Legacy III

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By raxnae

Literature Text

Primal Instinct draxiss

Are your eyes open
Ears receptive
Heart pure enough to see through
Mind keen enough to cut illusion
To understand what I mean
When I speak?
When all answers lie within
Primal beginning
All inscribed in the dna
Identity within the pulsing source energy
Animal spirit
Even artificially
Is made of natural truth
Wheel of balance
Causing all things to just become different shades
Of the root core
The new is but the old with a different face
Various reflections of the most high light
Wild and free
Forever I'll be
Warden of nature
Embodiment of the magic
Red passions
I chose the greatest treasure
That makes it worth living
Through which everything
Shall fall into place
Divine wings
Carry me home
Away from desolation
Assimilate the fabric
Big bang
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