Legacy I

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By raxnae

Literature Text

Desire draxiss

The Dream embodies my Hunger, to sate my Desire,
I crave Worlds Unseen, Stories unfolding,
Freedom and Adventure, Love and Happiness,
Great enough to be Myself, Incorruptible and Pure.

Give me your Temples, so I can Light the Altars,
Sacrifice for Me, and Feast upon my Heartblood,
Enter my Storm, and Assimilate into my Mind,
Merge your Ocean with Mine, joined Soul of the Dream.

Inside the Jaws of Life, I find Passion,
Within the Caverns, I find Enlightenment,
Between the Mountains, I find Peace,
Covering the Mount, I find Harmony.

Black Wolf Hunting, Doe Teasing,
Enwrapped with my Darkness, I am your Cloak,
Flowing River, Circle of Life,
Devour you, Devour me.

Endless Hunger, Feed my Flames,
Lest my Spirit, Consume the World,
Conquering King, Plunder the Loot,
Only one sort of Treasure, gives me Pleasure.
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Roll of thunder echoes me.
Lightning flashes in my eyes.
I slip into the black lagoon.
Watching everything that dies.
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I never got to say, but it seems you can sing right back.