Loki's Story I

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Published: August 11, 2010
Loki's Story I
Mad God's Exile
a poem about the great dragon.......

I am merely the shadow of Odin, as Odin is my shadow.
There was a time when we would only drink the holy brew as one.
And now here Loki sits in court, a court in his mind, where all of Loki speak as one voice.
"They cast us out." Loki many times tried to warn the old gods. They locked him up.
"He is insane, he shall be the death of all that is sacred."

They should fear my mind. Odin forgets he cannot be the whole without the part....
I escape my prison of pain, using my mind to create a secret passage...Loki unleashes Noir.
Noir is evil incarnate, and without the high judge to moderate his actions, Noir is free to do as he pleases.
They shall know fear and suffering.
They shall know how far betrayal goes.

I sit upon a throne on the mad god's isle. Dementia and Mania, combined lands as one.
I sharpen my sword, sharpen my knife, sharpen my tongue.
I will meet you at the battle rock Noir!
I travel to the sacred hall of the gods.....
I see the murder site of Odin, slain by his own hand in a sense.

Loki eats the heart of Odin....Loki-Odin is born as witnessed by the new observer Oden.
It took my evil to show this universe its folly!
I am 0, from which all must be made whole.....
They will take me back with all my divine rights in tact, or Noir shall expunge existence into eternal darkness!
sorry if it doesn't flow....i had a hard time picking a voice in my head that could turn it into verse, failed so i picked the simple one....very blunt
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