Life and Death

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Published: September 19, 2010
Life and Death
a poem about Twin Flames....by the reaper himself

Mother Nature, epitome of Life,
Innocent purity of Love, Lady of Elements,
Your laws maintain Balance, Yin and Yang,
Flawless beauty, personified as my desire.

I the reaper of Death, I am the end,
A body of bone, eternal Watcher,
I watch your creation, Earth at the center of it all,
I devour the souls, Harvester of Life.

They use you as a whore, they spit upon you,
You whom give them the very sustenance to live,
The air they breath, the water of life,
How I hate them.

My love, how they drove you to seek my True Face,
I could not hide, nor could I resist,
A broken man, to know life from death's eyes,
Why did you offer yourself as the sacrifice?

They will never learn the wisdom of the Ancient,
Yet you choose to save them from my Scythe,
An embrace, fated doom full circle,
I see your body wither and age, eyes turn pale.

My touch is death, yours is life,
I bury your corpse inside Yggdrassil,
Even as flesh claims my form, now I am mortal,
I await the End of all Hope.

I cry for the first time, my love why?
My heart beating for the first time,
My blood runs black, a spirit of hate,
The Beast prepares his final Attack.
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