble american land,

They fail to.....remember...those before them....
damn twilight to hell!
wait what? oh yes freedom, that is what i am...a spirit of freedom
how much is the bloody price? i reject to pay in fools gold in man made money.
how little the old ones remember.....

Some had to die.....resistance was futile, we will not bow a knee to anyone save our brothers and our leaders......but they had the chance to be as one.....nothing would have changed at all...
regardless slipping into everyone elses version of creation and worship was easy,
And I crafted myself into their fabric in shadows.....

Wait is this the journal I wrote to myself in that fucking cave?
Circles I travel.....
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hmm, I am slightly confused right now, my mind is wondering >< it thinks food, loki, food drink, anime.... deviantart, pictures, it's all over the place lol.

Ugh, I read this and now I must read it again to give you a proper message for my brain has forgotten most of what it has read. DAMN YOU MIND. XD